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  1. Hi, Sorry, my German motherlanguage made me use the wrong word. I just looked it up in the dictionary, what I meant was instep Daniela
  2. Hey, fantastic idea to give reviews of the feet we wear! I have the TruStep from College Park. It's great for walking even on difficult underground. The only bad thing I can say about this foot is that it doesn't fit with boots, the instep is to high. Apart from that - wonderfull! Daniela
  3. manila


    Hi Jenny, I wear a pin lock system, too and had problems with an unscrewed pin several times (i.e on a shopping trip on a crowded street ). I was told to just put an o-ring on the upper side of the pin which you screw in the liner. Since then my leg never fell off again :) . I think it's worth a try! Good luck, Daniela
  4. manila

    got my new leg

    Hi, I want to add my congratulations :D ! I also use the elation foot and it costed me some time to get used to it. But now I'm really happy as I can wear almost every shoe I want to. Walking with heels is much more comfortable for me, too. However I've never tried to walk on these very thin modern heels, has anyone experience in walking with them? Daniela
  5. manila

    What part of the world are you from?

    Hi Jukka, I'm not of angosaxian origin, too. I was born in Germany and still live here. What would I do without this excellent german beer ;) ? In December I'm going to Dublin for a few weeks - I'm looking very forward to that.
  6. manila

    How Many Bikerholics?

    Still a strange topic for me ... After my accident two years ago I haven't got on a motorbike until now. I rode an old Harley Sportster XLCH from 1968. A wonderful bike and I had much fun on it. However the thought of getting on a bike again and having another accident drives me mad... :( I don't think I could cope with such a situation once more. My boyfriend still rides his Harley what doesn't make me very happy, too. But I think he has to decide this matter on his own ... O.K. time to see my psychologist once more Daniela
  7. manila

    Well is Eric coming back ???

    I just wanted to say, that it's quite a pity that Eric isn't a member any longer :( . I'think he was - and would be in future - a huge support for many members on the forum. Daniela
  8. manila

    Welcome Mellie

    Hi Mellie, A warm welcome to the forum. I'm a 25 year old lbk. Lost my leg due to a motorcycle accident. Hope you will feel comfortable here! :D Daniela
  9. manila

    Neurontin for Pain

    Hi Tricia, Perhaps a little massage of your stump will help? For me that works great when having pain. Daniela
  10. manila

    The Power of Positive Thinking

    Thank you for that inspirating story, Dave! I'm going to keep it in mind and I'm sure it will make my days much better. Daniela
  11. manila


    At rehab I got a good tipp for cycling: there are special pedals with shorter handles (like on kids' bikes, i think). Using them the problem of the prothesis pushing in the back of the knee doesn't hardly exist :) . Using a pin system I was told to loosen the pin by pressing the button before cycling to reduce stress on the limb. Hope this helps, Daniela
  12. manila

    Everyones story

    Hi Chuck, Shouldn't be too difficult to return to the bike. A friend of mine is AKA and has a C-leg, too. She rides her bike quite a lot. However - as far as I know - the C-leg must be especially programmed for riding to minimize the joint's resistance. This seems to be necessary to save it from damage. But I'm sure your technician can tell you more about this. I wish you a fast recovery, Daniela
  13. manila

    To be or not to be covered....

    Hi Afet, Thanks for your help :D . I'm going to write an email to Dorset to have my questions answered. Daniela
  14. manila

    To be or not to be covered....

    Hi Sue, thanks for your tips! I just checked the ossur website, but I didn't find the cover for the elation foot - which I'm very interested in as I use an elation - can you tell me what it is called exactly or send me a link please? Afet, Thank you, too. I thought the Dorset cosmesis are torn over the prothesis like a glove - am I wrong, and can you explain me how they construct their feet, please? I didn't find anything about this on their homepage. Greetings, Daniela
  15. manila

    To be or not to be covered....

    Hi Karen, I can understand you very well. For me the cosmetic cover is very important, too. I've an individual silicone cosmesis - putted over the foam cosmesis of the limb like a glove. Looks very natural and for adjustments it can be pulled of the prothesis like a sock. I was told it is not to be replaced before two years of use (is this a correct english sentence? ). I'm wearing it while doing sports etc. The only thing I don't do with this cosmesis is walking bare foot. Other people noticing I'm wearing an artificial limb is not my problem, but I want to have a good looking one. Besides the bionic look is very esthetic! The other thing is, that people are not that struggled if they notice I'm an amputee only when they have talked to me for a while. They recognise, that the amputation doesn't determine my life - and that I'm nothing but they are. That makes things much easier in getting to know new people. For my second prosthesis (it's made for wearing high heels) I want to have a cover, too. I'm reflecting to go to Dorset for having a cover. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost? Anyone who has experience with Dorset cosmesis? Daniela