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    Reading Writing, history, genealogy, used to ski sail and hike but unable to now. (Still have two feet but neither work very well. ) We started Ampskiier out very young at adaptive ski school learning to ski with his pros.

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  1. ampskier's mom an dad


    have a nice vacation, Brenda....but....I have a question Since you live in Florida and the world beats a path to Florida for vacations, where do you go for a vacation? Mike and I were in Florida for awhile Where are you located? We were in Okeechobee for 10 months and lived in Port St. Lucie for another 10 months. We're going on vacation soon (June 20-July9) but we're going to Ireland, England and The Netherlands. we're excited. hurry home. Nancy
  2. ampskier's mom an dad

    This is Nancy

    Hi Ya'll I'm Nancy Sainted Mother of Ampskier--Eric put me on the amputee forum so I can be of some support to you or the parents of a child going through this. Eric said "say something briefly" about having a child go through amputation. It may sound cold but the best advice is to realize YOU WILL SURVIVE. YOUR CHILD WILL SURVIVE! It may not always be fun or happy and there are myriads of challenges to overcome, but you can do it and so can your child. :D Refuse to be a victim. The hardest part of this was having a child I loved so dearly in lots of pain. I would have taken it myself if it were possible. I did a lot of screaming, crying and kicking the walls before we got to the amputation part. "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!" I'm sure you've all been there. Anyway. Write me or post and Eric will show me what to do. I care and will help any who need it, to any extent I can. B) Luv Nancy
  3. ampskier's mom an dad

    My parents

    I figured my parents would be a good resorce for all you folks who are going through the horrible nightmare of having a child who is losing/has lost a limb. They have tons of experence that I hope you can draw on. Now all you have to do is E-mail them and talk them into posting here. I've already talked to my mother about it and she seemed at least a little intrested. Thier names are Mike and Nancy Eric