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  1. jdd

    Emotionally drained

    Lynne, I am saying prayers for you and yopur family and sending positive energy! I have been where you are, and it stinks! But the good news is it does get better. Hugglez, Janet
  2. jdd

    Happy Birthday jdd and HipHop

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, they mean a lot! Sorry I haven't been posting much, but all my neurological disorders have had me in and out of hospitals for the past year! Thankfully things are doing a bit better there! Again, thanks to all! Janet
  3. jdd

    Baywatch Campaign

    I have been fighting some neurological factors that make me dizzy, so I'm in my wheelchair...a lot more than before. Anyway, my husband works for an Air conditioning company, and our vehicle is his work truck. We pull into a handicapped space and get all kinds of glares. The best one was an elderly gentleman who was getting in my husbands face about using a handicapped space. My husband told him my wife uses a wheelchair, he replied with I just bet she does! Well my husband then took the chair out of the truck bed and wheeled it around to get me settled in and the gentleman was still huffing (Probably thinking I had to legs so I could still get into the store after put in my chair) and when he saw clearly that I only had one leg, he uttered an appolgy under his breath and walked off with his wife chastizing him about confronting someone without seeing if they truly needed the space. So this swings both ways really. Evidently he didn't think we could legally use that space, since we got there before he did, and I have experienced folks waiting for us, as many of us have donestated doing, only to find out that even though the truck was driven by someone able bodied, the passenger need the assistance of the space in question. Since then I look carefully before confronting someone! Just my 2 cents on the subject. Janet
  4. jdd

    Baby Steps

    I know just what you mean Ed! I have 2 grandsons (7 and 20 mos respectively) and they are my joy! I have gotten better at picking them up, but prefer them in my lap for a good snuggle! The smallest one just likes to sit in my lap and play and sits there rubbing my stump....it's the most amazing and touching feeling I can ever have the pleasure of experiencing! The older boy has just discovered running having mastered walking, and gets dissapointed when I cannot chase after him, and I rememeber doing that with my kids and it hurts that I have limitations on being a grandma but I still wouldn't change anything about it. The boys are learning that it's okay to be different, and that is a huge lesson to be learned, even harder for the adults that see us out and about.... Getting of my soap box now, hope everyone is having a great weekend! Janet
  5. I know I haven't replied to anything in a long time, but I have been lurking on days that I feel well. This past June I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Psuedotumor Cerebri...well long story short..after 20-30 spinal taps, I have had 3 brain surgeries 2 to place shunts into my brain, and 1 to remove the first one after a very bad infection on it landed me in the hospital in Dec. for 9 days and I almost died....but that's another story... So between all of those factors, I have been veiwing everyday that I have been able to get to the computer. This forum has saved me as well as I am staring at my 1st year annv. date of April 28th since I had my leg amputated. Hope everyone is well...best wishes! jdd
  6. jdd

    James Bond is backk ??????????????

    I know I haven't posted for a while, but I watch the story lines...I think it's great you started another Bond story mj...keep up the good work!! Hugs, jdd
  7. Thanks for all your encouragement! Yes, I do limit the amount of time that I am on the leg, and take breaks when needed. I hurt so badly after the 2nd day, that I took a day off, and found that helped me tremendously. I go to see my pros. today, so will see what he says, also I have noticed that the foot rolls inwards, which may be agravating things as well. I go to see my Ortho on the 10th and will be getting my PT set up at that time. The funniest thing? I have always been short (5'2") but I never felt so tall! :D Janet
  8. Well I was blessed with my first leg yesterday! I actually walked (slowly of course!) out of the office! My leg guy said that I made his day, and that noone had ever done that in that office before! Wore my leg for about 5 hours, then rested for the evening. What my question is is this...how many of you experienced knne pain after? My good leg's knee is killing me! Not pain so much as aching. It really let me know about it when I put my leg on today for about 3 hours. I have only been walking in the house, just to the restroom, the computer, and my recliner..not pushing it. I have been keeping it up and wrapped this evening and appling ice even though I have had no heat or swelling in it. I can understand my "short" legs knee aching since it hasn't supported any weight in 2 years.... Is this common? Here's my pic from yesterday taking my first steps! Janet
  9. jdd

    Make Josh`s Day

    Deb and Josh, Wishing nothing but the best for you. Have a speedy but uneventful recovery! Janet
  10. jdd

    Hi All!

    Hi Everyone, I know that I have been away for awhile, but I have been quite withdrawn from everything and everyone lately. I developed an interesting problem...it would seem that my body was rejecting the Vicryl sutures that are done inside and dissolve on their own. Every single one of the have become infected and have been popping up thru my amp scar. Basically, everything was opening up on it's own! So I have been put on very potent antibiotics, have been told to keep my stump elevated, wash with antibacterial cleanser, leave it to air out, and change the dressings 2 to 3 times per day. It's so dang hard! Here I am back to sitting in my easy chair watching the world go by....so at this point the depression set in, big time. Ijust sit and watch TV and that's about it. Insomnia is terrible, and I don't hardly get on the computer but maybe once every 10 days or so, read my mail...and go back to my chair... My Doctor has upped my 2 antidepressants that I am on, that seems to help a bit. But I saw the dreams thread that was going...I have been having vivid dreams of being "2 legged" again, as well as the accident I was in and all 8 surgeries that have been performed on my foot/leg in 18 mos. Even the breast cancer scare and lumpectomy surgery have come back in vivid detail! Well the antibiotics are kicking in and the infection seems to be leaving (after 4 weeks of this I should hope so!) and as soon as it's cleared up, I should be able to start on my fittings for my first socket. I still have been shrinking quite well despite the infection and am in a smaller shrink sock than before. My Personal life has been okay,aside from depression....but I have been also talking to my Docotr about the Vision problems I have been experiencing, like all of a sudden one eye will go completely black...can't see, then within about 2 minutes it fades in...or just goes all fuzzy, then clears after a minute or so. Man I am so sick of these health problems! Anyway...just wanted to say hey to everyone and hope you are all doing well... Sending you all my Fondest Regards Janet
  11. jdd

    Another newbie

    Welcome Marie! Great group of people here, and as for questions...fire away! I'm 42, and had my amputation after 6 failed surgeries due to a car accident so I can relate! My surgery was on April 29th, so you are only a couple of weeks ahead of me. I'm still going through the shrinker sock phase, and am going to my surgeon today, due to a possible infection. Sounds like we have a lot in common! For me a quick cure for the blues is my Grandson! But aside from that I like to meditate, listen to music, or get on my scooter and go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air. We are still very newly post-op. Don't beat yourself up, or be in too much of a hurry. As others here will tell you getting too far ahead of yourself can result in set backs. I have had to put in my head that I will only get one chance to heal right, so I will take my time to assure I am completely healed, even though I want to get up and run! You see I have had nothing but surgeries since my accident 2 years ago and have been in a wheelchair all this time. So for me it's more of a what's another few weeks? Ya know? Keep asking those questions!
  12. jdd

    Thank You

    Oh MY LILI!!! You surely have been having a tough go there. Please know that you are in both my hearts and prayers. Get that much needed rest and come back to us strong! Love to ya hon! "DeeDee"
  13. jdd

    How can I help

    I can't say anything more than what the others have said. Have her come and check out the forum, I did for a bit before I posted. After reading some of the stories, and seeing the out pouring of support, friendship and love...well I knew I was in the right place,as aside from my immediate Family I really had no one else to talk to....to let me know that this too was nothing more than just a beginning for me. The beginning of a new life for me, and learning to accept myself for who I am...sometimes the hardest lesson of all! I myself just had my surgery done for my RBK amputation just a month ago, and I can somewhat understand what she is going through. I would love if she would come and post, I can always be a pen-pal to her too... Hope to hear from you very soon! Janet
  14. jdd

    Liscense to chill...

    mj, You ( borrowing a quote from Finding Nemo here)...so totally rock! Not only am I a secret agent, but up against you one on one..oooooh. I have had a terrible week but you have made me laugh til I cry and wear the biggest smile since....well since a long time ago! Thanks my friend! (wub yas!) Can't wait to see how I tick slushy off next ...hehehehe P.S. Judy for food service and Doggie as Q...I second both!!
  15. jdd

    Liscense to chill...

    Ok ok...but who's gonna be "Q" and make all the special weapons and stuff?? Huh? Huh? I'll be awaiting the next chapter.......