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  1. JohnnyV

    Ertl in the uk

    Hello Maggie, Here is the website. Should give you everything you need to get you heading in the right direction. http://www.ertlreconstruction.com/ Best wishes on your journey ahead !!
  2. JohnnyV

    Return after many years

    Welcome back Glen !! A lot has changed in 15 years. There is a lot more social media option for individuals effected by limb loss. As a result, the traffic on this site has slowed down, but it's still here. Glad that you decided to still be here too. Best,
  3. JohnnyV

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    I have boney promonances with my fibula and back in the early 80’s had my meniscus removed. So an offset was plate was added to my prosthetic improving my comfort level which increasied my ability for a higher level of activity. Regrettably that was determined 4-5 years ago and took switching my Prosthetist. The point is that I got there because I stayed on it.
  4. JohnnyV

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    All the time that I tried to get the seal in or Vacuum to work and I ended up staying with a pin. It's not for everyone.
  5. JohnnyV

    Prevention of Phantom Pain

    I have lived with it for almost 16 years and find it to be the worst from weather changes and early in the morning when I get up out of bed to relieve myself and than try to go back to sleep. I use to have trouble going to sleep, but I now usually tire myself so that I can go right to sleep. My limb can get cold at night this time of year too but not sure if that plays into the neuropathy firing up.
  6. http://www.heathermills.org/latest-news/2017/10/20/personal-truths-rehabilitation-and-support
  7. JohnnyV

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    Thank you for the update Marion. Glad to hear of Lauren's continued progress. Look into the No Barriers Summit and see if that would be something that she would be interested in participating in. It's going to be in Lake Tahoe this year. Best,
  8. JohnnyV


    I too had phantom limb pain early on almost 15 years ago. I still have it. Not as bad as it was, but still a regular annoyance. I no longer take medication regularly for it. I have a neuroma that gets fired up from time to time which I take anti-seizure medication (neurontin) for the pain. Glad to hear that your fall wasn't serious. Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us !
  9. JohnnyV

    Pin lock pain issue

    Bring it back for an adjustment. The pin could be too long which would cause you to hit bottom.
  10. JohnnyV

    No clue

    There is no normal. Everyone has their own story. Start out by telling us your story Skip.
  11. JohnnyV

    Harmony Liner

    Let your prosthetist know about this. Vacuum systems are higher maintenance requiring much needed understanding. Your prosthetist is responsible for helping to empower you with that information. You can always call Ottobock customer care as well.
  12. JohnnyV

    OttoBock Triton Harmony

    Not familiar with the problem. Just be very cautious about infection. And since you are dealing with the VA, don't be shy and just be a walk in ASAP. Thank you for your service and best wishes !
  13. JohnnyV

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    This is a recent very empowering story that made me think of you and your daughter. So I decided to share it with all of the forum following your thread. I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I did.
  14. JohnnyV

    Looking for support (for daughter)

  15. JohnnyV

    Looking for support (for daughter)

    Happy New Year to you and your family Marion Thank you for the update !