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    Below Knee
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    08 August 2001
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    Truma accident
  1. Frank_ie

    Cheating prostitst

    Hi all, i am frank, used to be in the armed forces, and got an accident forcing me to be an below knee amputee at age of 21. i am 23 now, however, i had been very upset over dishonest protitist. As my leg had been susidised by armed forces (thanks god), i actualyl ordered a flex foot, vari flex. but seems to me, its not comfortable at all, now seems like my stump had been shrinking, i decided to get myself new feet. now, my socket is those slip in with no lock. and problem now is its is getting too loose for my stump to residue inside well. so i add in too many socks to fit in, which resulted in limping n very bad blisters. i need all brothers and sisters help on, 1) Does the lock on silicon sock (with screw locking onto the component)improve the gripping of my stump? 2) what is the feedback of College foot products? I am more to the kind of walking and light running( which i cant now at all) pls email n help me.
  2. Damn, its so scary....... My heart pump like as if i was in army having a route march before my accident. thanks.