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    reading (especially amp mags). dancing, skating, talking to other amputees. Organizing. (sometimes), always on computer. I love GOD. Working with special needs children.

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    May 28, 2003
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    corrective surgery

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  1. I love you Cat...Miss you so much. I want to talk to you. :)

  2. Amputeegirl05

    Its been a long time since I have come here

    Ann When I did get it back, the foot wouldnt fit into my shoes, and then my actual prosthetic guy came and switched out the feet a couple of days later and it felt so good, But after having my leg off for almost a week, my stump swelled up and it fit really tight until I started walking. Thanks for listening and nice to meet you BethMarie, lets talk soon heres my email simplysweet123@hotmail.com :) Lesley p.s. unless you want to meet me in the chatroom let me know something anyone who wants to chat
  3. Amputeegirl05

    Its been a long time since I have come here

    Hey It makes me feel real good knowing that I can come here and get responses, I got it back with a new foot and everything is fine, but ya'll are great and I really appreciate everybodies response to my jib jab thanks for being there when I needed some support. Lesley
  4. Amputeegirl05

    Happy Birthday all

    Happy Birthday Kuffz, cheri and formadison I hope ya'll have a great awesome super birthday, you deserve it. Lesley
  5. Amputeegirl05

    Happy Birthday Sparky!

    Yay Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great time on your special day. Lesley
  6. Ok I am an active person, and all I do is wear my leg around, never take it off til I go to sleep, well 4-5 days ago. I had it taken to the shop to get it repaired, because my foot just split in half...and it was a defect, so they said monday, (which is today) they would bring it back to me, but I have totally been lost without it, my boyfriend, thank god for him has taken care of me, and helped me out and is just really supportive, but I am using my motorized scooter, and just feel so lost without it, and really I sometimes felt like I forgot that I could walk, and things were very emotional for me, and they said sometime late today, and I hope hes here sooner than 5:00 But does anyone understand what I am talking about. I kind of felt depressed, and its a horrible weekend, but I will get my leg back today, repaired and all, and I will be happy, but I want my leg so I can feel happier again. Am I weird or what? Lesley
  7. Amputeegirl05

    Lizzie Day

    Happy Birthday to Lizzie Best wishes with family and friends. Lesley
  8. Amputeegirl05

    Where's everyone gone?

    hey Higgy I am here, just not too much, but I do reply to things but your right things have sure quieted down, hope to see more posting and replying. Lesley
  9. Amputeegirl05

    Happy Birthday

    To Sarah B, Ann Brooks, and RozM Happy Birthday Wishes to you and many more to come. Lesley
  10. Amputeegirl05

    Merry Christmas (I know it's early but)

    Yes Sue1 hahve a wonderful time, and I know you will, and it just seems like this year is flying away!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New years to all on the Heather mills Forum :) God Bless Lesley
  11. Amputeegirl05

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ! ! !

    Could not get it to load, so I couldnt read it, I hope its real funny :) Lesley
  12. Amputeegirl05


    Everyone is right in there definition of a devotee and I think this forum is really great, I would be cautious but dont think everyone is a devotee....but having a leg makes me who I am today, and relationships are tough, guys in general are tough and I have been through a few and its a hard act....but always be friends anad find out about someone who you like, before jumping into something....I learned that if you just push something that wasnt meant to be pushed...then you will end up hurt every single time...everyone has someone....but dont go looking for Mr Right....let him find you....being friends is one of the best things you can do....its just my opinion Shelby I am on facebook too....and I know people from here and the camp for amputees I went to, and its an awesome experience... Love yourself and respect yourself and everything will fall into place. Lesley
  13. Amputeegirl05

    Time for a Game!

    I took a bath in the tub, while eating scrummy chocolate. Thanks organs peanuts bicycle
  14. Amputeegirl05

    Apple Pickin Time !!!!

    saved 70 so I did pretty good and your right all of the apples are way too fast and its a tricky one :) thanks JohnnyV Lesley
  15. Amputeegirl05

    Happy Halloween ! ! ! !

    Late for halloween but thanks JohnnyV I did pretty well at my first try at carving a pumpkin :) Lesley