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    Nature: gardening, birds; doing crafts; cooking for familie and friends; watch the sun setting on the Lake Michigan with my husband; romantic music; reading anything about World War II, American Indians and Slavary. Spend time playing with my dog Kiss and my two grandsons.

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  1. I found a solution for phantiom pain!! incredible I had it for 5 days and I was really getting angry..my doctor sent me to get a shrinker and it worked !!

  2. greenthumb

    how do I deal with this???

    Eric, I checked your pictures, They were amazing!!! You have been to some beautiful places, haven't you. I read all our friends advices and there is only one thing to say... I lost my mother a month before they took my leg. I could not go to Brazil, to see her one more time, because I was in the hospital... Try to focus on what you CAN DO NOW, then on what you WANT TO DO LATER. Everything has its time and place. ;)
  3. greenthumb

    I have lost it & I am not sure I can recover

    Very sorry you sent away the one you really wanted near, sometimes we feel so mad and hurt...that we maybe act as if we don't care... You still have a chance to say you are sorry... at least to explain yourself, your crazy behavior to him, don't let pride stops you. If he loves you he will hear your call, and understand... if he doesn't love you anymore, you better off without him. At least you can say later on that you have tried. If you think your life is bad...take a look around.
  4. greenthumb

    Amputee Fights Back

    :P Dumb dumdum dumb-dummy...what a silly! :lol: Hey by the way, what is a water leg? I have never heard of it. I will be calling my guy on Monday. Man if I can just get in the water with it!!!wow, Summer would not be so bad!
  5. greenthumb


    I hope you know what you are doing. Tatoos don't look so great after your skin ages. ;)
  6. greenthumb

    missing someone

    Thank you guys, what would I do without you all? Dea :(
  7. greenthumb

    missing someone

    My dearest friends, It took me almost a year to be able to have the guts to respond and thank all of your wonderful words. So many things have happened since last time I had posted here. I felt sad, hurted and didn't feel like talking to anyone, about my brother, as if I didn't think about it, it didn't happened. I kept checking some of your posted notes, here and there, but didn't feel like getting "involved", if you know what I mean? I want to let you all know how much your words of understanding, some poems, (so amazing beautiful), kept me going...For all the love you gave me when I needed most, I thank you Dea
  8. greenthumb

    A Blue Christmas

    Hi Cheryl, I am sorry about your Christmas. I am so moved by your pain. Don't waste your time with your brother in law anymore. Face it, you will never win him over so just be fair and polite when near him. Give your time and friendship to those who deserve them Love and God be with you Dea
  9. greenthumb

    Somebody Stop Me!

  10. greenthumb

    missing someone

    Last Tuesday around 11:40 pm, I was awake by the sound of my telephone. Still half sleeping I answered it..after a simple hello??? My world turned up side down. My brother's daughter was crying and saying over and over: "he is dead, my daddy is dead ..." I thought I was having a nightmare. Twice later on I got the same news. Again, I was facing something horrible on my own. My husband is working away from home, my daughters live far away too. Next morning I was informed that they were going to bury him later on in the afternoon. There wasn"t any time for me to say good-bye, to see him one more time... I am going to Brasil next May 10th. Hopefully I had already got stronger to face visiting cemitery, take care of his business etc. I have not been myself yet, I miss him so much...the thoughts of our childhood, our family together etc, pups up in my head, for any reason and without any warnings...it comes so fast and with them come down the tears... How can I face his kids without breakdown in tears!!! Sorry but I felt I should tell you all about it and I know you will understand me. Dea
  11. greenthumb

    Happy Birthday

  12. greenthumb

    An amputees mum

    Dear Anne I agree with you, I wish I had known about this site also before 9 years had passed since my amputation. Maybe you can spread the news while you are at places that you see the need of it. I tell all the people who works with amputees or who are amputees themselves about this heaven place. Dea
  13. greenthumb

    Scary Journey

    .Hi Vicky, I am glad you have joined us. I want to ask you to see if they can save your knee, ask your doctor to try to save it if it can be saved. I drive an automatic with my left foot. It is fine. I went to the DMV and got another drivers licence. I don't remember if I took a test or not though. I got a special license plate for parking on handcaped space. You will feel better sleeping with a pillow by your leg. It is amazing how you will miss that part of your body, most of all if you like to sleep on your sides... If you start feeling sad, discouraged, etc, write down your thoughts, later on you will see how much you travel toward your sucess when you compare the notes . Don't forget that each day will bring you closer to face life as it is, full of surprises. If you need any help from another amputee, feel free to reach out for any of us. We all have open mind and arms Dea
  14. greenthumb

    An amputees mum

    Hi Anne, I was reading all the great advices the rest of our "family members" were giving to you and the last one, Afet's. said it all. "Victoria will get through this, especially with you by her side '' I am also a right above knee amputee whom just 20 days after amputation was sent home, where the only one to help me was a nurse aid who would come everyday to give me a bath, check my stump, change my bed, take my temperature then leave. It was only for about 10 days. My husband had to go to work, my little girl would go to school and I would stay all day long looking at the walls. If I want to eat, drink etc, I had to help myself. I don't have any relative here in this wonderful country and since I had just moved from one state to another, I didn 't have anyone to call for help. All my husband's relatives lived 3 hours away and after all they are my husband's / I am tell you this, not for you to feel sorry for me, but for your daughter to be grateful that she has you. You know something, for the first time I am glad my mom wasn't alive to be where you are now. Hope Victoria will drop the medication that turns her into a zombie and face the sun rise tomorrow with a smile of selfsure. dea
  15. greenthumb


    Hi Jack. Welcome to this Unique Family, where the members are all over this planet. Like you , I also lost my leg (right above knee) because of the use of heparin. I spent almost a year and four months, having too many surgeries to repair the arthery of my leg, cleaning it from the clots..just to have the clots back almost imediatly after having put on heparin..Big missing clue, why my arthery was cloting!!! The mistake the doctors have been making with the use of heparin is huge and for the love of God, I don't understand how come so many doctors don't know about it, nor they admit making the mistake, once they had happened and report to their Medical Jornal!!!. I was in Brazil, talking to some doctors who are well informed and they all knew the risk of using heparin, so they run a kind of test before put it inside someone's vein.\ So sorry to hear it is still happening to others. Keep your head up and things will get better. Dea