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  1. cazzy1

    The great pfi scandal......

    I think you'll find Sparky that most of those facts true as they may be are completely irrelevant to the current situation unfortunately. The PFI is a completely seperate issue-a scam dreamt up by politicians NOT the BMA to feed the greed of their friends in low places and get them voted in by the sheeple too daft to see beyond the end of their noses by giving the false impression that they are in some way benefitting. "We shall never have all we need". Damn right we wont when money of that magnitude is siphoned off and peed up a wall in this way!
  2. cazzy1

    The great pfi scandal......

    mmm while i do sympathise with what you're saying Gill, this is a quite different scenario that we are seeing here-£45 BILLION of completely unjustifiable expenditure. As an example locally to us a new hospital has been built and opened in 2006 and already had to close one of its wards because they cant afford to keep it open. Instead money that could and should have been used to provide healthcare to the public is now being used instead to line the pockets of fat-cats completely unnecessarily. The NHS which was already strapped for cash has been brought to it's knees by the most corrupt and inexcusable strategy employed by a government which professed to have all best intentions of saving and improving the service which we all pay for through our taxes. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth of what has in fact taken place.
  3. Hi ppl and sorry I havent been around for sometime. Thought you may all be interested in reading this article as it affects everybody who receives any kind of NHS care in this country. Bliar and co want shooting IMHO for this amongst many other things too numerous to mention: 'miracle economy', pension scandals, illegal war, errosion of human rights...the list goes on-Gordon Clown is NOT my favourite person either tbh http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6279889.stm
  4. cazzy1

    Stinker's Broken Leg

    Hi Stinker and yes it does seem very unfair but having been down this road in the past enquiring about buying parts directly from ppl like ottobock they just will not sell any components to anyone other than a qualified prosthetist and this seems to be standard practice throughout the industry. That said, I dont know how your limb-fitter can possibly justify a $5000 markup on it tho other than the fact you are paying for their 'skill' at fitting it and ensuring the limb is safe to walk on and wont cause you any serious injury which is why the manufacturers wont sell direct in the first place. Is there no way you could go to a different prosthetist who wouldnt charge quite such a ludicrous amount? Blimey if you could save $2000 by going somewhere else it would surely be worth a couple of flights to somewhere a bit further flung perhaps if you were still going to be in pocket. As a UK citizen it does make you realise that while things are by no means perfect here we are really very lucky not to have to fork out of our own pockets like this for components :|:|:| Im sorry I couldnt offer any practical help but good luck and I really hope someone has the solution to help you out here on the board. :)
  5. cazzy1

    'ello campers :)

    Good i really hope. Just a quick few lines from me cos i like to pop my nose in now n again to make sure you're all behaving and doing good ;) Hope you are all having a great New Year so far ppl-I am (touch wood). Have just started a WAY cool little job on an eventing yard-yep thts working with horses which some of you probs know i totally luv and hopefully get some great training from an event rider while im about it :D:D:D No news (which in my case is good news) on the leg front for me tho I hope it doesnt play up too much now im working in the new job so fingers crossed and i hope you all are also doing good at whatever age or stage of bein an amputee you may be :) If you need cheerin up or just wanna waffle about the price of fish and horses, horses and MORE horses lol anybody feel free to drop me a line or add me onto your msn-always happy to chat with new peeps and say hi again to those of you i already know too :) Take care 1 and all for now-I'll be back :D x x
  6. Just thought id poke head round forum door to say hi to evrybody, hope you are all doing fine :):) Soon be Christmas ppl so hope you've all got your tinsel n baubles up :D:D
  7. cazzy1


    Hi there. Ally and Sheila, while most dispensing chemists do give the leaflets out from the original boxes, if I interpretted this right Sue got the drugs from a hospital pharmacy. Here in the UK they nearly always dish out meds in little plain boxes and its normal practice NOT to provide the leaflets as they would from a local pharmacy. Probably something to do with the bulk purchasing of the hospital and how there'd be only one leaflet to go around several patients from the one big box so they tend to keep them. Standard practice here with the good old NHS I'm afraid, but as others have provided the links there's really no reason why you cant look the info up as suggested from the website unless of course you are able to get your mits on an up to date copy of the British National Formulary which is a comprehensive list of all drugs licensed for prescription use in the UK. Sorry i couldnt offer more direct info on the drug in question.
  8. Hmm, being an auto driver too tho not with hand controls was just going to suggest something similar to what Muz has said. However, maybe if you gave someone like Jim Dorans a ring perhaps they could shed more light or reappraise the whole control setup if it wouldnt work out too well as is?? They are here, haven't used them personally but I do here very good things so maybe picking their brains would be worth a try as hand control conversions are their speciality :) Jim Dorans
  9. cazzy1

    Feel Down

    Yes, sorry Tho i think there're worse images of Muz lurkin on the forum somewhere :whistle: ...and the phrase 'rum, sodomy and the lash' didnt just spring from nowhere ya know :)
  10. cazzy1

    Feel Down

    Yes Muz-that or not bein too fussed what team you batted for :P:P:P
  11. cazzy1

    Humaamnity and world eveneets

    Yes indeed, global warming has become a reality not a prediction and the latest research suggests that it is accelerating at a far more rapid pace than had previously been predicted. The Kyoto agreement (which incidentally the US has continued to refuse to sign) would make some headway into limiting the damage but it is now thought the measures it contains would not nearly be enough. By latest calculations the ONLY viable alternative to the use of fossil fuels without causing the global collapse of economies and subsequent devastation to the world's populus is to start using nuclear fuel it would seem. I looked personally into the use of 'Green' energy for my own home but the costs would mean my kids would most likely starve before I ever began to break even with the use of solar energy or 'green' energy. In fact most of the 'green' power suppliers are actually on a huge conjob in this country whereby they dont actually buy ANY green power at all-it still comes outta the same National Grid and fossil fuel consuming power stations but instead they put a tiny percentage into a 'kitty' for future investments into alternatives. Having said all this I DO dislike hypocracy and quite astounded that some individuals will vent to this extent while STILL chugging round in their gas-guzzling trucks etc etc etc voicing their do as I say not as I do philosophies-yes Kaz you are right, we each have to take a responsible attitude but those who do the above in the same breath as ramming unjustified accusatory notions down the throats of others are the biggest hypocrytes of all!!! I have never worn fur, nor hunted for pleasure, nor have I ever knowingly inflicted wanton cruelty on any animal either-in fact I have rescued animals at my own cost purely for their benefit in the past. I do also however have a family to feed and as with any species in nature will unfortunately for those not in a position to know what that's all about do whatever I need to to ensure they do not suffer deprivation as a result of some cranky moral crusade. That does NOT mean I haven't the ethic or moral responsibility to realise that if action isn't taken and very soon that the entire planet is going to be in a sorry mess one way or another (if it isnt already). Idealism is all very well but when it is ill-informed, misdirected and misguided then it is really of no value and cannot possibly make a positive impact for the better.
  12. cazzy1

    Quesstionning abbout heat and humiddity

    Hey there Kaz (very belatedly)-things are going good all considered. Sorry it's took a while for me to get back on here-stupid server is having a few wobblies apart from anything else <_< And yes it does seem to be a wee myth about the pores closing sadly tho' it seems to depend on the liner and how your skin reacts to it and also activity levels will be a factor-I do do a LOT of running/farting around on mine so I don't think that helps. Muz-National Nads shortage?? Lost, bewildered and confused
  13. cazzy1

    Quesstionning abbout heat and humiddity

    Hi MJ-well it is early days yet and you will probably find walking out and about on a new leg more tiring in the heat but there's no reason why you can't try with little goes outdoors and see how you get on increasing how much you do as you get more used to it. The main problem I tend to have in the hot weather apart from the fact it is so blimmin' exhausting is sweating up in my socket which when using a gel liner can cause it to slip and your stump to shrink due to fluid loss causing it to feel loose. I should think this will be the same for you and it's just a question of being prepared to have to stop what you're doing quite frequently to take the leg off to dry it out and keep an eye on the stump to make sure you don't develop any sores or blisters, drink plenty of fluids and don't overdo it. It's about time someone invented a gel type stump sock that you can chill in the fridge or freezer then wear to keep cool on hot days!!!!
  14. cazzy1

    Di-Hydrogen Monoxide

    Muz, I'll put this post down to heatstroke :P ;)
  15. cazzy1

    Pond project

    Yes and what's new eh Muz? :lol: I had a garden pond and after a few horrible news stories decided to fill mine in as I have young kids soooooo I did this with it: I filled it in with loads of horsepoo and topsoil and now it's got spuds, carrots, lettuces and chinese cabbages growing in it instead :D :D :D :D ......yes it really has, honest lol ;)