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    Just a quick work place senario Two woman working 30 hours per week in the same job, one of these is pregnant and gets paid for time off to go to hospital appointments. The other woman is disabled and does not get paid for time off to go to hospital check ups. Is this right, does the pregnant woman have more rights than the disabled woman or is it discrimination. Does anyone have any advice to give me on this, i am not sure of the situation, the staff handbook just says that time off is given at the managers discretion, the area manager has given permission for the pregnant woman to be paid for her time off even tho she has 2 full days off each week and has another day in lieu owing to her, she still insists that she cannot use these days for her hospital check up appointments, yet the one and only time i took a day off to go to my limb centre that wasn't my official day off the pay was taken off me.
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    Well, i have got the situation sort of sorted out. The manager has said he will get the ok for me to be paid for hospital time off. I don't intend using any extra time off unless i have to, i will continue trying to arrange appointments on my days off so it won't be an issue any way but i just wanted a bit of fair play. Thanks for the replies everyone :)
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    Home and Happy

    Hi Carpet Lady Welcome back glad you are doing ok. This is the start of a great new life, make the most relaxing while you can. Any worries just let us know, we will be here for you.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I know i am allowed the time off (albeit with a few discruntled moans and groans) but the last time i couldn't arrange an appointment for my day off the deputy manager put me down as sick so the pay was taken from me. It wasn't until last week when the girl who is expecting was told she would be paid that i started to question things a little. I have now found out that if i take time off sick and it is because of my amputation then it has to be recorded seperately to any other time off sick. I do not know all the ins and outs properly, bit naive on these matters. It just seems that all of the staff can wangle a way of being paid for the time off they are taking (as i call it "illegally) yet i get no such treatment even on the official stuff, so to speak. A lot of naughty stuff going on at the moment between the young managers and staff Thanks Annie , i will email you directly
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    message for PamR

    Sorry to use this as a personal message service but Pam i cannot pm you. It gives a message saying your box is full. Just wondered how you are getting on and how work went for you last week.
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    So sorry i am late with this Sue HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you had a really special day.
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    finances stretched

    Hi Rachel, I reckoned i would never be let out of hospital, not the state my house was in, half way thru decorating the kitchen,(this had become a tipping area by this time), 2 very large steps up to the front of the house, a very small hallway, very small rooms that are not wheelchair friendly, no hand rails anywhere. The only way in for me was to go through the garden shed so, up one step, enter shed, thru shed thru another door, down the garden path, up another step to backdoor, up another step to get into house. I thought i had no chance of getting home until things were more accessible. The physios came to look round the house whilst i was in hospital but didn't tell me their thoughts, they wanted to asses me first. Not to worry tho, the physios went through all the prep with me whilst i was in hospital. They have a mock kitchen, bathroom, stairs etc. I went down a couple of times to practice moving about the obstacles that can be awkward and to practice going up and down stairs. I admit, i also kept on at them about how fit and healthy i was and how i am a very capable person, strongwilled and that i had no intention of staying in hospital any longer than neccessary LOL!!, :) As i did well i was given a home visit after being in hospital for 10 days. Again the physios came with me so they could make sure i was going to be able to cope, not that i had any intention of going back with them, no chance, i was home to stay lol!! The social services had arranged for a second hand rail to be put up my stairs, i would be using crutches in the house and hopping up the stairs. I was given 2 sets of crutches, 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs. A load of small handrails were delivered for us to use in whatever places i felt i needed them. My wheelchair was given to me whilst i was in hospital, this came from a place called Ross Care, free of charge. I was told that someone would come to extend my step off the kitchen door but nobody ever did and i managed fine anyway. A fella also arrived with lifts for the furniture but he didn't have the right type and again i was managing fine so i said not to bother. I was given a step stool for use in the kitchen, this has been a godsend, i used this just as much as the crutches. It is a stool that has 4 adjustable height legs, handles each side of the seat. You can hold onto the handles and hop around and then sit down whenever you need to. I still use it when i do my ironing. I also have a bath board. I did consider asking for a grant to have a shower installed but it seems it can take over a year just to be assessed and then it is means tested, as both myself and my hubby work and our wages put together look pretty good, (although travel costs etc cost us a fortune as my hubby has to travel a lot of miles just to get to work and back, these things are not taken into consideration) i don't stand much chance of being awarded a grant and anyway i am sure there are other people who need help more than i do. Anyway top and bottom is don't worry, you will get most everything you need from either hospital or social services. You just have to make sure you get as much info as possible, ask your physios to help put you intouch with anyone that can help. Don't be shy, you have a right to ask for anything that will help you cope but you do have to keep asking for these things, remember," the squeakiest wheel gets the oil"
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    Whatt happenened to the passt week ??????

    Hi MJ, hope you are feeling better now.
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    Hi Pam, really sorry i am late with this one. Just want to wish you good luck with going back to work, though i know you will be fine. Give yourself chance to settle in properly, expect to feel tired, its par for the course. I will give you a ring at some point, too see how you are doing. We have actually got round to getting some decorating done, had doors off to strip paint, stripped about 30 layers of paint off both windows and doors. I am certain that some of the stuff is from pre-war era. We are over the worst now but having to live in what looks like a bomb site. Thats the penalty for buying a house that is over 100 yrs old i guess.
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    Great affects Muz, Just goes to prove that military men are "always cool under fire" :)
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    I'm New!

    Hi Lynne, bit of a late welcome from me, sorry about that. I haven't been online much this past week or so because i had to turn off the pc whilst we are decorating. You will find that the members here are a mine of information and we are always willing to help in any way we can. We are all at different stages of the same situation, so every base is just about covered. As you have already noticed the sense of humour also plays an important part, where would we be without it :D
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    Quiz Questions

    I know this has nothing to do with amputation but it is driving me crazy. I have been given cryptic clues for a football quiz, can anyone help, i know nothing about football. Each clue is a football teams name from the English and Scottish leagues. Cows like this Satisfied amateur Matt Dillons side kick Scargill & Parky Club I have tried looking at the league tables myself but got knowhere, i need help!!
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    Hi fmc, welcome to the forum. I know everything will go ok for you on Wed, let us kow how you are as soon as you are feeling well and can get to a pc. Best wishes. xxx
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    Happy Birthday Linda

    Another late HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you really enjoyed your day
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    Yet another new member

    Hi Gaza, welcome to the forum from a non biker, non driver but a getting better at walking on a prosthetic limb person. There are plenty of friends here who are always willing to listen, answer your questions, give advice etc... and we have a great sense of humour too. :) :)
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    carpets are dangerous

    Hi carpet lady, welcome to the forum. I cannot add any more than has already been said. Where about in the UK do you live. I live in Cheshire and go to the Wirral Limb Centre based at Clatterbridge Hospital. You said in your last post that as you live in the UK it is a case of you pretty much get what you are given. At this limb centre i am offered a lot of choices and loads of advice on what is available to me,as well as what will suit my needs. I was also given a lot of help and support from the friends on this site, i found information on websites(there are a lot of links to websites in posts on this site) and printed off as much as i needed for each visit i made to the limb centre. I still do this each visit as i am still fairly new to this myself and i would like to try a few more different types of the feet that are offered as well as the cosmesis that are on offer over here. I am not saying i can go along and just demand things but with a little knowledge and a good prosthetist you can have a lot of choices, you don't have to just accept what you are given. I have heard it is a bit of a postcode lottery so maybe i am just lucky to be living in this area. I hope you find all the info you want and remember we are here to help as well. Bye the way i am right, below knee amputee, for just over a year.
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    Hi everyone, sorry this has nothing to do with amputation but i need help,they are driving me mad!!!!!!, i need a bit of advice on which pop up blocker to use. I am having terrible trouble with pop ups at the moment, a lot that i don't wish my son to see <_<. I need a good blocker that isn't going to affect my pc in any bad way. I am not too savvy with these things so i am relying on your advice. I am using Windows XP if this makes any difference, and Norton Anti-virus. Any advice is appreciated Thx <_<
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    Hi Fiona, welcome to the forum. I too am glad you decided to join in. It must be very hard to post such a tragic story as yours and so recent too. I cannot add any more than what has already been said by others, all the advice that is given here has been gleaned from experience so along with what the Drs tell us, we cannot help but grow stronger and more capable with each day that passes. As for your pain meds, if you are not happy with them, go back and ask you Dr for alternatives. I was prescribed Amitryptaline, i had no side effects and no phantom pain. I was also prescribed morphine before my op, partly because i had to get through xmas (i was in terrible pain and could not have got through without help) and partly because my surgeon believed that the less pain you experience before the amp, the less phantom pain after. Of course this is only of benefit when your amp is planned. I started taking the Amitryptaline the day after my op and have just stopped taking it a couple of weeks ago and as yet have still not had any kind of phantom pain. I am sure the other members will post the name of the meds they have been/did take for phantom pain, maybe you could take a few suggestions to the Dr and ask for advice on what might be more suitable for you. Keep us posted on how you are, don't forget we are here whenever you need us, for advice, to vent at or just a chat. A number of us have MSN and Yahoo so if you would like to real-time chat just let me know your details.
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    Hi Mike, welcome to the forum. I am rbk for just over 1yr. I cannot add much more to what others have said. What matters most is that you go at your own pace, don't be rushed. We are all different when it comes to healing and dealing, you will know what is best for you as and when it happens. Keep us up to date on how you are and don't forget we are here to help in whatever way we can.
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    Another one to the group

    Hi Rob, welcome to the forum. I am just over 1yr rbk due to blocked artery(arterial disease). I am sure you will be able to help a great deal on the site, every little bit of advice is valuable to us.
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    New Member

    Hi Paul, welcome to the forum, As you will have realised there are plenty of people here that are always willing to help with advice whenever it is needed. The sense of humour is fantastic and can realy cheer you up if you are on a downer. I see you live in Cheshire too, both PamR and myself live in Cheshire, i live in Chester.
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    Why do the DLA only want to know how a dissability affects you on a flat even surface. I do more walking in places outside where the pavements are uneven, on roads that are full of potholes, slippy surfaces etc. I cannot avoid these places unless i get taxis everywhere(in which case i would need more than the DLA pay) Life would be a whole lot easier if all surfaces we walked on were lovely smooth tarmac but they are not and never will be.
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    New Member

    Hi Ray, welcome to the forum. Sounds like we have the same problem with the arteries. My first blockage came when i was just 26-27 years old, took docs 2 years to realise. They couldn't understand why it had happened as i was far too young, eventually they put it down to high cholesterol levels. Eventually i got gangerene in my toes and a second op to put in a plastic artery failed so i opted for amputation, i was in so much pain, i couldn't stand the thought of yet another op that only had a 10% chance of working. I have been very lucky since my op, no major probs, no phantom pain at all and i still haven't had a fall. I am walking further now than i have for the past 15 years or so. I do have slight probs with the good leg but as yet nothing to worry about as long as i get plenty of exercise to keep the circulation pumping round.
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    My first message

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum, i am sure your experiences will be a really valuable resource to all here. I am glad you found us.
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    New to the group

    Hi Judy and welcome to the forum, We are here to support, empathise and encourage, share a few laughs and vent, don't be shy, join in. I know how the pain can really get to you. I have been an amputee for just over a year now and am getting on really well. I started back to work in September. When i think back to how i coped with the pain (i had gangrene in my toes)it is hard to believe that i battled on and on for ages before going to the Dr and getting something done about it, hindsight would be a great gift. Remember, we are here for you , so whenever the pain gets to you let us know, come on in and have a good old vent, its not scientific and its not a drug but boy it can help.