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    Where to buy suspension sleeves

    I don't buy them, I get them from my limb centre for free. If you google suppliers of suspension sleeves UK then I would think there are a few out there
  2. meggy2342000

    Advice needed

    Hi everyone, once again its been a while since i have posted, my apologies. I really need a few more hours added to the day and a few more days added to the week. I have been lucky enough to be problem free since my rbk over 6yrs ago but now i am having trouble with constant pain that seems to originate from the kneecap area, like toothache running up the front of my thigh.Taking the limb off doesn't help at all.It starts about 10mins after i don my limb and it doesn't make a difference if i am standing or sitting. At my last leg appt (about 1mth ago)my Dr commented on how much the muscle that is used to pad out the end of the bone has dropped and asked if i had any pain because of this, at this point i can honestly say i hadn't.If this is the cause then i take it an operation is needed to tighten things back again. If so how long will i be without my limb afterwards. I have just had a new foot, purely because decided i didn't like how my old one (about 4yrs) looked in sandals. The new foot is only basic with adjustable ankle, could this be the problem. These are the only 2 reasons i can think that may be the cause, has anyone else got any ideas or has anyone suffered with this themselves and been able to get it sorted. I appreciate any advice at all Thanks, Lesley
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    Sea Fishing ***** Charter Boats *****

    Hi Deets, Thanks for posting this. My husband took up beach fishing a couple of years ago, very amateur about it but thoroughly enjoys the odd day out. He may be interested in going out on a boat and this sounds ideal for him. I myself am a BK amp but do enjoy going fishing with hubby, i just sit and watch or relax reading a mag. We live in Chester so we are not too far away, mostly go to Llandudno to fish. We visit Anglesey quite a lot, have family in Holyhead Can you give some idea on prices. Thanks Lesley
  4. meggy2342000

    how did elective amp effect relationships

    Give your man a chance to get used to things. Don't forget he is new to this as well. He already knows you for the person that you are, the amputation shouldn't make a difference but to begin with it will. It took my husband quite a while to open up to me, he still loved me but admitted that he didn't like the look of my stump (hey, i don't think its my best feature either, so why should he). Nothing changed in the relationship though, our sex life is just as good as ever, our social life hasn't changed at all but we did need time to get used to things.
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    Hi From the Wirral

    Hi all, its been a while since i last posted but i am always checking in and catching up. I am doing fine. Its been 6yrs since my op and apart from my fear of ice and snow(don't think i will ever have the confidence with them) i am getting along fine, have the odd blister, still get pins and needles stuff but used to it now but no real probs at all. Just thought i would give an answer to those who are wondering about W The Wirral is a place in the north of England. In between Cheshire and Liverpool on the Cheshire side of the River Mersey. I live in Chester not too far away. I expect this Bill uses Clatterbridge, Wirral Limb Centre as i do.
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    You Tube

    Hi everyone, it has been ages since i had anything to post but reckon you all deserve a bit of a laugh. I have been "U-tubed" My son auditioned for a TV show called "Don't Forget The Lyrics". The show has already done very well in America and a few other countries and has now been recorded for the UK, hosted by the very funny Shane Richie The format of the show is sort of Karaoke meets Who wants to Be a Millionaire. The more lyrics you get right the more cash you win. My son went through a series of auditions and eventually recorded his part of the show at the end of Feb. Myself and a friend of my sons went down to London with him as his "back ups", he would chose one of us to help him if he so needed. I never really expected him to chose me (i don't do Karaoke even after a few too many beers, i just cannot sing ) but hey, he did chose me and i helped him win. If my link works it is a clip of the show, you have to watch for a short while before you see Rob and myself, you will first see Rob about 17 secs into the clip and again about 1.45 secs in, then you see me around about 2.48 secs in, i helped him with lyrics to the Carpenters song "Mr Postman" Luckily you don't hear me sing tho, you will have to watch the show itself for that much of a laugh. The series starts on Sky 1 in May, Rob actually appears over 2 weeks, the first is to be shown on June 29th and the second on the following week July 6th. This is the link to the clip, hope it works
  7. meggy2342000

    blisters on stump

    Hi, it seems Compeed do not distributeto the USA. Attached to the email was a list of countries they do distribute to, hope this is useful to some members. Mmarie, you may be able to order online. Austria Belgium Croatia Cyrus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Lithuania Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey (soon) UK
  8. meggy2342000

    blisters on stump

    Hi mmarie I googled Compeed and from what i found it seems they could be UK based only. I emailed and asked if they were available any where else, i will let you know if i get any response. I do know that the plasters are available from Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury's along with other big retail stores, so maybe if you have any of these stores near you could enquire to see if they can get them in stock.
  9. meggy2342000

    blisters on stump

    Hi everyone, If your blisters are just friction blisters then try compeed blister plasters, they are geat, not only do they help heal they have a jel that forms and pads the blistered area so you can carry on wearing your limb.
  10. meggy2342000

    The Question Game

    Had to answer the Bank hol Q As i work in retail i am afraid i think it is unfair as we shop workers have to work on these particular days whilst those who are off don't use the day as a holiday but as an extra day to shop. Its a case of you cannot please everyone all of the time. It won't be long before all shops are allowed to open 24/7. If at interview for jobs you don't agree to be fully flexible to cover then it goes against you. I am not against Bank Holidays but lets make them Public Holidays and give everyone the day off. St George's day, April 23rd, should be made a Public Holiday, at least in England Do you shop mainly on the high street or online
  11. meggy2342000

    feeling down

    Hey Paul , this is the first time i have heard you so down, your usually right chirpy. I know it gets you down when you are sore, there is nothing worse, once you are sorted i hope you get back to normal pretty quick. PM me whenever (( :) hugs)) Lesley xx
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    Hi everyone Being in retail i am working Good Fri but i do get 2 days off for doing so, hopefully i will take them the following week making that one a really short week. Sunday will be spent at home with hubby and son, cooking dinner, washing up and then being as lazy as possible for the rest of the day.
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    Back to the topic, hope i can paste the pic, if not just google image "combats" To "combat" the problem of trousers covering large sockets try these. I wear them a lot, whether you take the trousers over the limb first or whether you pull the trouser up to take the limb off these work. I found that most trousers crease up awful if you have to pull them up over the limb, with combats it doesn't matter, they look great creased up. Combats are very fashionable over here in the UK, they come in a whole load of various styles and colours. Some styles have pull thru string around the bottom, so you can pull them up over the limb and tighten up the string to keep the trouser leg above your limb when you are showing your prosthetist how the limb fits, how you are getting on with your gait etc... others have the zip off bottom of the leg, so you don't have to take your trousers off at all and you don't have to take shorts to change into. They are exceptionally versitile trousers and very comfy to wear.
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    what about this idea, if you have a spare limb
  15. meggy2342000

    The journey has now begun

    Hi Anne Although i don't post very often these days, i have followed your story. The "journey" is now taking a different road from the one you first posted about, this one you can enjoy. There will still be lots of new things experience, ups and downs will come and go but the downs get fewer and further apart. Well done to you and all of your familly for staying so very strong throughout.
  16. meggy2342000

    another newbie

    Hi Raven, welcome to the forum. This is the place for asking questions, venting, laughing, crying, whatever you feel, there will always be a response cos everyone is so supportive. Keep us updated on how things are going. My hubby is from Durham, Framwellgate, he moved down here to Chester in the 70's (never lost his lovely accent tho) :)
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    The Real Bionic Woman

    I saw this on BBC News this morning, there is a video clip on their news site as well. It does mention that they are hoping to apply the technology to artificial legs. There is a guy featured who has two of these arms fitted, for about a year i thinks he says.
  18. meggy2342000

    Walked for the first time in 3mths and 2 days

    Patience really is a virtue. In a few weeks you will be able to wear your limb for as long as you want but only if you are patient now. It does take time to learn how to wear your limb to suit you and be comfortable with it. The adding and taking away of socks is something you can only learn as you go along, you will soon notice the signs and realise you need to add one or take one away. With your first limb your residual limb limb shrinks quite a lot, not only because it is still healing from the surgery it has been thru but also because of all the every day things you will be now able to do, also the temperature can make you residual shrink. All these can make a difference on a daily basis as well as thru the 24 hr period, in the morning you may only need 1-2 socks, lunch time after some activity you may need to add a sock or two, evening when you are resting you might need to take one away. Each day is different but you soon get to know your own needs. Good luck
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    Are you happy

    I have never had any major probs with any of my limbs, only ones due to my residual shrinking very quickly and then having to wear lots of socks. If i call my limb centre to make an appointment i have always been given one within a couple of days and at a time to suit me. My prosthetist always takes his time when he sees me and always tells me to take my limb home, use it for a few days and call to let him know how things are going with it, if i have any probs i am to call straight away. I am very happy with both my treatment and my limbs from the NHS, no complaints at all so far. I would much rather use my money for holidays etc.
  20. meggy2342000

    New Game

    Sorry that should be Digital camera, duh!
  21. meggy2342000

    New Game

    48 Shoe horn 49 Digital camers 50 Internet
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    Sons Exam Results

    Hi everyone, just wanted to tell everyone how proud we are of our 16yr old son Robert. He got his GCSE results today, he has done really well, 5 B's, 3 A's and an A*. Great results to take him forward into 6th form and on to uni. :)
  23. meggy2342000

    Sons Exam Results

    Thanks everyone, he is a lovely lad, a proper charmer. This is him the day he officially left school, although he is going on to further education.
  24. meggy2342000

    Sons Exam Results

    Thanks everyone, he is a lovely lad, a proper charmer. This is him the day he officially left school, alhtough he is going on to further education.
  25. meggy2342000

    Marilyn's Absense

    Marilyn, i am so sorry to hear this sad news, my deepest sympathy for you and your family. xxx