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    Socket Pics

    Sorry, forgot to mention they also have a web site to order from www.ryman.co.uk. You will have to go through the search bar and put in Ryman T Shirt Transfers. If you just put T Shirt Transfer, it shows no result
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    Socket Pics

    For those in the UK who want to try it, Ryman the Stationer have both Light Material and Dark material T Shirt Transfer Paper ( i work at their Chester shop) It is £5.99 (light material) and £6.99 (dark material) for a pack of 5 A4 sheets. Most Ryman shops tend to be in the south but for anyone who cannot find one in their area then try Partners Stationary, they are part of the same group and some will have the same stock (not sure about prices tho)
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    Don't know what happened, don't want to know but i am still here, loitering with intent (to post, well now and again at least lol!!)
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    Birthday time for Johnny and Brenda

    A big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you both. Lots of love xxxx
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    What you look like?

    Hey, at last i have a recent (and"half"decent) photo of myself to post. I am the oldie in the middle. I'm not sure what size it is so i will apologise now if it turns out massive and frightens the life out of you :( . If it is rather large could some kind soul who knows what they are about, please shrink it down :) . Thank you! :)
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    The journey has now begun

    Great news about Vicki, its onwards and upwards now. :) Please, please take time out for yourself as well as having time for your family. My husband took quite a while to accept my amputation, (although he didn't show it) not so much the fact that i had the leg taken but that it had to happen at all. I was so relieved to get rid of the pain that i didn't think about what my husband was going through, it was months later that he really opened up, once his fears were out in the open things got a lot better. When i asked why he had taken so long to tell me he said he felt it would have been wrong to say anything at the time of the op and that he would have felt very selfish in doing so. I wished he had as things would not have been so bad for him for so long.
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    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. It has been such a long time since i last posted and going by the amount of email alerts i have recieved from the forum, there are quite a few new members that i need to welcome, so here goes!! Hi to all the new friends here I don't get much chance to get on the pc, i have looked in on a couple of occassions but not had chance to post anything. My son is right in the middle of his G.C.S.E's at the moment so he has priority on the pc so that he can revise. He needs to do well in his exams so that he can get a good job and look after his mum in her old age!! I have just got a new prosthesis, up to now it is fine. I changed the type of cover this time, my old limbs had the type of cover that looked like i had light coloured tights on, the new one is more skin like.I chose a slightly tanned colour so all i have to do is fake tan my good leg up to the same colour as the limb, as the weather here is exceptionally sunny at the moment i am even getting a natural tan (being very careful of course). I am keeping hold of one of my old limbs as i find getting a new one is much the same as getting new shoes, they fit fine whilst in the shop but the minute you get them home they become two sizes small and you end up in agony lol!! Well i am gonna get off now as it is getting late, once again, hi to everyone, sorry i've been so long getting round to posting.
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    Thanks for the replies trwinship, Afet, and mmarie. It seems my friend did get to see her dr. I think it was a case of failure to communicate, the hospital were not aware that she was going on holiday and had sent her an appointment but she had not recieved the letter.She called the hospital and told them about her holiday and she got to see her consultant just before she left.
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    Hi all, A friend of mine is going into hospital to have a vein stripped from her leg, she has some kind of problem with her blood and takes warfrin. Can anyone tell me, does she need to stop taking the warfrin before going in for the op, if so how long before. She is on holiday at the moment and goes for the op almost as soon as she gets back, because of the public hols over Easter she cannot get hold of her consultant. Thanks very much for any advice.
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    In hospital on the night before my op, my surgeon came to see me and talk through what i should expect. He warned me to always keep the residual limb straight,the natural thing is to bend the stump upwards to protect it, fine when avoiding a fall onto it but after the amputation the body wants to protect the limd by keeping it bent all the time, this causes the muscles to tighten and it is then very painful to rectify and makes fitting a limb a problem. My surgeon also told me that about 95% of lower limb amps have a fall within 3 days of their op, mainly when just woken up and not properly aware. Having been told this and being a one for taking instruction too literally i have never held my limb bent, it is always straight as a pole if i am not wearing my limb. I have not fallen yet, at least not through any fault of my own. I am now so aware that it can hold me back tho, i find i am always looking for hazards, slippy areas, uneven pavements, blind people using white sticks(not their fault i know but i was walking along one day when from behind a blind lady waving her stick from side to side as they do, got the stick caught between my feet, luckily i reached out and wasable to steady myself on a lamp post) now when i see a white stick approaching i make a quick detour.
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    Hi, i cannot add anymore than what has already been said. Kids do have a natural ability to accept easily. Your daughter will have loads of fun and make lots of new friends. Good luck
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    What has happened to board?

    Whoa, that woke me up with a start, thought i had joined the wrong forum. I like the new look and if it helps keep us more secure then i am definitley for it and anything else that helps. Besides its good to keep the mind and brain exercised with new stuff to learn.
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    pre op

    yep, its fairly common place in the UK to go in the day before your op so you can settle in and talk to anyone that is involved in the procedure. Also so that you are ready for the actual op in plenty of time, ie pre-op meds, nil by mouth, etc. I hate this and on one or two occcassions have managed to bluff my way into going in early on the morning of planned ops but usually they do insist on you going in the day before. There was only one occassion when i had to go for pre-ops the wek before and that was when i had to have a tumour removed from my chest. I had to have ECG and MRSA swabs taken, just precautionary stuff realy, nothing to worry about at all. Best wishes
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    Lightning hazard?

    My mother was absolutely petrified of lightening, she was hit twice years ago, once whilst peeling potatoes and another time the lightening bounced off the fireguard and hit her. Whenever a storm was due she would open all windows so as to give the lightening a way out of the house, the tv was turned off and she would hide in the understairs closet. I remember being on a bus with her one night when a bad stormed started, mother ran to the back of the bus and hid behind the seat and would not come out until the storm stopped, luckily it was a short storm and had finished before we reached our destination. A little while after this my mother started to suffer with aggorophobia,(fear of open spaces) she never went out of the house for over 10 yrs, i often wonder if this had anything to do with the onset of it.
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    Hot Seat, Part 3

    Hi Mike, just nipped in to ask some easy ones 1) have you ever been dishonest if so how (truth please) 2)what is your earliest memory 3)Adam and Eve or evolution, which do you think is most likely
  16. meggy2342000

    An amputees mum

    Hi Anne, welcome to the forum. It really is the best place for friends, help, advice and a lot of fun thrown in for free. I pm'd you but did not get chance to welcomeyou properly here. From the sound of things the relationship you have with your daughter is what will get you both through, with a great support team a lot can and will be achieved. Once your daughter no longer needs the morphine she will get her life back and will be able to see things clearer. I needed strong doses of morphine to help me through the pain i was in before my op and i know just how hazy it can make you, now thankfully i only have the normal 40'something moments to contend with, and boy do i get a lot of them lol!! It is 2yrs since my op and i never look back, i do just about everything as before and a lot more besides. You and your daughter and the kids have a lot to look forward to. xx
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    Scary Journey

    Hi Vicki and welcome to the forum, my name is Lesley, i am 43yrs old and had my bka op just over 2yrs ago. I had an elected amputation, after having a couple of ops that failed, to replace a blocked main artery and suffering gangrene twice, i could no longer stand the pain i was in and the gangrene would only get worse. The vascular surgeon offered to try yet another artery transplant but i had had enough and opted for the amputation. My advice to you is to ask your surgeons, aneasthatists and any other medics involved as many questions as you can. As well as posting your questions here(there is nothing better than the voice of experience) write them down and then ask at your hospital as well. We are all different and cope in different ways but we do all get through. Previous to my last 2 ops i had taken morphine for quite a while, couldn't have done without it. My surgeon told me that the less pain i was in pre-op then hopefully the less phantom pain i may experience. This is not true for everyone but if there is a chance of it working then great. He also advised me that an epidural for the op can have the same result so again i had one, the result, i haven't had much phantom at all. I do get the pins and needles feeling, it was really bad just after the op but has since diminished to the point where i don't notice it too much any more, i can also still wriggle my toes, i think a lot of members here will tell you they can also. An friend of mine who has been an amputee for 30 odd yrs tells me he can still wriggle his toes so i am not sure if this ever goes away. When i tell my non amp friends this it really brings a smile to their face and i can see that they are trying to imagine what it is like :) silly of them, how can they with toes imagine not having toes and then imagine being able to be able to wriggle toes they haven't got, :) duh!! too confusing. I think the question of how long you are likely to be in hospital will depend on your area, how well you heal and how well you cope adjusting. I was only in hospital for 10 days, second day after op i was given crutches and wheel chair. I was shown how to transfer from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet. Physios made sure i could crutch properly, took me to the model bathroom and kitchen they had set up and made sure i could safely make my way around them. Then i was taken for a home visit and promised that if i was fine i would be aloud to stay home, that is what happened and there was no way they were gonna get me back into hospital. One month on i had my first visit to limb centre and within 2 weeks or so my first prosthesis. A few visits to physio before i was allowed to take my limb home and a few more until both the physios and i felt i no longer needed to go. All in all i think it took me about 5 months from op to being totally independant(although still using one walking stick)confident and back to work. Once again tho there are no hard or fast rules on time keeping, take things at a pace you are comfortable with. Please feel free to pm me any time. :) I haven't had chance to welcome your mum but i did read her posts and i have pm'd her, please say Hi to her from me. :)
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    Hot Seat again

    Hi, i too missed Cats time on this one and i will prob miss quite a few others as well but as i am here now i will ask you a couple of questions Afet. 1) When are you at your happiest 2) What 3 words best describe you 3) What makes you laugh, sad, angry Great idea Cat, certainly got us all joining in
  19. Hi Johnny, sorry to hear you have to be on crutches for a while, i am certain it will only be a short while tho and you will soon be back on the limb. I find i have a different personality when i have to use any aids, it really makes me miserable and grumpy, once back on the limb i am back to me cheery self again. Hope you heal very soon.((hugs))
  20. meggy2342000


    I have a friend who is desperate to find an original Sissy Bar back rest for a Yamaha Virago XV750 1997. My friend found one on ebay, won the item but the guy selling it won't ship it out to England, she is soooooo dissappointed. :( :( So if any of the bikers out there know where we can get one would you please pm me ASAP!! Cheers!! :) :)
  21. meggy2342000


    Thanks for that John, i will email her the address. Seems Yamaha have discontinued making these sissy bars so she is having to search everywhere and anywhere for an original, its going to be a long drawn out process i think. Thanks very much for the very quick response.
  22. meggy2342000

    I'm Back

    Hi Brenda, welcome, its nice to see you back. :)
  23. meggy2342000

    having a bath

    Hi Naylor, the advice here is really sound. I have been an amputee now for just 2yrs. Looking back i realise that i could have spent money non stop on things that i thought i would need, "thought" being the "operative" word. I got my 1st limb around about the April and did very well during the summer months but always at the back of my mind was a niggle about how i would cope in the wet and the icey winter. I worried myself so much over this that i got my hubby to take me round looking at the mobility scooters that are on the market. I would need one that would cope with ice, cobbled streets, slippy sloping streets, my imagination ran riot. My hubby really did not want me to rush into buying one, he thought i would get so used to using one that i wouldn't bother walking at all. I hung back from buying one and lo and behold i found i haven't needed one at all. I was holding myself back so much because of the fear of slipping that i wasn't willing to give myself a chance, i just needed to trust myself. There are some things that will be invaluable to you, some things that will be a necessity, some things that you just like to use, don't rush into spending unnecessarily, try finding your own way round things first.
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    home visits

    It seems my physios had all areas covered, they visited my home whilst i was in hospital and chatted to my hubby about what was to happen and how we would cope once i was discarged. I had a home visit just over a week after my op, the physios came with me. They watched to see how i coped with the stairs, bath, kitchen (just simple tasks like filling the kettle, carrying things from fridge to counter) they gave me loads of advice and then told me that i could stay at home and did not need to go back into hospital, i was over the moon.
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    Hi New Here

    Hi again Jen, i was involved in Tens trials for labour pains when i was giving birth to my son (16yrs old now) have to say it didn't work on the actual labour pain but worked wonders for the backache i was suffering. Bye the way i am a coffee addict also, i don't seem to experience the highs that a lot of people say coffee gives them nor does it affect my sleep at all, i always have a mug of coffee just before i go to bed, mind you tho i could sleep on a clothes line without falling off i sleep so soundly.lol!! I probably get through about 10 mugs of coffee a day. I blame it on all the hospital stays i have had over the years,theres nothing else to do but drink coffee when you are confined to a hospital bed for long periods of time.