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    Roehampton UK

    Hi All, Haven't been on for a while but just catching up. Rob I have Lawrence as well and I wouldn't want anyone else, not only does he do the best he can for you one to one he also fights in your corner with the Dr's who have to write the perscription for the bits and pieces of the leg. I stayed in the Douglas Bader Unit when I had my amp last year. If I ever had the misfortune of going in again I would insist on travelling in daily as the ward is disgusting (although I have heard there is a lot worse).
  2. June

    Leg Removal Etiquette

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Thanks Dea, as already said we've had ours but hope you have a lovely one. I'm thinking of my sister in law at the moment who just had her world turned upside down. She has moved to San Fransico from Utah leaving my brother there for a few more weeks and her daughter (14) has gone to live with her father. She is feeling very lonely at the moment, not a nice mothers day for some out there, but knowing the type of person you are by your emails I know there will be plenty of prays for her and many like her.
  4. Been having pain for sometime. Its been since around Christmas they did a cast in November and haven't been able to get a leg to suit me until last Thurday! So at first I thought it was just that the leg didn't fit as I had really shrunk. Things have got a lot worse in the last month or so and I went to the Dr at Roehampton, he thought it could be a small skin Neuroma. Had an Ultra sound and Xray, it showed that although there is a possibility of a tiny neuroma what it really shows is my soft tissue (muscle and scar tissue) rubbing on a sharpe bit of bone. The Xray of the Tibia looked all jagged and I know that Mr Ward (the surgeon) would not have left it like that. They gave me an injection of Quarterzone, it actually made it worse! I didn't bother going back to the Dr, I went to Mr Ward. By this time I was in a wheelchair. I thought the bone was growing, but he showed me the xray again and you can just see a faint outline of the dome at the end of the tibia which is about half an inch below where the jagged white line finishes. Tiny bits of bone are disappearing from around the end of the dome that you can only see on the ultra sound. The black shows a low grade infection, so he says. But nothing clinical is evident. The stump looks good, feels good to him, no swelling etc. After rest No Pain including when he taps the end of the bone, but when your with these people you forget about a lot of things, also in my experience when you may have two problems the one causing the most pain makes you forget about the other. He said its a strange one, no typical signs, like with a neuroma or such like. So I had a blood test and am waiting for a bone scan. Now, nearly a week later I am walking more because I went and got my leg straight after the appointment with Mr Ward, but I still can't do too much but just enough. As I am doing more I'm getting the pains back again and especially in the morning when I stretch my leg out, I'm also starting to get mild throbbing pains running up my shin. So the reason I have bored you with all of this is that I'd like to know anyone else who has had any experience with low grade infection or knows anything about it at all. Thanks, June :)
  5. June

    Low Grade Bone Infection anyone?

    Yep thats him. A very matter of fact, get the job done, type of man. I do trust him, he doesn't want to make any assumptions and say anything without the facts. Bloody infuriating at the moment, his secretary has gone on holiday, the radiography dept said they never received the form, therefore nothing can be done till she gets back. I rang and spoke to Mr Ward yesterday and he told me "I trust my secretary of 10 years standing more than I do those morans in radiography'! He told me not to worry his secretary will get straight onto it when she gets back
  6. June

    Hello from newbie on the block

    Hi again Paul, I elected to have an amputation after 17 years of pain, RTA. I contacted the relevant people down their and they said I'd have access to all the facilities and I would be entiled to at least 1 leg and they told me how much a leg costs if I wanted more and if I can remember correctly is worked out around £2000, a lot cheaper than here but then so are the wages!
  7. June

    Hello from newbie on the block

    Hi Paul Just last week after two years of planning and getting the PR Visas we made the decision not to go. I haven't been on the NZ forums recently, trying to move on. Good luck to you and from what I've found out their very good out there. Apparently Maori's have a high rate of diabetics therefore they cater for it very well out there.
  8. June

    Home and Happy

    As Muz said, you may suffer with 'the pain in your rear'. Keeping everything moving smoothly within will not take the problem away but will definately help. You want be alone with this problem, it won't last for ever. But if your lucky you may not have a problem at all, fingers and everything else crossed. :lol: Glad to hear your home and well. :)
  9. Its OK Muz, I've not to offence at all. I didn't think further than having the test. Yes I surpose I would have had to have gone home and be treated for the infection. But if the NHS are telling everyone that people don't get MRSA from their hospitals (because they are so thorough with their procedures) you would have thought they too would do a blood test for everyone that comes through their door to stop anyone contaminating the other patients. If your having an operation they take blood to find out your blood type in case they need to get you blood later, it would be nothing for them to test for the major infections.
  10. Oh dam, I read the first post wrong. Well, Dr Soori who I see in Roehampton will also see you privately, but I got my referal through Mr Ward. You could try Dr Soori's number, this is his NHS secretary's number but its a good start 020 8355 2725. Other than that you could take a little trip down to Hampshire to see Dorset Prosthetics. They will have a leg made for you within 2 weeks from the first visit if you want. Any question, fire away
  11. Mr David Ward, orthopaedic surgeon. I stayed at the Rowhampton rebilitation centre after the surgery, get get walking. He will only do the surgery if you are going there afterwards, but as she is only 20 months it will be different. Everyone, medical staff and patients alike said I was lucky to have Mr Ward. I am having a problem at the moment that I thought was a neuroma, the Dr I see at Roehampton said he felt it was highly unlikely to be a main nerve neuroma because it was done by Mr Ward, and he's the best in his field, the nerves would have been finished correctly without fail. When I stayed at Roehampton one of the other patients said that his daughter works for him and he is a task master and a nightmare to work for because he is such a perfectionist. When I was at Parkside (where I had the amp) they staff made a genuin mistake and he hit the roof, because the way he see it he has done his bit correctly, they should do theirs. But to the patient he is fantastic, very understanding but straight to the point and I understood everything that was happening. I had 100% confidence in him. Parkside is on Parkside Road, Wimbledon, London, telephone number 020 8971 8000. You will get an appointment within a week at least and the op would probably be able to be fitted in within a couple of weeks if that. It is a private BUPA hospital. The moment I walked in for the op before they sent me to my room the did a blood test, to check for MRSA among other things. When I was there I ask about MRSA and was told they had 1 case in the last 6 years and the patient was isolated and the patient had brought it from another hospital. If I can help just yell. June
  12. June

    New and so thankful

    'If' it is a neuroma it will not go away and will probably just get worse. Then you'll be in a state and have to wait for each of the appoints to varify it until the procedure that cures it. Don't wait, get your General Practictioner to forward you to someone closer if possible.
  13. June

    New and so thankful

    Hi Cheri, welcome to the site. :D Do you think you could have developed nerve damage? I assume you've seen a Dr?
  14. I stood doing my ironing while watching it. (Saint) I had to say it made me cringe thinking about having someone else's leg attached to the end of mine. But losing a leg is not as debilitating as losing a hand in my opinion. I can get along fine with my leg (when it fits right). But the difference between the use of a hook and a hand is much greater.
  15. June

    Possibly a Neuroma

    I had my amp in July Lynne and it looks very likely I'm going to have the same surgery. I've had 15 ops so far and I'm really sorry I don't have the same problems with surgery and therefore can't help, the only worry I have is MRSA and having them blasted phantom shocks afterwards which I had before. What is it your afraid of exactly? Are you frightened it won't work and leave you in more pain? Are you frightened of the anesthetic? Just try to calm down, if possible, and rationalise it. You are in intense pain that can't be left the way it is, the pain will beat you emotionally in the end. Something has to be done. I don't know what nerve the neuroma is on, if it is not one of the 3 major nerves they would prefer to inject the neuroma with anesthetic first as this does sometimes work longtime. Have they done that yet? Obviously every case is different and they could possibly say that won't work with you but if you are that concerned get another opinion. If it is the anesthetic I really can't help you, I love them I really hope you get some good advice for someone as it would be awful to go into any operation in such a terrible state, I don't think you Dr is being sympathetic enough personally.
  16. Don't know if I've put this in the right section. Had a LBK last July and obviously the stump has been getting thinner. On the outside, at the top of the Fibia (smaller bone, forgot which ones which) I am getting a lot of pain because of the pressure caused by the prosthetic. The bone sticks out as a big lump, can't tell if the one on the other side is the same because so much soft tissue, fat, muscle etc. I'm going back up to see my fitter next Tuesday, just to check a leg their doing for me so I will ask him to look at it then, but if anyone has any advice to ease pressure points beforehand it would be much appreciated. June
  17. Had a problem when watching a DVD earlier today, it froze. So turned everything off at wall. When we turned it all back on everything fine except to getting a signal from SKY. Rang them up, went through everything. Went into Services, then pressed System Setup (4), then Signal Setup (6). The Signal was Not Locked, at that point the man said I can't help you anymore you need a engineer. Anyone got any idea what the problem is? (Just so you know, we never have it plugged into the telephone line)
  18. June

    Having problems with my SKY (UK)

    Left it over night and it's now working. Panic over! Someone else suggested a power surge could have caused it, who knows! Thanks anyway
  19. June

    Dissappointing Day

    Thanks Melaussie, I've started another thread I think I have a neuroma. Started to find some of my problems and now with the Dr who actually wants to help, I insisted on not seeing the other one again.
  20. Just a recap. Been a LBK since July last year. Started with the Prosthetic with a strap and got reduced sized one in October. End of November they cast me for a prosthetic with a pin. When that was ready I couldn't do one step in it because the pain on the end of the stub. So recast to have a suction one that only has suction at the end of the stump so no need for long sleeve. 1st test socket no good, I just managed to squeeze my leg through the top of the socket but then there was no support around the knee area to stop me walking on the end again. So they made another test socket using a similar techque to the way they make the strap on socket, they made an indent to support under the knee and in the back. Success! The first time I had a 'comfortable' leg. As I don't have another leg and no money (til April) I suggested they make the socket and attach it to my leg. Now to save me going in again they've made the acrylic brown outside and there is also a clear liner, wasn't quite as comfortable and the valve didn't work and I was passing wind everytime I walked. I then had to give them time to fix this valve, went back and it still didn't work. I said that as they have done this type of double socket to save me 2 visits and I have had multiple visits they may as well do the thing right. Went up today expecting to confirm that it fits fine and let them reinforce it and arrange to get it changed over in a couple of weeks. Also in the mean time I have been in agony with my fibulla rubbing and having to use the crutches alot. So tried the leg on, no pain from the fibula but at the back it was really digging in, also I was getting terrible phantom pain in my ankle everytime I put my foot to the floor, I have this if my socks are too tight. The fitter said he feels this has been taking too long (You don't say!) and we should now look at either have the suction socket with the sleeve over the top or recast for another strap one. The Dr comes in and really upset me. Everytime I said anything he looked back through his notes and said 'You didn't feel like that on that day'. He then said you stopped you tablets for phantom pain because you weren't having them. 1)The tablets didn't work 2) Phantoms settled down 3) My ankle hurt when something was wrong with the socket not that I need tablets. It was like I was under fire for the thing not working! He said the stump is still changing and the socket they were trying to fit me with put too much pressure all the way around the stump and that doesn't work for me. Now they are going to make a combination of using the thick liner (used in strap one) with a suction socket with the long sleeve. Next cast date 8th April. The fitter eased the existing socket a little so at least I can go on holiday on Friday and do a bit of walking. My family are insisting on me taking the wheelchair but I determined not to give in. Sorry if this was a bit long winded but for some of you maybe going through a similar thing it may help you even if only alittle. June
  21. June

    Feel sure I have a neuroma

    Well its been a couple of days. The pain hasn't gone and it's not what he suspected I think. It seems when I twist the stump (muscle) it causes the pain. When I moved the scar well away from the area and plucked and the skin there was nothing and when I prodded in the origanal area it was still there, so its in the muscle, not a skin nerve. I'll ring him on Monday and insist he see's me, he may want to try an injection a bit further down. I'll have to wait and see :(
  22. For months now I've had pain that feels like a bruise at the end of my stump, I haven't complained about it, just told the fitter that the leg doesn't fit and I'm walking on the end too much. I've given myself a good rest the last few days and nothing has eased, its just getting worse. It is just in one spot and even putting a sock on hurts or stretching exercising with the leg off. They have been having a lot of trouble getting a leg to fit me that doesn't hurt or cause phantom pain and I'm now convinced a neuroma is causing a lot of the problems. I have rang the hospital asking to see the Dr when I go in for a recast on Friday. How do they diagnose a neuroma? How long will I be off my leg when I've had it done?
  23. June

    Feel sure I have a neuroma

    Went to Roehampton today and see Dr Soori. He is so nice, he listens to what you have to say and acts as if he has all day to deal with you. As is always the way when he asked me to point it out I found it difficult to find the spot straight away, which is ironic when I only have to brush my finger over it sometimes. Well because of the sensitivity and it happens when the soft tissue is moved like when I do stretching exercises or just rub my stump on my sheets he know exactly what it is. :) I was right it is neuroma, but it is only the tiny skin nerves that get caught in with the stitches when they sew you up. It has become more evident because the swelling has all gone down. As I was running my fingers along the scar area I found another one, but it is only effected when I push it, not like the first. The good news is that cutting it open will not achieve anything as the nerves are so small they would not be found and it could possible cause the same problem again somewhere else. The only way to get rid of it is inject anasetic (sorry spelling!) under the skin at different depths to try and hit the right spot, the fluid hopefully will force the tissues to part and push out the trapped nerve. It may not work and would mean a few trys I will know in a couple of days if the injection I had this morning worked, because I will feel the pain when I start prodding or even just as I usually do. They have decided to go ahead with making the suction leg with the thick white liner and outer sleeve that goes over the thigh. This will make it feel like part of me without gripping too much on the whole stump and still keeping space under the end of the stump. So fingers crossed its worked, if not it doesn't matter they'll get it eventually then they can start of the other neuroma further down the scar
  24. June

    HE*S MINE!!!

    Hi Carrie, I haven't been following your story but I go back and read it now. Fantastic news, you can look forward to many happy years ahead of you
  25. Hi Marianne I check in at least a couple of times a day to read other peoples posts. I always think people would be bored reading about my little life, I'm not a small talk person generally and I think it reflects on my posts, maybe I should relax abit and not worry so much. I do enjoy reading all the posts and hopefully sometimes add something of some use to other people.