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  1. dr2smile

    any filipno amputees here?

    :P just looking for someone whom i can ask for help or a referral to a good prosthetist here in the philippines,ill be on my 9th year being an amputee this aug, this is my 5th socket todate im still in agony of pain that i get wearing this suction socket esp on the groin area, i tried placing a band aid, talcum powder petroleum jelly, nothings works.NOw i cant decide what i should get a pin lock system or again a suction socket...Help! :(
  2. dr2smile

    any filipno amputees here?

    HI, just wondering is there any filipino amputees here? :)
  3. dr2smile

    waterproof cover

    Sheila, Yep im anticipating that it will float once i get in the water, will try to use it for the meantime..while i still dont have a swim leg..About the stares i will get hmm ;) ..let them stare i dont care as long as i enjoy the beach.. :D I cant wait to use them and see the beach after long 9years..Godbless and thanks for the info.
  4. dr2smile

    waterproof cover

    JohnnyV, Thanks a lot i appreciate youre help..anyhow ill try to contact them and ship it back to usa..thanks..God Bless
  5. dr2smile

    waterproof cover

    JOhnny V., Thanks for the info. you are right functionality is formost concern that we amputees should look into but it never hurts to have it look lifelike..But im not exagerrating the length of the foot is as twice the size of my prothetic foot..any idea how should i go about it?thing im worried is i might step on the excess latex and make it difficult for me to walk on the beach..need ur advise..thanks again..
  6. dr2smile

    waterproof cover

    I got the cast cover just today and cant wait to try it...but what i've noticed is the length of the foot is too big..twice as big as my prosthetic foot..if i get the medium it will compromise the length of the leg..hmm was thinking of tucking in the excess length inside.. will see how it works otherwise will send it back.And another thing i wish they have it in skintone.. :P
  7. dr2smile

    waterproof cover

    Hi sueflay, i have ordered one already, will keep u posted if it really works. I'll be using my regular leg with the waterproof cover and will see what will happen. Yep my leg is covered with fake skin (foam which is coated) but would want to try silicone cover someday.Is ur leg covered with what? Thanks
  8. dr2smile

    waterproof cover

    Has anyone ever tried a waterproof cover?I saw the website of xerosox..has anyone tried it?If so how was it? thanks.
  9. dr2smile


    Hi im an AKA for 8 yrs now and I got my rotator a year ago and it really made a big difference..esp when im out shopping for shoes and pants, no need to take the whole prosthesis which is a big hassle for me.I got one exactly like the picture postedby hiphop.And i got it 50% off from my prosthetist.. :P
  10. dr2smile

    They moved my surgery up!

    hi jdd, dont worry all of us here will pray for your successful operation and fast recuperation...Dont forget to pray. God Bless, Dee :)
  11. dr2smile

    Hi I am new at this

    Hey tara..Im dee im a right aka for almost 8 yrs now and im having the same difficulities. In regards with weight the only thing i can advise you is keep on moving...dont stay on that chair for long.And like what liliquoi said "drink lots of h2o" not it will help you loose weight but will be good for your system too..Now the ever irritating "phantom pain" it makes my sleep difficult coz its like a sharp shooting pain and makes the stump tremble with so much pain..well i told my doc about it and prescribed a vitamins which will help ease the pain and vitamins as well for the nerves,ask your doctor about it...i asked him for how long will i endure this kind of phantom pain..he said it will take too many years for the cut sheath of nerve to be covered up.. anyhow i think we get this pain due to tiredness and stress..so what i can advise you is try to exercise ur stump like they taught us back in rehab to relax the muscle and a warm compress will help ease the pain...Hope i been a help... Smile, Dee :)
  12. dr2smile

    new here

    Hi :) At last found a great site...Its been long i kept looking for one..Im an AKA for 8yrs now(thank God!) So i was hoping i can meet new friends here and share good informations..thanks very much..Your Reach should always exceed your Grasp! Smile :D