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    above knee
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    june 4 2003
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    elective due to continuous pain
  1. hash

    If Nelson's navy was today!

    :D :D :D :D :D Brill I am going to show that in work tomorrow because they all think that the world has gone P C(politically correct) crazy :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. hash

    Stump HELP

    Thanks for that my GP doesn't seem to have a clue he thinks that all tendons are removed so advised me to go back to limb centre.
  3. hash

    Stump HELP

    does anyone know if it is normal for the tendons to click on the bone of an aka causing o lot of pain and discomfort. It feels as though the tendon is crossing the bone like crossing your fingers then springing back to where it should be
  4. hash

    make them stop

    :) Thanks mel I will give it a try if I can get it in UK let you know outcome.Chris
  5. hash

    make them stop

    :( I am feeling miserable at the moment because I have got a couple of ingrowing hairs on my stump which seem to be resistant to everything. The Doc tried antibiotics for the infection 'no go' Ive tried Plasters, Creams, Talc but nothing works and they rub constantly HELP!
  6. hash

    leg problems

    Hi Lyinhart and thanks. I will discuss it with the doc. Got another new leg hope it lasts longer this time. Chris
  7. hash


    Hi Debbie my elective surgery was done last year and I didnt take any medication before. Afterward they gave me a lot of different meds to stop phantom pains but one day I decided to stop taking them because I wasnt sure if I was in pain or not. I havent taken anything since and the only phantoms I get are pins and needles in the foot I haven't got. Best of luck let us know how you get on. Chris. :D keep smiling P.S. I was in pain for 20 years before op
  8. hash

    leg problems

    Got my leg fixed again today, am keeping my fingers crossed :P (thats a joke). I wouldn't mind if I didn't know better but I do, my first leg was great, until it got too big, but now it's one problem after the other I seem to spend more time in the clinic getting it fixed than actually wearing it.
  9. hash

    leg problems

    thanks sue i will try that :D
  10. hash

    leg problems

    My prosthetist is confused because of the ammount of variation in my leg from day to day the base of my stump went from 38cm to 34 cm in about 2 weeks so he made me a new leg but when i tried to fit it my leg was about 39cm so he made another, new size this was like wearing a pair of shoes 5 sizes too big,then he made the leg i have now but this is about 2 sizes too big and I am getting it altered on tuesday but on thursday all the bolts came loose and as a result I can't wear it at the moment. By the way its an above knee. The consultant is about as much use as a chocolat fireguard because unless your stump is full of sores he just says its nothing medical. :(
  11. hash

    leg problems

    I got my first leg last September and since then have had 4 more. The main problem is fit one day it is too big next day it wont go on any ideas thanks
  12. hash

    Support Groups in the UK

    :( I have tried to start a self help group in Halton Cheshire No Go
  13. hash


    Hi Sue try odoban you get it from a chemist and if you follow instructions properly it works with the sweats Chris :lol:
  14. hash

    Self Help

    Thanks Lesley I will give them a bell but dont know if they cover this far.
  15. hash

    Self Help

    :D Thanks to everyone for your support as soon as I know anthhing I will post it