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  1. sueflayy

    Below knee problems

    i would bet its the new leg. whenever i gotten a new leg, the adjustment period can be frustrating (and with pain!) but its always worked out. be patient and just keep going back. sounds like too much pressure on that area. good luck
  2. sueflayy


  3. hi chris/ these legs can be frustratng. dont give up! maybe try a leg with something other than suction. there are others.

  4. yes perfect but i lost my left leg, bk

  5. Is this ok as well thank you again for your help.

    Susan Landolfi lost her left foot after an infection nine years ago. She believes exercise is even more important now she is an amputee. Susan says people with a disability “can do just about anything”. She says people just need to make some adjustments and be patient.

  6. Hi sueflayy, the article should be published soon. I got a little confused about who said what. Can i attribute these direct quotes to you.

    Susan has a special prosthetic leg for swimming. She needs railings to hold to get in and out of the pool. “I try to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t,” Susan says. “I know there are some people who can’t exercise at all”.

  7. Thank you again sueflayy i will let you know when the article is published

  8. i lost my leg due to infection in the bone. i had a cast on my leg and the doctor didnt care for me correctly. cast cut my leg and caused infection. my name is susan landolfi. best of luck with the article!

  9. sueflayy

    blister or something else

    how nice you are helping your friend! yes, ive had this and it can be fixed. the prosthetic leg needs some adjustment. it is rubbing on that spot. maybe your friend gets blisters when walking more and that one spot then gets irritated. the prosthetist must work on having that spot NOT rubbed by the leg by carving out a space, or having pieces put IN the leg/cup to elevate the stump, move it around, etc i hope this helps
  10. Hi sueflayy thank you for your reply i would like to ask you for your permission to quote you in the article that should be published at the end of the month on the divine website.

    Could you please give me a name you can just make one up if you are not comfortable giving your real name also could you please tell me how you lost your leg you can be vague if you don't want to rev...

  11. hello! i have always been very active and , after losing my leg 9 yrs ago, have continued. shortly before losing my leg, . of course he is very acti, ofoi spoke to a professional skateboarder who is also an amputeei ,. of course he is not only very active but also accomplished, athletically. very inspiring but he also let me kow frustrating being active can be. exercise, for any person at all, is something i think all should do. the benefits for ANY person include stress relief, mood enhancement, general physical health benefits. being an amputee is stressful for me but everyone has stress. exercise is relaxing and can be tons of fun, good for all taking long walks was always one of my activities and this took time to master again. i went surfing (check out ampsurf.com) i swim. i know amputees who do much more than i do. one can do anything. it just takes some adjustments and patience. i got a special leg for swimming, i need to swim in a pool with railings to get up stairs from pool, biking i need a strap over pedal. these are some of my thoughts. let me know if u need anything else id love to know when the article is completed good luck
  12. sueflayy

    Prosthetic Cover

    hello, im assuming you dont have "fake" skin over your leg? either way, go to the womens sock dept in a dept store. there are long socks, stocking, etc which should work , many colors too
  13. sueflayy

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    hello and good good luck to you! ive been a bk for 9 yrs. i know you will be an ak but there are some similarities. all your questions are great and i hope some ak's give you some good info. the advice i have is to meet with a prosthetist now, before the surgery. ask he or she to also put you in touch with some amputees. i had only spoken to one amputee and speaking to more would have been a great help. to hear the good and the bad, just the reality.amputees who are positive and funcitoning and LIVING but are honest about the changes the frustrations. im very active , run a business, and live and you will do the same, take care
  14. sueflayy

    Pain due to prosthetic

    how great that you figured this out. we often must figure out what is going on. not that our prosthetists are not good but we are the ones wearing the legs, do tell your prosthetist and it seems some adjustments can be made. good luck
  15. sueflayy

    Swim Leg

    do u have link to the otto swim leg?