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  1. Johannah

    Be careful what you ask-

    What you've just read is an exchange between the Administrator and myself that took place over the past few days. It won't be here for long no doubt, but for the moment it is. I wanted to say that I have been surprised by the comradery of those who participate on this forum and I have found you all to be very caring and compassionate people. Please stay that way...I apologize if I've had a tendency to "counsel" too much, it's what I do. As Eric says, the forum can be addictive. Not for me though, I haven't got enough time in the day as it is. So, I'll say goodbye now. Oh, and Johnny...perhaps you should re-examine your approach in the future?
  2. Johannah

    Be careful what you ask-

    Hi Johnny, I asked Eric, but he wasn't sure...is there a way to un-register on the forum? I've seen a few posts that said no longer registered or something like that, but I can't seem to locate any button or anything that does the job. I've been getting PM's from someone who asked me that question and I didn't have any answer for him either, but he says he would un-register if given the option. Can you let me know? Thanks, Hello Johannah, There is no un-register process that a member can initiate through the forum software. It has to be requested through the Admin, which I have provided for other members in the past. Please refer that matter to me so that I can provide their request. Thank you, Thanks Johnny, But considering that the guy never posts and is only on the site because he is a "devotee"...I doubt he'd consult/contact the Admin on the site. But, thanks again...I'll let him know. Hello Johannah, I have a problem with having devotees hiding as registered members on the forum. It is a violation of peoples trust of which I am responsible for eliminating. So unless you want me to think of you as harboring devotees on our forum, which would make you an accessory or possibly a devotee yourself, my suggestion is to come clean and tell me what is really on your mind. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. First off, Noone is "harboring" anyone-I didn't however feel as if it were my "duty" to do anything about this other person's being here. I have suggested to him that it isn't really appropriate for him to be on this forum and he agreed, beyond that I don't feel as though I am responsible for someone else's business. I checked his profile and he doesn't list himself as an amputee, he also doesn't post. What is it that you'd like me to do? I'm not a moderator or an administrator on the forum, am I supposed to banish him? He hasn't said anything "offensive" in nature to me, so I hold no grudge against him. He said he would "un-register", but there appears to be no way for him to do that. An "accessory" or "devotee" myself? Come clean? My cooperation? I'm not sure if I should be offended or not? If this man is on the forum there are probably several others too and I would say that a good percentage of the guests may be also...what do you propose to do Johnny, banish them all? I agree they don't belong here, but that isn't going to change the statistics any. As for myself, since you seem to be on a glorified "witch hunt" of late, perhaps you should "un-register" me? I have no desire to be under scrutiny from you or anyone else, I have enough other hurdles in my life than to deal with such nonsense. I think you have more than you'll ever be able to handle with the "devotee" problem. I don't think that you'll be able to keep them at bay, but hopefully they'll at least remain polite. Which is more than I can say about this PM. Johannah, I have obviously struck a nerve here, of which I am not at all happy about. If you are not interested in cooperating with me in regard to helping me preserve the safety of our forum, and are on the defensive with my previous PM, I question that you are who you say that you are, and assume that you have your own agenda on our forum, that is different than anybody elses. Please help me to understand, as I would prefer to clear this matter up with you. I have enough other hurdles in my life too, and would prefer to spend my time helping people, rather than having to be concerned about the safety of the amputee forum. I would hope that you would understand the responsibility that I have here, and not take this personally. Respectfully, How you would expect that I not take your PM personally or be offended by it in any way has me completely baffled, Johnny. Perhaps you're right, if you are any measure of the "agenda" of this forum than I don't belong here. I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "cooperating", what exactly was it that you were proposing? I don't see what it is that you felt needed "clearing up" either? How do you expect that I have some means of securing the "safety" of the forum, anyways? Anyone can come onto this site, Johnny, it's an "open" forum. The guests don't have to undergo this kind of scrutiny, do they? I'm sorry that you are taking what you obviously feel like as "some sort of invasion" so personally, but that doesn't give you the right to attack me or my character. I was very upfront with you about my question, I asked it...you replied...I explained my reason for asking...you attacked my character. Gee...I wonder if you struck a nerve? As for the forum, there are some very nice people here-there's my agenda. Now that you know...please unregister me immediately. -------------------- Johannah "MoJo"
  3. Johannah

    Prayers Needed

    She'll be in my thoughts too...
  4. Johannah

    attempted break in

    I'm thinking that your just really lucky that it's not Winter, Eric. Otherwise, you might have to commute with a bear hibernating in the "bed" of your truck.
  5. Johannah

    For Lark

    Okay, here is what's weird? I just posted a picture on my profile that would not upload on my reply, I just don't get it?
  6. Johannah

    For Lark

    I'll try this another time? Nope it just says that I cannot upload this type of file. I've tried several different pictures and they all say that! AARRGGHH!
  7. Johannah

    For Lark

    First off, Bobs my Uncle? You lost me there? Second everytime I try that-it's either not an accepted format or I get a link to the picture, like an attachment. Did you see my highway 190? That was a downloaded picture-it posted as an attachment?
  8. Johannah

    Make Josh`s Day

    Good luck and best wishes, little guy! Eric will make sure that we are all praying for you and thinking about you at just the right moment. Until, you can come back on and let us know how you're feeling...rest and take good care of yourself! I have a little something in the mail for you for after your surgery. Luv,
  9. Johannah

    attempted break in

    Hey Brian, Were you trying to steal Eric's truck? Bad, Bad Bear Face!
  10. Johannah

    attempted break in

    Eric, If you're smarter than your average bear...then why does the bear own your truck now? :lol:
  11. Johannah

    For Lark

    Don't feel bad Pam-this was my thread and I don't know how either. Hey, Brenda, Lark & Lesley-quit gloating and tell the rest of us poor schleps how to do it. :lol:
  12. Johannah

    attempted break in

    Hey Boo Boo! There's a truck on top of my picnic basket!
  13. Johannah

    For Lilli

    I hope noone finds this in poor taste, but to me at least...it seemed apropo. Hwy 190 It can be very beautiful in the desert, especially at dusk.
  14. Johannah

    Make Josh`s Day

    He'll be in my thoughts, Eric. I picked up something for him for after the surgery, I need to send it out.
  15. Johannah


    Good perspective, Brian.