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  1. HIYA ALL I am a third year health studies degree student at Accrington & Rossendale college in Lancashire and am conducting a study of client's perceived perceptions of artificial prosthetic services. I am very interested in this area of study mainly due to the fact that my late father was a double amputee and my present boyfriend lost his right leg above the knee over 35 years ago in a motorbike accident. He is very dissatisfied with the present service he receives from the prosthetic services. Do you feel the same or are you happy with the service? Would you be prepared to complete the attached survey questionnaire to make your views known? Thank you Linda Ann Scanlan An examination of client’s perceptions of artificial prosthesis services Dear Participant, I am a third-year BA Honours student at Accrington & Rossendale College in Lancashire and am currently undertaking a small-scale research study. The main aim of the study is to determine whether the health needs of people who access prosthetic services are being met. All information that is provided by you will remain totally confidential and anonymous. It is envisaged that the results will give a good indication of clients’ views of the prosthetic care services. Thank you for your help Linda Ann Scanlan QUESTIONNAIRE Year of Birth: Male/Female Please tick as appropriate: Where do you live? Amputation(s) Upper Limb Lower Limb Above elbow (Left) Above knee (Left) Above elbow (Right) Above knee (Right) Below elbow (Left) Below knee (Left) Below elbow (Right) Below knee (Right) Survey 1. How long have you worn your artificial limb(s)? 1-5 years 6-10 years 10-15 years 16-20 years 21-25 years 26-30 years 31-35 years 36-40 years 41-45 years 50+ 2. How many hours do you wear your limb each day? 1-3 hours 3-6 hours 9-12 hours 12+ 3. Is your limb comfortable to wear? Yes No 4. If not, has it deteriorated? Yes No 5. If your limb is uncomfortable, have you discussed this with either: (i) The fitter Yes No (ii) The Limb Centre Doctor Yes No 6. Were your comments acted upon to your satisfaction? Yes No 7. Are you satisfied with the quality of materials of your limb? Yes No 8. Are you happy with the service you receive? Yes No 9. Do you feel you have a choice of design of limb? Yes No 10. Are you aware of the various limbs and attachments that are available? Yes No 11. If so, are you offered new attachments when they come available? Yes No 12. How often do you attend your limb-fitting centre? Frequently Rarely Once a year Twice a year Every 3 months Every 6 months Yearly 13. Have you ever met the limb technician? Yes No 14. If not, do you think it would be beneficial to do so? Yes No 15. If you have made an appointment to see the Prosthetist, how long have you had to wait to see him? Less than 30 minutes Between 30-60 minutes Between 1-2 hours More than 2 hours 16. Do you have a spare limb or limbs? Yes No 17. If your limb needs repairing, is it done while you wait? Yes No 18. How long does it usually take to wait for your limb to be repaired? A few hours Ready next day Within a week A matter of weeks 19. On your first visit at the limb centre, were you give any written information to prepare you for what was going to happen? Yes No 20. If not, would you find it helpful? Yes No 21.Are the staff at your limb centre helpful and welcoming? Yes No 22. If you could alter or change anything to improve the service that you receive what would it be? Thank you for your time!