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    17 Aug 2001
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    drs negligience
  1. jenny claase

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    Peter you have asked the questions I was about to ask. This cover sounds to good to be true. I really need one of these, will have to try and find an agent here in South Africa. Thank you Juan for such informative information ....you have made my day. Jenny South AFrica
  2. jenny claase

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Have not been on the forum for quite some years..... I have been using the Trias for 10years and just love this foot. I have tried many others but the Trias still beats them all. Good luck. Jenny Claase...South Africa
  3. jenny claase

    prblem with new foot

    Hi I am Jenny Claase from South Africa. I noted your concerns about the Trias foot. I have been using one for about 4 years and I find it great especially up and down hills. Its not a stiff foot at all, its very flexible. Actually I was one of the first to try out the Trias when it came onto the market and from day one I loved it. I suggest that you see your Prossie Guy as soon as possible as your foot does not sound like the Trias I know. Jenny
  4. jenny claase

    I'm Back

    Hi Brenda Welcome back!!!!!! Jenny South Africa
  5. jenny claase

    Hullo, Newbie from Cincinnati

    Hi Marilyn I am a rbk for four years, welcome to the forum great to have you here, Jenny South Africa
  6. jenny claase

    Wife is Pregnant!

    wonderful piccies, really really great, hope all goes well with you both and of course the bambino, Jenny South Africa
  7. jenny claase

    Merry Christmas.

    I wish each and everyone of you on this forum a Merry Merry Christmas and a great 2006. Regards Jenny South Africa
  8. jenny claase

    Amputee Fined for Parking Rage

    Hi This has happened to all of us at one time or other. My daughter was looking for a disabled parking as I was on crutches without a prosthesis. We saw an elderly gentleman walking towards his car. My daugther walked up to him and asked him why he was parked there, he said he was old and on medication. She said but you have two good working legs, he told her she was harrassing him in public. Her answer to him was " But if you want to qualify for this parking it could always be arranged" needless to say he couldnt think of an answer. Jenny South Africa
  9. jenny claase

    Something went right in my life!

    Hi Ally Glad finals are over for your son, congrats and a very nice photo. Jenny South Africa
  10. jenny claase

    Having a bad day

    Hi Kerrie, I can really sympathize with your phantom pains. I myself went through hell/agony. I tried all the meds that you have, but nothing worked. I drove my family mad, my daughter tells me I hit her with a frying pan. My brother found a anaethetist who specialised in pain management. He put together 4 different tablets but warned me that they are just not "any tablets" I must take all 4 at around 9 in the evening and to make sure that I have completed all bathroom needs etc. They knocked me out within twenty minutes of taking them, I slept right through until around 8 in the morning. The stump had no phantom pain when I woke up so I kept it really still enjoying the freedom of having no pain. The pain specialist did say to me try not to take them during the day as I would be out for the count and would feel like a zombie. I was able to do this because I was at least enjoying sleeping through and pain free. I took this medication for about a month and never had the need to use anything else from then on. The phantoms I am getting now are nothing compared to three years ago, they are at least bearable and I dont have them everyday. I really do hope you are able to find something that works for you, it can be so draining being in constant pain and of course we are unable to explain the severity of these attacks to anyone else other than us amputees. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Jenny South Africa
  11. jenny claase

    New to all of this

    Hi Mike Welcome to a great site. I am a rbk amp due to a drs negligience whilst repairing the ligaments of my knee, he severed the popliteal artery. I also got the Staph Aureas bug and have had 18 operations since amputation, which was three years ago. I now have the court case to look forward to, believe you me is no picnic. As time goes by things do get better and better, Regards Jenny South Africa
  12. jenny claase


    Hi Andy Oh the blisters, a real pain. I had them when I got my silicone liner, they were just at the top, like long welts and very itchy. My prosthectic guy asked me what was I cleaning my liner with, I told him a antibacterial soap, he told me to just use a mild soap, and to clean it once a week with the antibacterial soap. This worked never had them again, and thats more than a year now. Good Luck \ Regards Jenny South Africa
  13. jenny claase

    havent been around for awhile

    Hi Sarah Yes, i do remember when you went into rehab for the drinking, i think it was almost a year ago. Maybe you are going through a slight setback, we all do. Its a pity you cannot work in France, as I am sure that would help you tremendously. I think this is whats kept me sane and because I have so much on my plate at the moment........ there is no time whatsoever for me to feel down or to dwell on the things that cannot be changed. Chin up and do take care, Regards Jenny South Africa
  14. jenny claase

    havent been around for awhile

    Hi Everyone, I havent been around for many reasons. Firstly my old aged faithful comp decided to catch alight, been threatening for sometime, now I really have to buy a new one. Secondly my court case started in August. I was in the witness box for two days solid, they assasinated my character big time, I was made to feel as though I was the culprit and no longer the victim. I remember when MJ was in court, it was very much the same for me. Its now been postponed until October, the date being three days before my daughter gets married....nice one!!!!!!! Thirdly I have been organizing a wedding on a avocado farm which is about 4 hours drive from where we live.....only my daughter could do this to me. Last but not least, I have been so involved with the starting of the Rehab centre which is now well under way, the fundraising, donations and putting it all together as kept me so busy that I have not known which way to turn. It was all worth it as I have mentioned here before that there is no rehabs for amputees anywhere in South Africa.......hard to believe isnt it. The Dr who runs the rehab has offered me a position which I am considering, maybe its time for me to duck out of Paedatrics and take up his offer, this I will think about only in the new year. Keep up the good work all of you, Regards Jenny South Africa
  15. jenny claase


    Afet Great work Afet, you inspire all of us, Regards Jenny South Africa