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    Retired Speech Pathologist<br>Only Granddaughter born January 17, 2000<br>Busy volunteer at church<br>Travel with Airstream travel trailer<br>Enjoyed funny stories section - will add some in future

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    Below knee - left
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    December 14, 2001
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    Charcot Foot Ulcer/Osteomyelitis
  1. cwerner

    broken leg

    Hi Clint and Lesley, Nobody told me that I should not operate a push mower! I was doing a little trimming after mowing 99% of our lawn with a riding mower. The area which needed trimming is on a 45 degree angle and after a few steps I became aware of an odd "feeling" in my prosthetic foot. My first guess was that something had come apart. I could hear parts making sounds I never heard before. I changed into my spare and called my prosthetist. During my appointment he showed me the pieces of the broken foot. I wanted them to show my friends but he needed them to send back for a free replacement. Needless to say I avoid the push mower now. I have placed more mulch at places where needed so I can mow everything with the riding mower. I've read more descriptions of activity levels and none of them include pushing a mower on a steep slope. Charlie
  2. cwerner

    Hello from a soon to be newbie...

    Hello Newbie JDD from another Newbie, A couple of things you wrote were similar to my experiences prior to my amputation. In January 2001 a blister on my left foot became ulcerous and infected which resulted in several trips to the OR for debridement and a line in my chest for three weeks of antibiotics. My diagnosis was Charcot Foot. I had skin grafts in January and April that year without success. From May through October I had a series of 13 casts to take pressure off the area involved. We also tried a few other lotions and potions without success. I was told from the start that amputation might be the ultimate step so when scans in December showed that osteomyelitis was still present, two orthopedic surgeons independently made the same suggestions - take just part of my foot now and expect to take more later, or, take a little more of my foot now and expect to take more later, or, do a below knee amputation now and expect long-term success. My BK amputation date was December 14, 2001. I was out of the hospital using a walker on December 16 and fitted for a temporary prosthesis in late January. Received it in February, 2002 and present prosthesis in April 3003 and I continue to be well at the present time. The only problem I have had was that I broke my artificial foot last September. At the time I was pushing a lawnmower along a steep slope and apparently I put too much leverage on the foot on the uneven terrain. I too recommend the Amputee Coalition of America - I have joined and their publications are very helpful. They published a collection of articles called First Steps which was excellent. Good luck to you! Charlie Werner
  3. cwerner


    Re.: Location - I live in NE PA, USA, in the valley of the Susquehanna River and just a bit west of the Pocono Mountains. Re.: kneepads - I have a pair which I bought in a home improvement store. They have a hard plastic outer shell, soft padding inside and Velcro straps to attach. An ongoing problem I have is that the edges of my socket cut into my gel sleeve whenever I need to get on my knees. The latest socket had some sort of elastic binding on the edge, fastened with rubber cement which apparently does not work at body temperature. I tried to secure it back on with several kinds of adhesive tape and duct tape but none of them held. I tried moleskin but it lasted only a couple of days. Right now I have nothing on the socket edge and it's fine as long as I don't need to get on my knees. I just received two new sleeves and my plan is to wear one of the old ones when needed and save the new ones for walking upright. I read about a new product called Atomic Tape in an RV Magazine. It's supposed to work at up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (I question that) and it costs $24.99 for 2 rolls. I'm going to check it out at www.atomictape.com and try to learn more about it.
  4. cwerner


    Hello Gizmo, I've really been enjoying the flurry of responses you got started with your initial posting about political correctness in the world of amputees. My amputation led me to cut short (no pun intended) my career of 35 years as a speech and language pathologist or speech therapist or speech teacher or ... It always bugged me that in graduate courses we were forced to use $1.00 words when a 39 cent special would have done just as well. When I was working with a five-year-old child to help him say soup instead of thoup, those big words didn't make any difference. After my amputation my surgeon said call it a residual limb instead of a stump. Here we go again. The bottom line is that we are all attempting to communicate. Communication exists only when both the sender and the receiver are at the same level of understanding. Enough (or enuff) said for now.