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    Above knee right leg amputation
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    11th February 2004
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    Car Accident in Spain
  1. lynda

    decision has been made

    Hi Ethan Best of luck for the operation will be thinking of you. I am Right AKA since Feb this year all a bit new to me still anyway regards driving It doesnt take long to get used to the driving. I went for a days assesment driving and have had a pedal conversion that cost me £320. it allows both me and my husband to drive the car, you just flip down the pedal you need left or right of the brake. Having my car is the nearest thing to getting back to normal for me so far this year I really enjoy it. All the best Lynda
  2. lynda

    Soon to be RAK

    Hi Brain Just wanted to say all the best and stay strong you will heal so much quicker!!! I lost my right leg above knee in January after a car accident in Spain, I went for my first fitting this week and now feel that I am coming out of the other end of the tunnel, things are getting better day by day. keep in touch will be thinking of you 11th May. Best wishes Lynda
  3. lynda


    Hello MY name is Lynda and I had my right leg amputated above the knee in February after a car accident in Spain. I spent six weeks in hospital in Spain before being transferred to Southampton. I am 40 and I know they say life begins at forty but I never quite expected it to be like this! The support of my friends and family (and fantastic husband) have got me this far and I am looking forward to some support and advice from those in a similar situation. I have my first physio session tomorrow and as me and excercise dont get on this should be fun. looking forward to hearing from you. lynda