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  1. silviagod

    need help Roehampton area

    It is a while since I posted on here and I am now worried about an operation I am about to have in the next two or three weeks. The operation will be at Kingston Hospital and they say I will be in for one week. I live nearly 250 miles away and I am told that they will not be able to provide accomodation for my wife and I can't afford to pay for accomodation for her. Once I have been given a date can any of you good people on here come and visit me as I will be "Billy no mates" all on my own in an unfamiliar place? I am not looking forward to the operation but it is unavoidable and should improve my mobility in the long run.
  2. silviagod

    don't know what to do

    Isn't the NHS wonderful I finally have an appointment with my prosthetist for the 22nd of this month That's only 3 weeks after the date when I needed help!!!! It will be at least another 6 weeks before I have a socket that fits!!
  3. silviagod

    don't know what to do

    It's not early days for me as I have been coping well for 20 years . It's the last 5 that seem to be getting worse :( I also can't add socks because it is a suction socket. I rang the limbless association and they advised me against emailing the consultant, they said that my relationship was with the prosthetist and not the consultant. I agree with your views on the NHS Ann. Also if it gets worse because it takes them 7 weeks to make the socket, and if I have not been active for that time the socket won't fit by the time I get it. It makes me sick because there is only a days work in all.
  4. silviagod

    don't know what to do

    I am male and was worried about emailing again as they sounded horrified that I had dared to ask the consultant!! Where can I get this foam from?
  5. silviagod

    don't know what to do

    will this work with a suction socket? Please do not be put off by my username, it is car related. I have a passion for the Nissan Silvia.
  6. silviagod

    don't know what to do

    I am desperate to continue with my mobility but am having difficulties! I have a high mid-thigh amputation and the suction socket was only made a couple of months ago. My weight activities and diet are the same yet I am going into the socket too much. I have used padding to bring me out, but even with this padding the same is happening again. My prosthetist is on holiday and I don't want an unfamiliar person attending to me, even if that were offered. Has anyone here experienced similar problems and found out why? Next part, this made me laugh and cheered me up today. I found my consultants email address on google and sent him an email requesting his comments or suggestions. A few hours later a prosthetist telephoned me expressing great concern that the consultant had received an email from me on his computer! Is this not the done thing? I feel like sending him another! Should I :D Sorry it's a long post but I would like opinions and advice if possible. Thanks.