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  1. Eileen

    Happy Birthday Eileen and BarbaraJD1948

    Hi, Lesley, Thanks for the birthday wishes!! It was a great day. Eileen
  2. Eileen

    Donating Used Prosthetics

    Hi, Linda, I'm sorry I'm so late responding to your request for information on donating used prostheses. I dont get here often. I hope someone else has already helped you. But, if not: www.limbsforlife.org is the site for Limbs for Life (in Oklahoma) I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from you. Best wishes, Eileen
  3. Congratulations, Brenda! I don't post too often but I have been reading about your running and I think it's just wonderful to see how far you have come in the past year! Best wishes, Eileen
  4. Eileen


    Dear, Judy, Congratulations! I'm so glad that the pain management doctor was able to help. Best wishes, Eileen
  5. Eileen

    Thank You

    Dear Lili, I'm so sorry to hear about your eyesight. When I needed information, you were one of the first to jump in to offer assistance. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you can check in from time to time and/or have some read the posts to you and type your responses back. A.I. made me sob. I loved the movie but I just cried and cried. Best wishes, Eileen
  6. Eileen

    Head is spinning

    Hi, Carole, Here's the link to the Barr Foundation (thank you Johnny...I saved it when you posted it earlier). http://www.oandp.com/resources/organizations/barr/ Carole, I'm so glad you found this site. My sister, Donna, was an amputee and I can relate to how your family is feeling...they're so glad that you're still here. But, we family members can only empathize with you. Many of the folks here can give you so much more than that. Best wishes, Eileen
  7. Eileen

    Looking To Donate Legs

    Thanks, Johnny! Laura, I've been told it's not legal in the US to re-use a prosthesis. I was told that by someone who is very active in amputee issues in the US when we tried to find a place to donate my sister's temporary leg. It makes zero sense to me, as well. There are certainly people here in the US who could use them. Mostly, what I've seen is US groups which do collect used prostheses send them overseas. Assistance for people in the US seems to be in the form of assistance in paying for prosthesis. I hope I'm wrong! Best wishes, Eileen
  8. Eileen

    Asking for help ????

    Hi, Marianne, I hope this doesn't double-post since I was knocked offline in midstream. I can only answer from my own experience....but, for what it's worth, here goes: My sister, Donna, was an amputee. She was a fiercely independent/determined woman. I would do anything I could to help her. But, I also didn't want to "intrude" on her independence. It was so much easier when she would ask for assistance. I didn't have to "guess" or "anticipate" or make her feel less independent by offering help when she didn't need it. So, if you need help with something specific, ask a family member or a friend to help. If you need information, this is a great place to get it. And, don't be afraid to tell folks "I can do *that* myself". Best wishes, Eileen
  9. Eileen

    MRSA help

    Hi, Anguk, I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's complications. Amputation itself is a rough recuperation and rehabilitation. To add MRSA to the list just seems....unfair, to say the least. My sister, Donna, contracted MRSA in 2000. Everything I read on the Net at that time scared me out of my wits. Donna did recuperate, however. But, everything post-amputation was delayed because of the infection. The set-backs were very emotional for her as I'm sure they are for your husband. Vancomyacin (spelling?) seems to be the drug of choice in the US for dealing with MRSA. One thing I have learned about MRSA is...once you have had it, you continue to be susceptible to it. (To be honest, I'm still not sure if that is true in all cases. The doctors talked about being "colonized" with MRSA.) Your doctors should be able to give you some pamphlets about it and what to do in the future. Donna was told to always advise health care workers about her prior infection. That meant dentists, doctors, hospitals, etc. When she was hospitalized after that first bout, they would put her in a private room or in a room with another patient who had previously had MRSA. And, the staff would take precautions against spreading it to other patients. Any time she had an open wound, they watched her very carefully. Feel free to email me if you'd like. Eileen
  10. Eileen

    Looking To Donate Legs

    Thank you, Lili and Brenda!!!!! I guess my mind wasn't functioning very well...of course, Limbs for Life, Brenda!! I have printed out their donation form and when I return to Donna's apartment, I'll ship the two legs to them. I just knew if I posted here someone would have an answer! Heather, thank you for creating this site. It's helped me so much over the past year. Love, Eileen
  11. Eileen

    Looking To Donate Legs

    I know Heather doesn't want any more limbs shipped to her. ;) I've been told that in the US it's not legal to re-use prostheses. My sister recently passed away and we have two legs (both left legs) which we would love for someone to be able to use. One leg is a temporary and the other leg was her permanent. I just can't stand the thought of throwing them out. Any suggestions? Thanks. Eileen
  12. Eileen


    Hi, Judy, I've been away and just saw your post for the first time. My sister, Donna, had problems very similar to yours. And, yes, the pain management doctor is the one who can really help you taper off the medications. I hope by now you have found someone to help you. I admire your strength and wonderful attitude toward everything you have gone through. Please let me know if there's any way I can help. Eileen
  13. Eileen


    Hello, Ted and Bernadette and family, I just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you. I hope all went well with the second surgery and that Bernadette is on her way to a fast recovery. Ted, now...you get some rest! Best wishes, Eileen
  14. Eileen

    Best wishes, Heather

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Heather. Eileen
  15. Eileen

    My dad

    Hi, Renee, My sister is diabetic and an amputee, also, and I know what you are going through as a family member. I can tell you that the grandchildren's company will help his spirits a lot during the healing process. If you haven't already visited it, try http://www.amputee-coalition.org to see if they have some peer support in your area. Feel free to email me if you need to vent. Eileen