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    I enjoy writing inspirational and short stories. I also enjoy helping others to feel good about themselves. I love basketball, tennis and walking. I am interested in improving the quality of life for amputees. My relationship with God is the center and beginning of my life and I also enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle. I believe that a diet of organic fruits and vegetables (some meats--not farm raised) plays an integral role in the health of amputees. <br><br>I enjoy working with software and hardware troubleshooting--which is like a complex puzzle that is fun to figure out. I love crossword puzzles...and contrary to my strict diet--I am a sweets chaser (I love cookies, cakes and anything that is devil's food)!

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    vein deterioration
  1. shanstar99


    Hello; I have never driven, so when I received my amputation, I feel as though I have an even more complex situation. Presently, I don't own a car and am eager to find out what I need to do to obtain an automobile with which I can drive. I have my work cut out for me in getting a refresher course of driving lessons (had driving lessons in 1998 from the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, but was not able to purchace car). I would like to ask some of my friends, here, what course of action or actions that you took to get yourselves driving and on the road. Any suggestions or advice would help. Thank you kindly!
  2. shanstar99

    BEE STINGS!?!?!

    mmmmm..let's see. I use tea tree oil quite a bit when I have irritations. It is a natural health remedy..BUT, I strongly suggest you do a little research before trying it, but I have used it for other irritations, not particularly on my stump. However, it is considered a fine remedy for skin irritations from insect bites. Just a suggestion, and I hope you will recover soon and get back out there nad have some fun!
  3. shanstar99

    Socks is Socks

    :o This happens very frequently with me, especially when I loose weight and need to add socks at least twice a day. When I am in this sort of crunch, I try to find the nearest ladies room and use toilet paper or paper towels by folding them length-wise and making a neat layer by poking a hole in the center for the pin to go through. As you've mentioned, that holds me at least until I get home--if not--another stop to the bathroom for second make-shift sock. :lol: Once--I was in so much pain one time at an early meeting--I was in desperate need of finding a bathroom--on this particular floor--every washroom was a 'mens' washroom--I finally found a bathroom and went inside--I noticed what looked like 'very long' sinks. I thought--that's different--so I went inside of the 'regular looking stalls' and did my thing for making a make-shift sock. Well--the whole time, no one came in (and if so, no big thing--I'm in a ladies bathroom--no worries--at least I thought so) I was all done washed my hands in a 'regular looking' sink--since those funny looking long ones didn't have any faucets. Do you know--that when I left the bathroom-I just happened to look back and noticed that the bathroom was a men's bathroom--the signage was a bit out of place. That explains those weird looking sinks--which were 'men's toilets' :o Well, at least I've gained some insight into the men's washroom--I'm just glad that's all I saw if you know what I mean. B)
  4. shanstar99


    Thanks JohnnyV; Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. I will check out that web site. I've been away from the forum because I have been job searching. I haven't received any feedback from attempts at applying for jobs--so it seems to be a never ending story. I don't have insurance (unemployed) so I am trying out several options for work. Since I don't have a car yet, I need something convenient--preferrably work at home, but I'm not sure where that would lead me. As soon as I am able to obtain insurance through employment, I can possibly purchase another sleeve. :( The website, however will give me a chance to plan ahead. :) Thanks again and I hope you are doing well!
  5. Hello everyone; I haven't been here for a couple of days (job searching). I wanted to share something with my fellow stars, that maybe helpful when wearing prosthesis. But...I can't guarantee that this will be helpful for everyone. All skin types aren't the same, but I have found this to be very helpful, and I've used it as tried and true for over 6 years. This topical creme can be purchased at almost any drug store or Walmart and it is called Johnson's and Johnson's First Aid Creme.. The creme comes in a small tube and can go pretty fast if you apply it librally and use it everyday--which I do. I apply it on the bottom of my stump and virtually any place where painful friction occurs. This creme has really improved the comfort in wearing my prosthesis. I initially used A&D ointment, but found that the oil glands would become clogged--producing painful boils and sores. For me, A&D was way too oily. You might want to give it a try and see what you think--it's greaseless and odorless so skin sensitivity would largely depend on the skin type and type of prosthesis. It is also good for healing sores and other inflamations. Just a thought Shannon
  6. shanstar99


    Hello all; I was wondering if anyone knew how much prosthetic sleeves or liners cost. Currently (but hopefully temporarily), I am unemployed without insurance. I might be able to purchase an extra sleeve--depending on how much they are. It is always a good practice to have additional sleeves--in case one becomes defective in some way. You never know when you might need another right away. Fortunately, I'm not using my leg very heavily, so the 'mileage' on my leg and sleeve, I try to keep at a minimum. Just-a-wonder'in... Thanks
  7. shanstar99

    Everyones story

    Hi, Brenda Thanks for your welcome message. I read your posting and wow-I'm already inspired!! It sounds like things are going great for you. For a long time, I've been feeling out of the loop in many ways. But joining the forum has really brought about a huge sense of connectivity for me. During this time in my life, I am just beginning to figure out what I want to 'do with my life'. I'm not really working now-so I don't have access to a car. I'm planning on going back to school and getting a M.Ed. But I would also like a significant part to be devoted to getting involved in helping other amputees. This is a great start for me--and I hope there is more out there for me to do. I enjoy learning about everyone and I thank you for reaching out. Best, Shannon
  8. shanstar99

    Soon to be RAK

    Hi Brian; I'm new here and like most, I'm getting to know folks, so I read your posting. I was in a similar situation as yours. I too decided to have an amputation after a long battle with leg ulcers. It was the best decision I've made. And it sound like it will be for you. I will pray for you and everything will be fine. You will be back in stride again before you know it! with all the best; Shannon ;)
  9. shanstar99

    Everyones story

    Hello; my name is Shannon Taylor. I was born with a degenerative vein disease in my lower right calf. I did not become aware of this until I reached my teen years. So up until then, I was a-okay and other than a very large port-wine stain on my entire leg and thigh--I didn't really experience any problems what so ever. When I was a freshman in high school, I started having a very cold sensation-which gradually became more like a burning sensation in my right ankle. And this was before over the counter drugs like ibuprofen and alieve. These pain sensations would come and go and the more weight I put on--which is common in teenagers--the more painful it became for me to walk. I went to see a doctor and basically the doctor that I went to see thought that I needed 'psychological' help--because he couldn't see any real evidence of trauma :( I then went to other doctors who couldn't seem to find anything-- A few months later, I developed a painful burn-like abrasion on my ankle---My next visit to the doctor was halfway helpful--at least in alleviating my pain--but not the illness. To make a long story short-(by the looks of this--it might be too late), the more my body matured the worse the illness became, until my whole lower calf and foot was covered in ulcers. I decided to call it quits on one cold and rainy April day in 1993. I decided to have an amputation which in my case would liberate me from pain and the hell of sores taking over my leg--and life. I am of the opinion that this was one of the greatest accomplishments and decisions I have made--and besides I belong to a group of phenomenal people--who defy limitations, overcome adversity and declare victory! SOOOOOOOOO--that's my story--I hope I didn't bore you to peices. I'm reading everyone else's story--so bear with me--I want to get to know you well--and hopefully, you will get to know me! (I've got to get my signature right--so the text that you see in place of my signature will be replaced-shortly) Smooches! (and thanks for your warm welcomes!!!)
  10. shanstar99

    New to forum

    :D I'm new to the forum, however, I'm not a 'new' amputee. I've been an amputee for 14 years. I'm looking forward to this and have been for a while. I'm very happy to be here and hope that my experiences will help out in some way. I am really excited about getting to know everyone. Thanks for being who you are. Great to be here; Shannon Taylor