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  1. debbie

    I'm Back after Ertl and a few setback

    Karen- I am so sorry you have had all that trouble. I had my amputation done in OK City with Ertl almost two years ago. He is a great surgeon. I too had complications after surgery. NOTHING like yours, I can't imagine being paralized.... and I know how dark it can get before it gets better. I also remeber the depression. NOT fun! I am glad to hear you have support of family and friends who are caring for you. That will get you through. And laying in bed doing leg lifts and other excercises was sometimes the ONLY thing that got me through the day. It is always amazing when I talk on the phone with other people who had the surgery post-op, we all have similar feelings and it helps to know they will pass, that it does get better, that others felt the same way. Just cry when you want, scream if you must and know there are better times ahead. I found comfort in knowing that my amputee friends who were now running around and doing great also went through what I was post-op. So there is hope. Remember, you are very brave to have come through what you have so far. You should be proud of yourself. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Debbie
  2. Johnny- It was so great getting to see you again when you "rode into town". I knew I was getting to see my friend Ron, but what a surprise to see my new friend from NY!! You all really make a difference by visiting all the rehab patients along the way. And I really enjoyed your speech. Hope you have recouped from the trip. You did a wonderful thing! and Marcia...I cannot believe you recognized me in that photo! I actually was in the local paper front page yesterday from being at that event. While the riders were giving speeches, I was sitting on the ground giving the baby a bottle and my 7 year old was leaning on my prosthesis. It was a neat shot. It had a huge caption that said "They can't remove the love" meaning they removed the leg, not the love (which is so true and a good thing for all amputees to remember!!) I thought it was very sweet and unexpected! Congrats again Johnny for your accomplishment- Debbie
  3. debbie


    I am an Ertl amputee as of October 04. I would be glad to answer any questions if I can. Debbie
  4. debbie

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    I am just getting to read all the post from our fun time! The kids have been hogging my time upon my return... I guess that is what I get for abandoning them for 4 days! but mommy's time away was worth it! I had such a great time meeting you guys at the convention. When I got to the welcome lunch, the people in charge did not know what table was reserved for the Forum, so I sat with my Dallas amputee travel buddies. When I finally discovered who Johnny was, I think the group did not realize I was the Debbie from the forum. But I did get more chances to hang out as the days went by and loved hanging with you all at the dance. I think we lit up the the dance floor, if I say so myself! I am glad to see there was not any incrimenating photos of me... And thanks for posting the group photo. I am glad I made it in that. Marcia, Don, Neal, Johnny and Amy and ofcourse the infamous aussies... I can't wait to tear the dance floor up with you again next year! Debbie
  5. debbie

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    I had a blast myself and was a little bummed that I hung out with my Dallas amputee travel buddies so much. Don't get me wrong...they are fun too, but I get to see them all the time! That last night at the dance I had a great time with you all (thanks marcia for sharing your hubby on the dance floor!) I love to dance, now that I finally can again. :D I can't wait for next year! Debbie -
  6. I am still in and can't wait! What was the final decision on a meeting place? Is it still at the lunch? I get in Wednesday evening on a flight with four other Dallas amputees. Look forward to meeting everyone soon! Debbie
  7. debbie

    Renegade foot and Iceross Liner

    First off, Marilyn be patient. I cannot believe how much better I am doing after the first year. I went running last night and it felt great, but I am feeling muscles I forgot I had... you will be doing your "extreme yard work" in no time! Marcus, I did not know you worked for Freedome Innovations.... I have told many amputees about this awesome foot the last week! I cannot tell you the difference it has made! I was into aerobics big time (instructor) pre- accident and with my old foot could not bouce on just my prosthesis...not now! I have been doing this little boxing move thing all over the house! pretty amazing! Neal, regarding the seal in liner. It actaully is holding great. I ran in it without even using a back-up suspension sleeve. my problem is not the liner (i think) but not the right socket fit. I am loose from mid calf to the knee. (which is causing bell clapping) I have an Ertl and a long limb which I am told is the best senerio for this seal in liner if you are a BK. I know about 5 Ertl amps who use it without any problems... But I have heard BKs with the typical limb shape cannot get a good seal. Maybe Ossur will work on that (bug them at the convention!) Have a great day friends- Debbie
  8. debbie

    Renegade foot and Iceross Liner

    Marilyn, Welcome! You are right about the trusting your CP in the beginning. I knew nothing about legs. He wanted me in a standard suspension sleeve until I got used to it and at the ACA convention in Dallas last year, I started talking to lots of amputees about what they liked. I am still learning, that is why I do not even know if this seal in liner is fitting the way it is suppose to fit. I am hearing from a few friends today that they think my socket it not made right for the liner. It feels very comfortable but and it does not slip off but I do feel like it is not tight enough (and I am wearing extra socks already). So my point is, I am still learning. I research every thing to death but it is still trial and error. The great people on this site directed me to the Renegade foot, and my CP tried to talk me out of it. But I trusted the actual people wearing them (not my CP)... and I love it. So you will just have to learn a lot and ask questions as you progress. But I am 16 months and 3 legs out and I am still clueless!! So we can learn together!! Debbie
  9. Thanks everyone for all the GREAT feedback on feet! I just got my new leg. I decided to go with the Renegade by Freedom Innovation. WOW! I love it. I cannot believe how great it feels. I sprinted all over after I got it. I also switched from a suspension sleeve to the seal in liner Iceross. I have not had any rash problems or burning like some have reported. However, I am wearing a liner-liner with X-static which is silver fibers and it is suppose to help with bacteria, odor and irritation. Apparently it works! This seal in system seems to be very comfortable and I love how it frees up the knee. Thank you for all the input and great info you share in posts. I could not be happier! 7 years later and I am finally running again, how exciting!- Debbie
  10. I am all set to go! I was just at a lunch date with some local amputee friends planning our trip and airfare. We had a blast last year. I was actually quoted in the last inMotion magazine from Jan/Feb (page 37 and in group photo very back row, middle, long black hair in pink shirt) It was my 1st conference and I can't wait to go again. So add me to the list, Johnny! Debbie from Dallas,Texas (please...no jokes about the movie connection!) p.s. HI Judy Berna.... we have not spoke in a while and I am glad I finally get to meet you in person at the convention!
  11. debbie

    What feet do you like??

    Thanks marcus! That is pretty frustrating about the restocking fee comment. Maybe it is an Ossur thing since that is the products they typically use. However, I told them yesterday to order me the Renegade. It sounds like the everyone I have talked to loves it. I will get it next week. Thanks for taking the time to inform me of Freedom Innovations policy on restocking fees. The more information I get the better! Debbie
  12. debbie

    What feet do you like??

    Afet- Thanks a lot for your message. I asked to try two feet side by side like you suggested. My CP is unwilling I think because of the time it would take to have me run around his office, I guess...and oh yeah, he mentioned restocking fees. I am new at this but quickly realizing there are many ways CP choose to do business. Unfortunately, if I want insurance to cover it I go where they tell me. I could complain and gripe but it won't get me anywhere except without a foot because my hands are tied with insurance. I did read your review on the Renegade and Runway. Neal also speaks highly of the Renegade. I was being directed towards the Ceterus but I am thinking the Renegade now. I liked what you said about climbing down that hill. I want to hike and that was a good point! Thanks for taking the time to give those reviews. It really helps those of us who rely on other peoples experiences until we get enough of our own! Debbie
  13. debbie

    What feet do you like??

    Hi Neal- Thanks for the input. I am really looking at the Renegade. I have to decide on the foot now that I finally got my appeal with insurance approved.. YEAH! However, my prosthetist is not as accomadating as yours appears to be. Trying three feet is not an option. Therefore, I am having to research feet options to death! It is hard to know which way to go without trying them. But I do hear really good things about the renegade and it is much lighter than the others (but I am not even sure if that matters?) Running, hiking, step classes and walking on uneven ground are my main objectives. I guess I will just dive in and decide so I can get it ordered! Thanks for the input and also the feedback that when running, I will have to use a suspension sleeve in addition to the iceross liner! I am just a sponge soaking up the info these days. Oh and I saw how you mention going to the ACA convention every year to get info. I was at the one in dallas and being a new amp it was so great! I am actually in this months inMotion quoted on that very subject! I look forward to being in my new leg at the one in June! Thanks again for your input- Debbie
  14. debbie

    What feet do you like??

    Thanks for the feedback... and by the way, I love your photo!!
  15. debbie

    Need Foot Advice

    Hi- I am not sure how long you have been walking, but it took me several months to get a normal gait again. I did not have any rehab, but my prosthetist helped me when I went in. I also took the gait training class at the ACA convention and they pointed out subtle things I was doing wrong and when I corrected them, it helped immensley!! I do know that the adjustable ankles are very stiff and non-giving. They do not offer much spring or return of energy. I am actually getting ready to switch to a more energy storing/athletic foot myself. But you will improve a lot as you keep walking and if you can get someone to acess your gait, either prosthetist or rehab, so you can correct it. As my prosthetist said...once you learn to walk incorrectly with your prosthesis, it is so much harder to correct it. The muscles seem to get use to the new way of walking... and you will use a lot more energy during the day if you have your gait off. But I think you are still getting used to them. It is much harder with two prosthetic feet, so do not be so critical off yourself. It will take time. Keep us updated on your progress! Debbie