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  1. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    :D Thanks Lynne & Pam :D Have a great day !! Debbie
  2. Josh`s Mum

    Proud Mom

    Congratulations Debbie
  3. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    Thanks Brenda Yes I'm very proud of my wee son, I love the way he congratulates his team mates when they score with a hand touch (low five ) and that he doesn't get frustrated on court when he gets a foul or gets tipped out of his chair ..... he just hops back in with a smile on his face. Debbie :D
  4. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    Lesley ........ thank you for posting the photo of Josh receiveing his Silver Medal I must go now and have a look at all the photos....... Rob makes a great scarecrow ! Debbie
  5. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    Thanks for the photo Lark ......so cute ! ....... will you be having a white Christmas this year ? Hi Johnny V ....... I just went to the website with the photos and had the same problem ......... maybe try again in a few days .......I will post my photos when they are developed. Debbie
  6. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    Hi there, Sorry I have been so slack with my replies of late !!!!!! things have been very hectic. We have just come home from the School Pacific games in Melbourne. Josh was competing in the NSW under 14's Wheelchair basketball team. It was a fantastic experience for Josh mixing it up with all the other athletes both ablebods and disabled. Josh came home with the silver medal ....... cat you may be pleased to know that the Victorian team won the gold. When I get my photos developed I will post one of Josh with his medal. Here is a website with photos from the games www.kidsklix.com.au ( password psgb 0512) Warm regards Debbie
  7. Lots of excitement here at our house tonight !!!! Australia has just qualified to play at the world cup next year in Germany. Debbie :D
  8. Josh`s Mum


    Thanks Brenda Debbie
  9. Josh`s Mum


    Thinking of you too ........... we get Fox news over here too ....... I will go and get an update. Debbie
  10. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    Thanks Cat I will have a good look at the website. Debbie
  11. Josh`s Mum

    Make Josh`s Day

    B) Great photo Cat ! B) Hi all, Just a little update about the school games in Melbourne in November. Josh has been traning hard for the Wheelchair Basketball competition. Paul (husband) has booked as our accomodation through his work at the " Marriott Melbourne Hotel ". The games run for 8 days with the opening ceremony on the 26th of November. The Wheelchair basketball competition runs for 8 days with the finals on the 3rd of December. Unfortunately no international teams are coming to compete in Wheelchair Basketball so it will be a state verses state competion ( NSW - probably the strongest team ) Josh is the youngest on the team so he will be staying with me at the Hotel (the rest of the team will be staying at the Melbourne University) I will have loads of time on my hands during the day as Josh will be with the team. Cat and mel any suggestion as to how I can fill my days in Melbourne. I've heard the shopping is good can you confirm that ........ as we will be flying down I wont have my car ......... whats the transport like ? Trams !!!!!! is that a half bus/half train ?????? Never been to Melbourne before ........ tell me everything. Debbie
  12. Josh`s Mum

    Happy Birthday Debbie

    :) Hi Lesley ........ Yes I had a great day thanks :)
  13. Josh`s Mum

    The latest plan

    The cat looks like a typical aussie soccer player to me :P :P Debbie ( sorry ... soccer roos )
  14. Josh`s Mum

    Happy Birthday Debbie

    :D Thanks ! :D
  15. Josh`s Mum

    ACA Conference 2005 Review

    Great pic !!!!! Brenda .......... I showed Josh your fancy leg and he thought it was real cool. Debbie