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    Northwich, Cheshire, England
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    Reading, Making Greetings Cards, Holidays Abroad, Going to the pub with my husband and sons, Going to the theatre.<br>The shopping channel (what a godsend).

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    Below knee right leg
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    6th October, 2004
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    chronic osteomyelistis

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  1. PamR

    Where in the UK?

    Hi All I live in Northwich, Cheshire, about 20 miles from Manchester, Chester and Liverpool, so pretty central really for all the main north west cities. I go to the DSC at Withington, Manchester. I have been a RBK for 4 years in October, wow, time flies!! They are pretty helpful there, I am after a swim leg at the moment,, waiting to hear if I can have one. I really miss going into the sea when on holiday and we are going to the caribbean next April, I will be sick as a parrot if I can't go for at least a paddle, lol.
  2. PamR

    The (new) alternative fairy tale

    Once upon a time in an old prosthetics memorial home for knackered arms and legs, I came across a leg that was so old and worn, but yet it wanted to be used by someone who wanted to dance the funky chicken dance at the grand ol' opery. An odd ambition, indeed! George the Elephant still yearned for the time before he lost his leg; he used to be able to jump and dance and run. He practiced walking over sleeping alligators and then he practiced jumping over sleeping tigers. One day a television camera crew were watching George practicing, and shot some film. He finally saw how his gait looked. He was once a prince, handsome, rich and powerful, till, one day, he left it all! He lost his peanut allergy, but missed his mom. He longed for her, crying "Mommy" at night. He needed to tell that he was gonna get a prosthetic leg — the one hopeful thing he did his exercises every day all day. Gosh, it's true what Batman and Robin said
  3. PamR

    Over a year

    Hi Ed Looks like we all return in the end Good to hear from you.
  4. PamR

    Hello from Toronto

    Hi Nekky Glad you finally joined us, I'm sure you'll enjoy this website and pick up some good tips, and also give us some in return too! Take care
  5. PamR

    Its been a long time since I have come here

    Hi Lesley, Good to hear from you, its nice when some of the old names pop up, I have only recently returned to the website but its comforting to hear we still all have the same old problems. Take care Pam
  6. PamR

    GHOP 7/I ~ Amazing film

    Breathtaking. What a fantastic planet we live on.
  7. PamR

    Favorite Hobbies/Crafts

    I love making greetings cards, this started as a pastime whilst I was off work on long term sick, now I sell them to work colleagues, time to start on Christmas cards soon, I also love playing World of Warcraft on my laptop. My sons introduced me to online gaming and now I'm addicted. Anyone else a member of WOW? :P
  8. PamR

    How soon can / did you go back to work?

    Hi, I was off work for 18 months altogether but went back to work 10 weeks after I got my limb. I work in admin so spend 50% of the time sitting down. I think everyone is an individual, so recovery is different for us all. Its the best thing to go back though, keeps you sane!! - I think
  9. PamR

    What you look like?

    Hi, this is a picture of me and my youngest son Andy.
  10. PamR

    hi all

    Hi Kirk Things always seem really tough when you first become an amputee, but I'm sure you'll get sorted out pretty soon. Good Luck
  11. PamR


    Hi Sara, Welcome to you and so glad you found us, it's great fun. :)
  12. PamR

    ACA Conference 2008 Review

    Hi Johnny I've just re-visited the forum after quite a long time and its great to see your name still there. Have a great time in Atlanta.
  13. PamR

    I am now a munroist :D

    Well done Ali, that is some achievement, I found it difficult climbing four flights of stairs to my sons apartment in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, mind you, you have got a few decades on me, lol.
  14. PamR

    Hello again!

    Hi Everyone, Thought I'd pop in to say hello, I see there are still a few old friends still logging on and a lot of new ones too. Thanks to Marcia who sent birthday wishes today and for getting me to say hello. I hope you are all doing well and still giving out plenty of good advice. I will definitely be calling in from time to time and feel very guilty about ignoring you all for so long. Pam
  15. Muz, I'll show you mine if you show me yours :P