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  1. Heather,I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year. You are so inspirational and I have followed everything you've done in 2005. I look forward to supporting all you do in 2006. I hope 2006 brings you much joy and happiness. I wish you continuing success in all you do. Take care Much love Rachel x x xx
  2. Rachel

    A Remarkable Lady

    Hi This is me wearing my No More Land Mines t-shirt in support for the work of all the hard working people at the charity. Rachel Doyle,st Albans
  3. Rachel

    A Remarkable Lady

    Hi Everyone, Ive just registered with the site because I think all that Heather is doing for the landmine cause is absolutely wonderful.The stories I've read about her giving her time and help to people who have lost limbs is very heartwarming.I support her 100 %. What a lovely Lady. Rachel Doyle, St Albans