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  1. sksmith3261

    Update on Shanna

    thanks MJ. that's the advice most are giving me. I just feel like i shouldn't be crying. I was paralyzed before the amputation. SO as the doctor's plainly put it what was the leg doing for me any way. A great big NOTHING-except pain from infection. But I still feel like I am not whole without it. The doctor told me give it a year and you should be fine. So I will wait out the year and hope and pray that I am in much better spirits about the whole situation. thanks for your response.
  2. sksmith3261

    Update on Shanna

    hi this is shanna. I have been home for one week now. It is great to be home. I have loved reading all of your responses. I hope to be better soon. I cry alot, and I still have a good deal of pain. Does anyone have any great idea on how to get over the crying? I'm all ears. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks shanna
  3. sksmith3261

    Update on Shanna

    Shanna is doing much better this time. She still has icky <_< days but generally she is much brighter. I still worry big time but try real hard not to let her see it. Her incision is staying closed. There is one spot that is a little hard that we have to call the Doc on. But least everything is staying closed this time. No fevers either. She is very concerned about the hair deal. It has been falling out in clumps. The Doc says it is beacause of the physical stress her body has under gone and it will grow back. I hope so. She loves her hair. It was always thick and very very curly. As always I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I think you guys on this site helped me get through my sadness and gave me the insight I need to help her. Thank you and may God Bless you all.
  4. sksmith3261

    Home from the Hospital

    :P Shanna is coming home from the hospital today. We are excited and aprehensive. Hope this time everything stays together.
  5. sksmith3261

    Back in the hospital

    Thanks guys for all your help. This site I feel has been a tremendous help to me and Shanna through this. Even though I don't think she has gotten on it yet. For Lesley - Shanna is 25 and she has always been my nightmare and the sunshine of my life. :) She was born with a birth defect that left her paralyzed from the thigh area down. At 16 she started having issues with pressure sores that turned into osteomylitits in one of the leg. She tried for 9 years to save it but ended up having a hemipelvectomy. Which brings us up to the present. The nurses are working on seeing if she can have a laptop at the hospital. Masybe then she will get on the site. If she gets one I'll post her email address so you all can write to her. I really believe you guys can do more for her right now than I can. Even though I will always give the hugs.
  6. sksmith3261

    Back in the hospital

    Shanna is back in the hospital again. She was only home one day and she started running a high fever and they put her back in the hospital and did a wound debreedment. The doc said he didn't think the wound was causing the fevers. She is very tired, frustrated and bitter. She wishes she had never had the amputation and just put up with the osteomylitis. As I have said before she has gone through numerous other surgeries in her short life but this one has taken its toll. I just look at her and wince. She looks so angry even when she is sleeping. I just don't know how to pick her spirits up. Nothing seems to work.
  7. sksmith3261


    Insurance has been a hassle for us from the time Shanna was 17 and especially after she turned 21. Its like the minute she turned 21 she blew out her candles and a miracle happened and she could walk without the aid of crutches, KFOs and had no more issues with her leg...not! I feel the reason she had to lose her leg is due to the fact her insurance fights treatment so much. Even now that she is having so much pain and so many issues they are still jerking her around. She is on state isurance because I am having a hard time getting her on my insurance. (which isn't much better.) She was going to school (before all this happened) to get a bachelors in criminal justice. Then she was going to become a disability lawyer and go after insurance companies and hopefully win enough support to be picked as a supreme court judge and really make a difference. So far she has not lost that dream. Hopefully she will not loose that dream.
  8. sksmith3261


    Shanna is back in the hospital. The part of the incision we were having problems with (as she puts it) unzipped. They are using a sponge and a vacuum to draw blood into the tissue and promote healing. The Dr. said there was no infection to speak of. Which in her case was a big relief. She came through the procedure fine. Hopefully this will do the trick and this incision thing will heal. Then she can get back to school.
  9. sksmith3261


    Well we are off to the hospital for another repair of the incision site. There is one section that the skin keeps dying. Shanna is so frustrated she is doing exactly what they tell her to do and she just gets to a point where she is starting to feel better and wham. I just don't know what to do or say. So I just hug her. I feel so helpless and useless. I don't even believe myself when I tell her everything is going to be fine. Is this a normal occurance with a new amputation. I know her and I could handle things better if things would just heal so we could move on.
  10. sksmith3261

    How can I help

    Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. I have talked to her about this website and the information I found on it already. but not about the forum. She was on the computer once this weekend. So maybe she will check it out soon. Here's the short version of my daughter's situation. She is 25 and was born with a birth defect that left her legs paralyzed. For the past 9 years she has been fighting pressure sores which ended up 4 years ago turining into chronic osteomylitis. A few weeks ago she got so sick and we found the infection had really spread in the bone up to the pelvic area and was in the blood affecting her heart. Hence the hip pelvectomy(still learning spelling). She was in the hospital 7 weeks. She is no stranger to battles and has been such a fighter, but I have never seen one take such a toll on her morale as this one has. My heart breaks cause I do not know what to do or say to fix it for her.
  11. sksmith3261

    How can I help

    My daughter had her hip/leg amputated May 10th. She is now home from the hospital. She spends a great deal of time alone in her room. She complains constantly about pain (her sutures are not out) even though she is on pain meds. She was always very articulate and quite a social butterfly. The phone looked like it was adhered to her neck. Now she doesn't want to talk to people. What can I do to help her. I know she needs greiving time, but she needs to be up moving to stay healthy.