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    Reading, writing poetry, Drawing, spending time with friends and family... Camping, sports.<br>and of course I am a girl.... shopping!!!!! spending the day with my girls (closest friends) shopping and hanging out over coffee.

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    below knee (right)
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    april 9th 1997
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    osteosarcoma (bone cancer)
  1. kuffz

    What do you like?

    hey dancing fool ... try taking up poker... it's alot of fun....
  2. kuffz


    When it comes to dating.... its what you put out there... if you are down and not comfortable with yourself... no one eles will be either. You will come across the odd superficial person, but life goes on. I have been an blk amp since I was 18... now 27 at first I to thought " great one more curve ball to be tossed into the dating pool" but shortly after just got over it, realized if you don't like what you see move on!!! And once I got that attitude dates started pouring in, been in a few long term relationships... now have found the one and getting married. Now a friend of mine is a double blk amp as well as lost all of her fingers in an accident when she was 18..... now some guys are turned off when they see her hands.... but that just wiens out the guys you wouldn't want to be with any way!!!! She has no problem dating outside of that. It all comes back to how you carry yourself... be positive!!!!!
  3. kuffz

    Where Y'all from

    baseball was invented by a Canadian..... the all american game
  4. kuffz

    Where Y'all from

    Hey there I too am from the country that was left out of this poll.....sooo many great things came from Canada, how could you forget about us?????
  5. kuffz

    :::Actually Working:::

    Hi Ed, I work full time in a factory, I make truck seats for General Motors. There are good days and bad, standing around on cement floors gets to you after awhile, i find if I am on a job where I can move around it is better, but there are days when I get stuck in one place. 16 hour shifts can take a toll on you as well. I have been an amp for alomost 9 years, I started working about 6 to 8 months after my op. I started out slowly, with sit down office jobs. Then moved my way to harder more physical jobs.
  6. kuffz

    Baywatch Campaign

    I just recently went to the movies. When I arrived I found the only 2 spaces were taken by people who do not have handi tags!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO........ I blocked them in!!! Yup thats right I parked across the back of both cars so neither could leave untill I was done my movie. I wrote a note ( Just gone to see a movie be back in about 2 hrs thanks a bunch) and placed on the windsheild of each car. I then went in to speak to the manager to tell then what has happend and what I did to remedy it.... I told him which movie I was in and that should anyone want me to move my car come get me, or they were welcome to call the police to have me towed... but in doing so they face up to a $3000 fine... so feel free. He giggled . No one came and bugged me during my movie, nor called to have me towed. Both waited patiently for me to leave. :P Maybe next time they will know better.
  7. kuffz

    Happy Birthday to!

    Thank you very much for the birthday wish. I plan on making it a GREAT DAY!!!!
  8. kuffz


    Meggy, what a great point. I work for a unionised company..... and we are in the process of discussing our new contract, I am deffintly going to mention this. I know this would be no help to you....but without you I would have never thought about this. Thanks a bunch!!!! I should be given the same benefits as a prego women, I am to am losing time due to Dr's appointments or having to have work done on my leg. I will message you and let you know if it went through or not.
  9. kuffz

    The benefits of our disability

    Afet.... you Took the words right out of my mouth. It's just a word.... it's all in how you persive it. If you allow it to be a negative thing.... it wil be. If we were to get upset about being labled/called "disabled" We would all be Hyprocites. I am sure, each and everyone of us from one time to another have enjoyed the perks (if you will)....positive side to our situations.... IE: Handicap parking.... I'm guilty...in the winter I don't want to chance falling, it's closer and always salted. Disabbility Living Allowance.... not alll of us are back to where we once were and really rely on this assistance. I know I wouldn't feel good about myself to get upset about the "lable" while I am on my way to the bank to cash my cheque. Amputee divice program.... I use this... I can't afford the bills on my own. I could go on.... Now this topic was started to look at the positive side.... to show that we "the disabled people" are taken in to consideration... may it be Theme Park Passes, to in sure we are as comfortable as possible, make our visit an enjoyable one. Or discounted concert tickets...ect ect. Not everyone looks at in a bad way. Now lets get back to listing other benefits that not everyone is aware of. :D
  10. kuffz

    The benefits of our disability

    to all fellow Canadians.... Canada's wonderland offers the same pass. You go up the exit ramp... show them your pass... if the wait is short they will put you right on... if the wait is longer/ longer line they simple write the time in the pass and you come back in 20 mins... So go relaxe.... have a drink... Enjoy the day.
  11. kuffz

    Organ donation

    I am not sure if I am allowed to be a doner??? I had Osteosarcoma....thus having to have Chemo... I was told I couldn't give blood and the blood bank at my school because of it....not sure if they had their info right or not. But I have been wondering about this. I don't smoke... drink socially... fairly good shape... I'd like to know if I could be an organ doner.
  12. I love animals.... My boyfriend gets nervous when I go to a pet store..... I'll bring anything home I have 2 Bearded Dragons (Lizards) Named Sam N Ella (pun intended) Vieled Cameleon named Budwiser ... 2 Cats Whitney and Emily. I am in the process of trying to adopt a Parrot named Quinn. I would have a house full if the b/f would allow. I obessesivly collect books.... mostly history books...true facts/crime....I love old books.... yards sales are the best spot. This also drives the boyfriend crazy...lol I LOVE TO ENTERTAIN..... Having friends over for dinner....play a game... have a bbq .... I like to experiment and creat new drinks... or find something my friends haven't had yet.... thus giving me a reason to have a party.... Boyfriend doesn't mind this...lol :P But my all time fav thing would be my nephew... I don't have kids yet.... so I spoil him like he was my own.... Well I am the fav aunt...so I would SPOIL him anyway. He is such a little stud.... he's not quite 2.... clever little bugger....he's such a flirt with the girls when we go out...it's sooooo cute.
  13. kuffz

    Time Travel.....

    What would it be. This was a topic that came up over diner and drinks with friends last night. After a few funny comments of crazy hair styles I had..... or that particular out fit to junior Prom, wouldn't have dating this guy or that guy. Then the topic turned serious....I was asked " wouldn't you change getting sick, and having to have your leg amputated?" I thought about it for a sec....sure there are bad days... and I miss the feel of grass on my feet, but generally I am pretty happy. If I were to change getting sick, I don't think I would be the person I am today, be with the man I am with now, or have the job I have now. So I said no.... lets go back and change my hair.....lol So I put this out there for everyone else...are you truly happy, or if given the chance would you change anything....and if so what?
  14. kuffz

    To be or not to be covered....

    I have 1 leg that is covered that I generally use for going out for dinner ect. Then I have another leg that is not covered that I wear to work, doing yard work or just running around the house. I work in a factory so I find that if I wear the one with the cosmetic cover, it gets dirty to fast....or it will get caught on the line or something and I'll put a hole in it..... so in shorts or in pants.... no cover unless dressing up. Not really an issue for me.... people are people.. they'll look regardless, I'm not ashamed. I don't expect people with facial deformities to wear a mask... I shouldn't be guilted by peoples stares to cover my leg up.
  15. kuffz

    What do you do now??

    I work in the automotive industry. I make the seats for GM trucks. So I work fairly long hours on the line in a factory. So far so good.... leg isn't really an issue for me as of yet.