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    Hi New Here

    Hi Jen, welcome to the forum I too get the pins and needles feeling you describe. Very early post op it was extreme, to the point of keeping me awake at night. I could only stop the feeling for a few minutes at a time by constantly waving my stump up and down and rubbing my stump vigorously. I asked my physios and dr's for advice but apart from the tens treatment which would just replace one feeling for another they could not suggest anything. The pins and needles did calm down and i have now got used to it, it hardly bothers me at all any more. Although it is still there i think i have just got used to it and can ignore it most of the time,especially if i am busy or have something to taKe my mind of it. I am sure there will be a few members with tips on how they coped with this feeling, some may even have found how to get rid altogether.
  2. meggy2342000

    Business As Usual

    Thanks Johnny and everyone else involved in the repair process, To whomever did the dirty in the first place, "tough luck buddy, you cannot keep good people down for long". :P :P
  3. meggy2342000

    Job interview

    Hi everyone, I have got an interview for a new job tomorrow. The job is with a new shop selling disabled aids. The company is quite large but this is a new shop opening in my area, just a short bus ride from where i live. I am not sure just how noticeable my limp is, sometimes not at all, other times i limp quite a lot, it depends on what kind of day i am having, if i have been really busy and am tired it is more noticeable. A lot depends on what i wear, some trousers are better at hiding the rim of the limb, it depends on the material and style. I am hoping that when i go to the interview it will not be noticed, not immediatly anyway, partly because i don't want the interviewer to think that i think i have a better chance just because i am "disabled". I definately am not thinking this, i know i will be good at the job purely on my experience in the retail trade together my empathic nature and ability to comunicate with the public. Partly because i just don't want it to be that noticeable anyway. Question is when do i tell them about it, what is the right time in an interview to let them know, or do i wait for them to ask me. Anyone out there been in this position, what advice can you give me on how to handle the situation.
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    The Record

    Ok, is the record going on its own posting, seperate to this one. It should do, i reckon. Whose gonna be brave and start it off then, come on cat where are you.
  5. meggy2342000

    I'm back!

    Good to see your back on the forum again and thanks for lettingus know how thigs went. Take your time healing, the stump size may shrink once any post-op swelling goes. The ice packs sound like a good all rounder to combat pain and swelling, don't forget tho only 10-20 minutes at a time. Best wishes.
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    24yr old / Story and help!

    Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. I am sure that once you have gleaned enough information you will make the right decision, that is the important thing, it has to be for you. I am rbk, i was in pain for quite a while before my op but there was no way i could avoid it being carried out because i had gangrene that wasn't gonna get any better, the longer left the higher the amp would have to be, besides i couldn't take the extreme pain any longer. I undersatnd the reluctance of the above knee amps, those of us with our knees realise how important it is to have but it is not the be all or end all. Keep asking questions, get all the information you can. If you are coping with the pain at the moment then don't rush into anything, as Dea already said, the human body is very complex and cannot be copied to perfection, tho i wouldn't suffer extremes of pain. All the best.
  7. meggy2342000

    The Record

    Thanks for that Muz. Cat is 11 hrs ahead of me(12.28 here, 23.21 Melbourne) so i can post after 8pm tonite, is that right.??
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    Picture from Mel

    What a giggle this forum is, :D :D I want to see the picture, i need to understand why it cannot be posted here, please email it to me, it is a need to know situation and i need to know. No "butts" now, just let me see the picture, obviously it is gonna "crack" me up So less hinting about the content of the article, lets see it.lol!!
  9. meggy2342000

    The Record

    I am up for this. If i am not mistaken to work out the time zones you can double click on the clock on your pc, (usually bottom right corner) this will bring up a window with your local time, click time zone, click the arrow down this brings up a list of the zonez + or _ You should be able to now work out the different times from this list. I usually just get my 16yr old son to sort it for me, much easier.
  10. meggy2342000

    Job interview

    Thanks everyone, Having done so well at this first interview certainly put me in good stead for others. It must be over 15 years since i last had to attend interviews, other jobs i have got have been through friends(its who you know not what you know, sometimes) and mostly within the same shopping mall. Carol, i hope things went as well for you as they did for me, please post and let us know. I will let you know how other interviews go but as i said i am in no rush so i will bide my time and get as near to what suits me as i can. Thanks.
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    Job interview

    Hi everyone, a quick update, sorry its taken a little while. Thanks for all the good luck and the advice you gave me. The interview went really well, the interviewers were very impressed with my CV, no probs with mentioning the leg, i just went with the flow, to be honest i don't remember who actually mentioned it first. The position was for 24hrs per week over 3 days, when i asked which days this included there was a little confusion, it seemed it hadn't actually been decided as yet, i mentioned that i preferred not to work too many weekends due to the fact that my husband works very long hours during the week and we only get quality time together at weekends (my husband has no use of his left arm so a lot of DIY needed done round the house takes the two of us working together, i do things he cannot manage and visa-versa), the interviewers seemed to appreciate my position on this and told me that they were actually thinking of employing a second part-time assistant so a rota to suit could be sorted out taking this into account. What i didn't expect was to get a call from them within an hour of arriving home, i had expected to be waiting at least a couple of days before hearing anything.I was offered a 30 hour contract, the 3 day position being offered to another person. There is a "but", as they were so impressed with me they offered me more hours but it had to include most weekends. I had to be honest both with myself and to them, i really don't want weekend work, certainly not to this degree, it would put too much pressure on myself and my family. So i had to turn down the position. I am disappointed but i don't want to put myself in a position that i will regret. Although i am not getting anything (apart from hassle) from my present job(actually not the job just the managers) i do enjoy my work and the hours i am working are great, so i can afford to wait until something else comes along with more suitable hours.
  12. meggy2342000

    New fun (silly) addictive game

    Cat, are you trying to drive us all crazy. I was stressed out and knackered before seeing this, i am off to have a breakdown, gonna sit in a corner and cry it out, then come back and have another go. I WON'T LET IT BEAT ME, I GONNA BEAT MY BEST SCORE (2)
  13. meggy2342000

    New Here.

    Hi Lisa and Nige, sorry i am late welcoming you, i have not been around for a while and am just trying to catch up with things. Nige, i notice the date of the op is todays, i wish you a speedy recovery, keep positive and it wil be. It is exactly 2yrs today that i had my rbk op, i am doing really well, still have a few "moments" but that is to be expected and are soon got over. I had been in constant pain before my op, had had 2 previous ops spread over 12 yrs,could only walk a couple of yards, had to keep stopping. Spent the three weeks leading up to the day(including xmas) on morphine, i was like a zombie, had no sleep for the three weeks at all, all because of gangrene. I was in so much pain at the end that it was a relief to get rid, i still feel this way, i just know it was the right option and will never regret it. Lisa, you will be a very important support for Nige post op, although he might not show it, he will be grateful that you are there,let Nige guide you as far as how much he needs your help and when he needs it. You also need to look after yourself tho,it is only too easy to forget your own needs whilst you are looking after someone elses. With the children, be as open with them as you think they can cope with, kids are very resilient, take a leaf out of their book. Best wishes for today, let us know how things are going.
  14. meggy2342000

    Hi everyone

    Hi thanks for all your replies, good wishes and especially the support. It seems "great minds" do think alike , i have taken a couple of days off sick. Partly because i felt so tired, i needed a little time to get myself back on track, partly so that i could have a bit of a look around and see what is on the job front at the moment (not much,wrong time of year i expect) and also partly to let them know what it is like to be short of staff for a change. I have to say the break has helped and i feel a lot better now, just a problem getting my body clock back on track, cannot sleep at night but am knackered during the day. Pam, we will have to arrange to meet up at some time, it is amazing how the time just slips by, my favourite saying at the moment is "it will soon be summer" lol!! Once again, thanks everyone :)
  15. meggy2342000

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, gosh i almost feel like a new member, it has been so long since i was last up to posting. Welcome to all the new members that have joined this happy band. It is now almost 2yrs since my rbk op. :) I have been feeling pretty low just lately, whether this has anything to do with it i don't know. I do know that being very busy at work hasn't helped much and the fact that we were left short of staff over the really busy first week of the sales. So much so that i have decided to look for a new job where hopefully there will be a more organised regime and less selfishness. I was feeling the pressure before xmas (because of the staffing levels, not the actual workload) and i did mention this to my managers, they still took unofficial time off over this busy time, covering for each other. Sorry to moan on, just need to vent. :( Enough of the moaning. I hope you all had a really good xmas, i i wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. :) :) :) Thanks for listening.
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    Taking a Break

    Bye for a while Pat, Best wishes for the new year.
  17. meggy2342000

    IT Support

    Ah, so thats who my hubby was talking to the other night, i thought he was calling the electricity board to report a fault.
  18. meggy2342000

    It's time to explain

    I have plenty of probs with my memory but i can only put them down to 40 something moments. We are here to share
  19. meggy2342000

    It's time to explain

    We are here to give support and understanding to each other. You have posted advice on many occasions and this is greatly appreciated, mistakes are just that. Nobody is perfect.
  20. meggy2342000

    Make Josh`s Day

    Thought i would share this with you all. It is my son Rob in the school production of The Wizard of Oz. He played the scarecrow brilliantly, got the wobbly walk spot on and his singing was great.
  21. meggy2342000

    Make Josh`s Day

    Hope this works, The password worked today. They are lovely pictures. Josh you look really pleased with youself and with every right, well done Debbie, more reasons to be proud of your son.
  22. meggy2342000

    taking a bath

    I use a bathboard to get in and out of the bath, find it really easy. Just make sure that you pull the plug before attempting to get back onto the bath board, just incase you do slip. As already advised i would make sure you bathe when there is someone around that can help, should you need it. One other thing, make sure you are organised and have shower/bath gel, shampoo, soap etc at the side of the bath within easy reach, also towels,talc, bath robes, and of course your limb and limb socks etc within a reachable distance, you don't want to have to over-stretch for anything.
  23. meggy2342000

    Having a bad day

    Hi Kerrie, i don't get much chance to post here these days but i would like to put my two-penn`th worth in here if thats ok. Firstly, i don't really suffer from phantom pain much, more just the pins and needles type buzzing in my stump. At first it bothered me to the point that i would sit and constantly rub my stump, at night it would stop me sleeping, this was so much worse because there is nothing else to think about or to take your mind off it, not sleeping made it worse and so it was a bit of a vicious circle. I was taking Amitryptilene 10mg, i don't know whether these worked as i started taking them immediately after the op and as i said it was not actually pain i was having,after about 8-12 mths i stopped taking them and still never felt anything like some people describe. I do exprience some shock, stabbing type pains, this tends to happen if i am tired or unwell (at the same time as the other once a month discomfort we women have to endure) On the subject of your husband, get him to read the replies to your post, maybe he will see just how much you are suffering if he reads your post and what the others have said in response. It may help him realise that this is real pain you are experienceing, just the same as a lot of amputees experience, not something that is in your imagination, or something that will go away without help of some sort. It is hard for non-amps to understand that we do feel this pain for real, calling it phantom pain doesn't mean it is not real, just that it is coming from a nerve path that no longer exists in reality but is very much alive in the brain. Lastly, i do hope you are feeling a lot better now and that you have found some relief from the phantom pain. :)
  24. meggy2342000

    hello everyone

    Hi everyone, sorry i haven't been around for some time, had lots of problems with the pc (hopefully sorted now) had to re-boot a few times, lost internet connection along with just about everything else . It will take ages for me to catch up, there are quite a few new members since i was last able to look in(hi to you all :) ) I myself am doing fine, finding things a lot easier this year as far as coping with the wet weather is concerned. Looking back to last year i was scared to death to go out if it had been raining, this year i am much more confident and have had no problems at all. I realised that it was the walking stick that was the problem so i gave it up ages ago and haven't looked back since :) . Still a little shakey about facing any ice and snow that may appear but will just have to take it as it comes :( . We are also trying to help out a friend that is going through a really bad patch at the moment and things are very stressful for us as a family, i just hope we have the strength to carry on supporting him for as long as he needs our help. Once things settle down i hope to be able to join in a lot more again, meanwhile i will keep popping in and if i have any relevant advice or input i will post. :) :) :) :)
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    Hi Suzy, here is the picture i took of the handbrake adaption, it is very basic (hubby doesn't like spending money) and as i said he got a friend to make it for him, although it was copied from one he was told to use and DVLA have passed it. I hope this works, i have never posted a photo before and i'm not sure how clear a photo it is. 02_October_2005__2_.max