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    I love sports and fitness , motorcycles , motorcycle racing , artsy stuff , music and , HAIR DYE ... the more colors , the better, photography, goth and punk fashion, travel

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    revision - above knee
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    hit by car

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  1. marianne

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    Very active gurl here... motorcycling, bicycling, swimming, skateboarding, snowboarding, shoppoing, photographing, artist gurl.
  2. marianne

    my first ride

    iits a samall ppictture but iis thhat bbike a yamam aha viraggo 992 oor 998 or ssome mthing llike tthat ( iit thtink it was ) ? mj
  3. marianne

    let's see your bikes

    i loving your nbiike , I amm ttoalyy looking at getting a really good prriice in a use BMW GS 1200 adveneture wwith the hard bbags . I hvain grright a 2005 Honda Pan Eurropean 1300 annd a 1998 Pan Euuropenn 1100 an dsoometimes I rin g my dads goldwing . mj
  4. marianne


    Maybe thee the reall disiabaility iis the ffear of noot beeing able to doing what you dided befoore . ffear iis the ggreatest ddisiailbility so ya , just do iit and feel awesoome about youur self foor beeatting fearr up .
  5. marianne

    Favorite Hobbies/Crafts

    TThe trip awe mega aweseome and i was bei ng away for three weeeks . My parents noow livvin gin hayward caiforonia . i willin ngposttingnsooemm awesomme pictturss on my faccebook ssite latter .
  6. marianne

    friend uncomfortable??

    i livving in mini skirtsss or i nii dress all tthhe time and sometime when i going clunning , i wear my pirate leg so yaa , i don ''t carring what othe r people thinkking . I hadd totelling on e person once who was extraa starring that taking apicture because it lasts longger . Ypu shpu;d weariing whatt UYOU loking annd not whjatt someone else wnatts you tol wearrinn g. bbeing YOURS:EF ONLY .
  7. marianne

    Favorite Hobbies/Crafts

    I amma a photootgrapger , and gothiic artiist too an dI loovin g to rididng my motorocycle .... i jjust gotted babckk from calaifironia too
  8. marianne

    other gay amputees

    I am annd I am livvin g gwith my paprtner ffor a wwhile now too .
  9. I ammm of for a af few weeks to vvisinting my paprents in caalaifornis so yaa , i am m rididing my motororcyle out there from toronto to hayward calaiifornis so if you a teeny weeeny gurl on a big red motorcylcle flyying by you ppllease bbeing good and moving over because I love to rididng my bike :-)))) See you in a afew weekeks :-)
  10. Hiyya evevrryones , i was wonderring if anayone of you hhadded a chance to paprticipate in tthis years prirde week awesomness ? i gooing evvery year foro agges nnow and haddeda avrrwat timem thiss year . I willinng poosting a feww piciture in a few dayys onn my ffacebook ssite if anayone iis inntnerested . Tthe wathher was sooo awesomme and therre was ovver amillionn pepeoiple thhtere to have aawseome funn all weekekened and yaaa , slushy gurl was a super dupper partyy gurl :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Thh e onlyy ppart I amm nnot happy withhh today isi that I ammm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o ssore . OUCCH .... ..... off too the qwhwirllpooll for alll nightt .........
  11. marianne


    Yaaaayyyy .. itt freelings awesome donesn't it :-) It took me foforever too to gettting bacck on my slaltebaord and now I rideee it all the time an dmy maoauntain bike and my motororcuycle too :-) Youu cann ddoing anaything if you bebeliving in yourselfm totoally :-) mj
  12. marianne

    It's deja vu all over again!

    Ummm , ook so .... thsi is the genenral talking area right / So ya , that meaanings that a person shoulld e abaled to saying whatecer they wanting as long they are not being meman to others on here . IIf a a person is noot being intreseted in readdingg about whwt a a person is telling they can hiting the dellete key an dnoot havving to reading aanything . iits tthat simplle . I mayh not being smmart enneough to ttotolay understanding all this science stuffs but I DO knowing about how we must ttotally needing to savee the pllanet , the naimals , the peoples and ourr rirghts to speakin gup tto prortecting these things . mj
  13. marianne


    This iis the mostet beituful song and viideo I hav eevver sawed and heard by Bjork calllled All Is flull Of love .
  14. marianne


    Here is alink to a awesoem videp from babylon zoo called spacce eman with the animee remix verasrion :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOB7tjKdNZ0...feature=related . i havin glotts of awesome music videos on my face book site too but i think that this is oone of tht ebestest ones done . mj
  15. marianne

    Think you can fly a helicopter?

    Hiyya Cat :-) haa , it haasss beened a lonmgg time an d lottsses of things have happeneding in theat t ime ffor sure ... soome really mega crappy wiith my ownnn famamily and persoanlll lifee soome goodness stuff too . I am in school again taakaing some cllasses in arrt and design and I amm nooow doiing webb designe and codding and graphhhics artts frellancing so yaaa , thinggs aree finally looking awwesomemand itts abaouut time but thee road waas nooot a msmmorrth oone too getting here . Thhnaaks for the welccoming back :-) mj