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    My interests were and will be once again once I receive my prosthesis are hockey, roller blading, bicycling and anything that gets me out doors. Oh yeah and when I get the chance to go home snow skiing (yes as some of you may be thinking, I am a Canadian transplanted to Florida)!!

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    March 18, 2004
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    auto accident
  1. Stumpy1

    Inexplicable Rash

    Does anyone out there have (had) any problems and remedies for an itchy rash on your stump? I have recently developed a rash (looks much like chicken pox) and itches just as bad!! While I have my liner on it seems to smooth out and not bother as much, but when I remove my liner and the air hits it, it raises and itches some kind of terrible!!! I have tried itch creams, Lanacaine and a baking soda soak...but this keeps coming back. Could this be an allergy to my gel liner?? Any suggestions, remedies will be greatly appreciated I really don't want to take time off from work to see a doctor on this, I just went back to work during the day and really don't want my employer to regret hiring me. Thanks, Marie
  2. Stumpy1

    Prayers Needed

    Wendy, My thoughts are with you, and my prayers are with little Chelsea... Marie
  3. Stumpy1

    Need some serious sleep help .

    Hi Marianne I often have trouble sleeping myself,(I have a very short attention span, also called Adult ADD) and yes as Steve has said, try to get your hands on one of those nature sounds (especially the water one with beach sounds) combine this with Larks suggestion of the candles and chamomile tea. It also helps if you can adapt to meditation techniques to really acheive the full effect of the cd's. This usually works for me. If you cannot find a combination that works for you, maybe you might want to consult with your doctor about this and hopefully relief can be acheived without the use of further medicating your body. Please let us know if you get the sleep you need. Hugs, Marie
  4. Stumpy1

    What do you all look like?

    Well it's been awhile but if you know how to access my personal photo, (I've figured out how to place it in my profile, but don't know how to access it) you will see why I have been away, I have received my temp a couple of weeks ago and am now walking unassisted. My CPO may have to re-form my socket as I have shrunk alot in the past 2 weeks, (up to 12 ply at times) Please no screaming when you see my photo!!! Now that I am mobile again, in due time I will be back up on my skates and will lose the weight I put on being in a wheelchair off and on for 7 years. Take care all and hope to see more photo's on here...it's nice to place a face with what your reading...helps to get to know one another better. Marie
  5. Stumpy1

    Only 11 days to go

    Hello Tricia, And welcome to the forum, trust me, you have made a wise desicion. Alot of us on here have had lengthy battles with pain and physical limitations, and amputation was the only solution. And for most of us, we find ourselves wondering why we didn't opt for this years ago. There will be times when you question your decision, but that will soon pass. I am sure alot of those on here will echo the same words, just remember to follow doctors orders and don't rush anything. Take things at your own (and your docotrs) pace. I myself am only 3 1/2 months post op and have just been allowed to wear my temporary prosthesis. Please don't judge your pace by this, some people are in the temporary sooner, some later. I would've been in mine sooner, however, I had a wicked infection that needed to be cleared up first. Good luck and please let us know how things are progressing. Marie
  6. Stumpy1

    MJ's surgery

    Thanks Kaz, Tell MJ my thoughts are with her. Marie
  7. Stumpy1

    I see we have...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Marie
  8. Stumpy1

    Everyones story

    Hi my name is Marie, My story is, I was coming home from work and on my way to pick up my children from the sitters, when I was hit head on by a pizza delivery driver (think of this next time you want your pizza in 30 minutes or less) the man was going about 140kmh when he hit my truck. I had pretty much every bone in my body broken (with the exception on my arms, I am very fortunate to be alive, and I thank God for this every day). My legs were crushed by the engine, the left one nearly severed below the knee just above my ankle. I did the wheelchair thing for 1 1/2 years, and several more years passed and multiple reconstructions, in which proper blood flow was never acheived, therefore the grafted bone never healed and just "died" off. I had finally had enough of sitting on the side lines and sought out a doctor who would help me solve the problem once and for all. If it wasn't for all my kind friends,neighbours and family, I don't think I would've had the strength to complete this journey. However, now that the worst of it is over, I am ready to start living again!!
  9. Stumpy1

    Lost Foot

    Hi Wendy, with items going through customs (even to Canada) it takes awhile, I send alot of packages home and sometimes they do get caught up in customs. Give it about another week then maybe contact the shipping agent and see if it can be tracked. Marie
  10. Stumpy1

    Life Without Limits

    Way to go Brenda!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Marie
  11. Stumpy1

    Another newbie

    Thank you Judy, will go to their website and check it out..thanks again!!! Marie
  12. Stumpy1

    sweaty leg

    I agree Wendy, See I was told of this certain dry and was given a bottle of it, and I am in St Petersburg and have never heard of this Alps company...but I will be sure to pass the information on to my orthotist and his assistant so they can offer the info to others. Thanks to you too Sue. Marie
  13. Stumpy1

    Another newbie

    Thanks JDD, I had fought for almost 8 years and enough was enough. Yes I have 2 grandsons they cheer me up alot, but it is also nice when they go home!!! You'll get used to the shrinker in no time, after I was in mine for about 2 weeks I started losing it at night in the sheets. Other than the infection I had my residual limb has shrunk remarkably fast. Even my orthotist is amazed at the reduction. But my scabs are starting to fall off, so I expect Tuesday I will be allowed my temp, as my orthotist said once the scabs are off I am good to go. I swear on my fathers head I am not tampering with them either! Thanks to all again..have a good day!!! Marie
  14. Stumpy1

    Me and my friends Baby

    Very cute baby...I can see why you are so fond of him!!!
  15. Stumpy1

    sweaty leg

    I (even though I am a new amputee) have a tip to share. For those of you who in summer months or in climates where heat gets extreme, my orthotists' assistant has given me my new best friend (being I live in Florida, sweating is a big problem) she has given me a bottle of Certain Dry anti- perspirant, it is a over the counter prescription strength product that closes the pores for about 24 to 48 hours. You put this on at bedtime and the next day you're good to go. I have no address to find out where you can purchase in your area but there is a toll free number on the bottle for the manufacturer/distributor. The manufacturer/distributors number is 1-800-331-0221, they are out of Edison NJ, I am sure those of you in other countries can perform a product search online to see if you can get this in your areas as well.