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    right below knee
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    blood clot due to diabetes
  1. christine leigh

    Hi from another newie

    Hi to all you lovely (and some crazy!!) people Thanx for all your replys, I know I will have thousands of questions for you, but you have helped already just by the warm welcome. PamR my thoughts and heart go out to you, use them to gain strength. 'A Day' is 'A Day Forward' xx Lol Chris Liverpool UK PS 2.28am and 7.54am replies - crazyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY times!!
  2. christine leigh

    Hi from another newie

    Hi to everyone :D to JohnnyV for helping to me to do this!! I am so glad to have found you all (sounds like a song!) Thanks to all of you out there I don't feel alone anymore, Thanx Chris