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  1. LARRY

    Botox injections to decrease sweat?

    Hi everyone ;) Just to say about the Protex Liners I have been wearing them for a number of year's now. They are similar texture to a tissue, and are disposable at a push you could maybe wash them but very gently. They prevent perspiration on the skin. Therfore helping your sump to feel cooler on hot days's ha ha :D :D They did stop making them for some time. But are now back in production :) Ask your NHS Disablement Services, they should be able to provide them for you Kind regards everyone Larry
  2. LARRY

    Sooo Frustrated

    Hi Ann :D Sorry to hear you are still having problems :( I know and understand how you feel. I have had a artrificial leg for 44 years, but the last 10years or so have been very uncomfortable. Similar problems to yourself, when you have had a artificial leg for so long your stump shrinks and the muscles deteriate(sorry I know spelling is wrong). My prosthestist like your self has tried different types. I even tried another limb centre with a different consultant, but to no avail. The NHS are all tarred with the same brush, and stick together. So I didn't get anywhere with them suggesting the same as my local limb centre, eg amputate by about 6inches and build muscle arround remaining stump, but there was no guarantee that would work, so I could be worse off than what I am now. Summertime wasn't to bad especially when the warm weather was here. But now that it is getting cooler the old problems are back again. I have thought about going private, but do not know of any private limb centres in the North of England or Scotland. Sorry to moan, bit I know you understand. Be strong, don't give in, keep at them :lol: Larry
  3. LARRY

    Pressure spot any advice

    Hi :) I understand how you must feel. When you have problems with your stump for whatever reason, you feel so frustrated and miserable. You try doing thing like extra socks, making holes in socks where pressure area is, blister plasters, cotton wool, you name it. But 9 times out 10 it will not work. The only thing left is rest :( I now have a pair crutches, and after many years of trying to be brave and trying to walk when it it hurts I realise I should have got the crutches a long time ago. Ihope you enjoy your holiday and that you get your leg sorted before you go away. Regards Larry
  4. Hi everyone ;) At present I wear a disposable liner with my stump sock, they are very good as they absorb persperation away from the stump, stopping sores etc. I have been advised by my DSC that their supplier do not make them anymore. Does anyone know of a supplier that makes these or anything similar. Look forward to hearing from you LARRY
  5. LARRY

    Holding onto old prosthesis

    Hi everyone :D Even though I have had a artificial leg for 44 years I have always kept a spare artificial leg. You always need to have a backup. If you havn't see your prosethitist to get you one. Also have a good supply of liners stumps socks etc regards Larry
  6. LARRY


    Hi everyone ;) I cannot see why it is such a problem for a amputee to have crutches. I have had a artificial leg now for 44 years, and have never had crutches apart from when I first had the amputation and I was given crutches. I am having problems with my stump\artificial leg at the moment and thought it would be a good idea to have some crutches to help me get about a bit better and take some of the pressure off my artificial leg. I mentioned this to my prosthetist and they got someone from physio to come and have a chat with me. They arranged for me to have a appointment to show me how to walk with them and I was given a pair very easily. :) Surely if it enables us to get about a bit better and therefore making our lives a bit easier how can they refuse. Stick to your guns folks ;) Larry
  7. LARRY


    Hi Everyone :D Hope you are well :lol: Just to update you on my continuing saga with the problems regarding getting a leg to fit me properly. I will give you a quick brief on background info. I have had a problem getting a leg to fit me for approx 9 years now. The prosthetist has tried various types of legs but has been unsucessful. My stump us very bony and the bone at the bottom of the stump is very sensitive and I cannot stand any pressure on the bttom at all. My prosthestist has always been able to accomodate this, but over the years with my stump getting thinner they can't seem to get a leg to fit. I had a specitalist have a look at my stump approx May of last year, and he suggested possibley having surgery. After a long wait to see my DSC Dr which took until August, he suggested surgery. But it would involve amputating by approx 6" :( This petrified me at the thought. Anyway he said he would like to get a 2nd opinion so he arranged for me to see another Dr at another DSC, which took until January05. I suggested trying the prosthestist at his DSC but he said they could not offer anything different to what I had tried already. I was also advised that amputation by this 6" would be advisable. I asked him the chances of this operation being a success and he said a very good chance. But there could be a chance it would not heal :( Apparently when you have had a amputation for a long time, the circulation is not to good, but he though I would be OK because hairs were on the stump). Apparently it would involve a plastic surgeon who would have to make muscle at the bottpm of the stump to cover the bone. He is writing back to my own DSC doctor and he is advising surgery. I do not now what to do :( My stump to look at has no marks, only this bone problem at the bottom which has always been there. It aches when I walk, with being so thin. Surely there must be some type of artificial leg somewhere that would be suitable without the option of having to go under the knife. I feel in the NHS, they cover each other backs and do not give you definite responses. Sorry to be a moan, but it is on my mind all the time, as soon as I wake up in the morning, and it is nice to be able to contact people who understand. Take care all Larry
  8. LARRY

    'cushioning' under the bone

    Hi everyone :D I have had my right leg amputed since I was 2 years old I am now forty...... I was informed when I was a child, that I would probably have to go into hospital to have the bone at the bottom of my stump shortned. This never happened, and I know now that this is the reason I have been having problems getting a leg to fit comfortably. My stump has always been thin and bones are showing in most areas. But the reason why I can't seem to get a leg to fit is because of the bone at the bottom of my stump. My doctor at DSC is in the process of getting me transferred to another DSC for a 2nd opionion this has now taken 3 months and I am still waiting. His idea was to amputate my stump by another 6" I am absolutely petrified at that thought. I was told by a specialist that saw me in May, that they can use laser treatment now to shorten the bone. Which I think I could stand but to amputate ahhhhh!!! Surely in this day and age someone somwhere must have some idea that does'nt have to involve going under the knife :( Take care all Larry
  9. LARRY


    Hi everyone :lol: Hope you are all keeping well :lol: Just to give you a update, I had a lovely holiday in the South of France 90 degrees every day. My stump felt the best it has for a long time. But now I am back at home and 30 degrees less. The old problems are back, with having such a thin stump, the bones are aching, and my leg feels very uncomfortable, and I am unable to walk any great distance. I saw the doctor at DSC approx 8 weeks ago and he said he was going to refer me to another doctor at DSC in another area, as yet back to the same old story I have not heard anything Typical NHS I will keep you updated Kind regards to you all LARRY
  10. LARRY

    What do you do in the shower??

    Hi everyone :lol: Having just returned from my holidays in the South of France, by the way was absolutely brilliant B) When booking the hotel I did ask for a bath but when we arrived they kindly upgraded our room to a suite FOC. Being a below knee amputee The only thing was the bathroom had no bath only a shower as you can imagine I was very nervous about using one, as I once fell in a shower. But fortunately their was a stool in the bathroom, so when showering I put the stool inside, with another chair outside the shower, and took my time getting in and out. I managed fine but I must admit I find a bath more managable. My limb centre have supplied me in the past with a water proof sleeve that I could put over my artificial leg, so I could stand but I think it still could be quite dangerous. Happy showering everyone ;) LARRY
  11. LARRY


    Hi everyone :D Thank you for your replies I will keep in touch I am off too Southern France now for my Hols so at least I will have some sunshine for a while B) Thanks for caring Larry
  12. Hi everyone :) Just to update you, after a long wait after seeing the specialist and then having to wait another 3 months to see the Rehab Doctor regarding the report from the specialist. I had a x-ray 3 weeks ago and have seen the Rehab Doctor last week. The x-ray advised the Doctor there was nothing abnormal about my stump I was informed that the specilaist report did not give a advice on a different method of artrifical leg or advice what to do next. All was said would advise a x-ray and also a 2nd opinion. Apart from petrifying me and saying the possibility of amputating my stump by approx 6" ( I have a very thin stump and bone very near bottom), and that their would be no guarantee this would work :( Then the suggestion was made to have a second opinion from another Doctor,in another region to see if there was another alternative. I feel very frustrated and depressed I try not to be, in the summer my stump does not feel too bad, but now the cooler weather is hear I can feel the bones on my stump hitting the socket and is very uncomfortable I mentioned this to the Doctor but I dont think the Doctor understands. I think I should go and live somehere that has red hot sun :P Take care all Larry
  13. LARRY


    Hi everyone :P Just to give you a update, after trying to get in touch with my Doctor at DSC for nearly 3 weeks, and only being able to speak to his secretary. My calls not being returned all I wanted to know was had he received the specialists report and what to do next. Still no reply As you can imagine it was 3 months since I saw the specialist and as you can appreciate at the moment I am thinking all kind of things. Operation to shorton the bone :( Possibilty of being sent to another limb centre :( or worse still not being able to do anything :( I wake up at night thinking about what might happen :( I eventually wrote to the Doctor and the following day i received a letter in the post apologising, he assumed a appointment had been made. I have a appointment to see the Doctor in 3 weeks time another wait I have had a x-ray on my stump this week which the doctor will discuss at my appointment :( Sorry to moan again ;) take care all Larry
  14. LARRY

    NHS Limb Centres

    Hi Muzz Yes I agree it would be good to have some knowledge of the various types of artrificial legs that are available. But it is upto the professionalism of the the prosthetist to advise you which would be suitable for you. Also be advised it is not sometimes the type of leg you have, but the correct making of the leg from the prosthetist to do the fitting correctly then onto the technician who then makes the leg. All the best to you Regards Larry
  15. LARRY

    advice needed - again

    Hi Anne I understand how you feel being the same as yourself going to the DSC and having various different types of legs made nearly as many as a centapead :D for the past 8 years. Surely it would be worth their while to try a more expensive leg that would be more suitable rather than spending money on new legs prosthetists time etc. The thing that annoys me is I have always had a thin stump and really I dont think my leg has really fitted me properly for some time definetly more than 8 years. Perhaps I should have had the bone at the bottom of my stump shortened a long time ago I was informed when I was young that their might be a chance it would need to be shortened but it never happened. Saying that no doctor has seen me for many years approx 30 years and examined it properly. Surely someone is to blame. All I want is a comfortable leg surely, I don't want to walk miles or do fancy things. Sorry to moan again but I know you understand Kind regards Larry ;)