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  1. Harperjm and kitkat, Thanks to both of you for your feedback! As soon as I wear it(whole process is just taking forever...) I will post my experiences with it on here.
  2. Kaz

    I Am Still Alive!!

    I hope your foot heals quickly. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your comments guys! :-) (and Ofri, for links). I'll give it a try. Hopefully it's what I'm looking for.
  4. hi all! Does anyone have any experience with the Triton foot from Otto Bock?! I'm doing a lot of Nordic walking lately and the foot I have now, although good in more day to day activities, doesn't give me sufficient energy back needed for Nordic walking or hiking; I'm getting terrible muscle cramps in my 'healthy' leg. I'm hoping this new foot might be the right one for me. Any feedback appreciated!
  5. Kaz

    Flying to China

    Thanks for all your replies :-) I Just got back a few weeks ago from a very interesting trip. Passing security went smoothly except for one occasion at Xian, where the check was quite rigorous (even with med certificate) Otherwise there was really no problem at all. (Beijing, Xian, Zhangjiajie, Hong Kong airports) Hey JV, you made it to see Cat and Mel, woweee! you guys must have had a great time :-)
  6. Hi all, It's been a long time since i've logged on here, but life and everything else takes over....:-/ I have a question for anyone who has travelled to China. Flown often to many countries already, but not yet to China....I'm a bit wary of the airport experience ( the security check, as all us wearing artificial bits n pieces dread, eeek) as we will be flying on internal flights too. Getting by in English is very difficult, and i'm wondering if a medical certificate certifying that i wear artificial limb is sufficiant?! None of my doctors speak Chinese. Do i need to inform the Chinese consulate when i apply for the visa? I just hope there will be no taking my leg apart at the airport as i doubt that the 'human' factor is high on the agenda there, ahem.... Anyway, i would be very grateful for anyone who has any hints and tips for travelling to China :-) Thanks
  7. Cat

    Saw you looking in my profile lol

  8. Kaz

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  9. Kaz

    Persistent rash

    Hmm, this had made me think the underlying cause for this rash outbreak actually IS a fungal infection. I am doing extensive research on the internet at the moment and discovering very interesting and useful info (including your link. Thank you! Very intersting also for future reference). Freddy, thank you also for your sugery suggestion. I will keep it in mind. Apparently there are many, many forms of fungal infections that have different appearances. Unfortunatly, I have learnt from past experience that doctors have overseen symptoms (ahem! ) and haven't diagnosed correctly...shocking, but true . I just bought some anti-fungal cream from the pharmacy and tea tree oil and mix it in with a base cream...and see what happens. Hi Ann, you should also consider that the underlying cause of that red patch is fungal-related. Hmm, i think docs just see the result (a rash or red patch, etc) and do not consider where or from what it could stem from. We also need to consider that they probably do not treat many amputees so they hardly see or understand the problem! Sheeesh! anyway, we soldier on... Try googling ''fungal infections'' and ''candida skin infections'' and maybe you find your symptoms and come up with a soluion. Good luck! I hope your new pros solves the problem.
  10. Kaz

    oi cobber! where did you see me?

  11. Kaz

    Persistent rash

    Hi All, over a month on and no improvement after changing to a milder detergent, buying almost all skin conditioning lotions/creams available on the market, etc etc etc.. It's actually getting worse Been to 3 dermatologists who all say it's not an allergy and not a fungal infection. They just give me cortison and antibactzerial soap but this is not the long term solution...not even the short term one. If i keep pros off it starts to heal. As soon as i put it back on for a day...boom. I started to wear Otto Bock Dermaseal gel socks about 10 years ago, after not being able to wear cotton socks as the skin was so sensitive. Now i'm advised to go back to cotton socks by my prosthesist...aargghhhh What now? Anyone have an idea....as i'm totally lost
  12. Cat

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  13. Kaz

    Persistent rash

    Ahh, also a good tip. Ta!
  14. Kaz

    Persistent rash

    @ Allen - Thanks for your tips re. Simple soap and Filetti detergent. I'll give them a try. @ Ann - I put them in the machine quite often to give them a good clean but i will start using another more sensitive detergent, like Allen suggested. After a days use i clean them in the sink but i also think the soap that i use is too harsh. Hmm, yes, i think the solution is using other detergents, etc to clean the socks and socket. Thanks everyone who replied