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  1. Higgy


    Hey cobber.............. Just updating as well...........
  2. Higgy

    ACA Conference 2015-Tuscon

    Chrissy, you should call the Amputee Coalition. Things aren't really "dis jointed", it's the way that they have been doing it now for several years. The reason that you can't book a room directly is because the AC has a "block of rooms at this special rate. You won't get anything any cheaper the other way, as a matter of fact it most likely would be higher. They can help you get a room at the rate they got for us, IF there are any rooms left. By now, many who go have already had rooms reserved since 2014. Those that did, had to cancel those reservations and make new ones through the link on the website. By now, any rooms that some would be wanting as accessible will all be taken. It is very late in the game for that. Many of us can make due in a regular room, and if you ask at the Amputee Coalition, you can possibly get a shower chair, or they can instruct you as to how you may get one. It's not really that hard... Also, at this time, some people will be looking for a roomies to share room costs... Ask about that as well........ I hope to see you there!
  3. I'm doing good Ann...... Has anyone heard from Cheryl yet? Ann, why am I just reading about you in and out of the hospital last year? If you facebooked me, I probably have cancer brain and missed it........ You ok? Cheryl..................... OH Cheryl.................. Where are you????????? maybe she snuck out to see 50 Shades of Grey......lol
  4. I will be.. I'm only having a minor procedure on my left hand on Tuesday on won't even be put out.. Just a local.. and for that, they tell me to wear loose fitting clothing!. For my hand.... ah well..... such is the life.... Take care...... Prayers for you for tomorrow!
  5. The last time I was in the local hospital for a small surgery, the LPN came in early one morning wanting to give me my insulin injection before breakfast.... At least an hour and 15 minutes before breakfast. It is fast acting insulin. I argued and refused the injection, no matter what she said, until my breakfast tray was in front of me. I was released that day, and the more I thought about it, afterward the more bugged I was. I'm a big enough loud mouth to make a point.. but what if I were an unsuspecting senior who wouldn't stand up for themselves, being afraid to say no..Well, about a week after I got home, I ended up calling and asking for the director of nursing. I then explained that what would of happened to someone, myself included, if I had taken fast acting insulin with nothing to eat. That maybe they should train the nurses better if they think they aren't understanding just what happens when giving fast acting insulin with no food. I don't blame you a bit for writing a letter and letting the powers that be know what had happened. Stick to your guns girl! I hope all goes well for you in the days ahead.. Will you have a way to stay online?
  6. Well, by not taking your wheelchair, you could use one at the airport. Let the skycap take you to your gate..Easier to carry things. I don't travel with a chair either, never have. If you get a duffle or a bag with a shoulder strap, it helps. I found a back pack that has wheels and a lift handle like the luggage has. It works great. You can have your CP give you a lesson in how to take your foot off of the leg, if you need to so that it will fit in the bag. Even a small carry on suitcase works well for all of the leg stuff, that way.
  7. You're also allowed to carry on an extra bag if it is carrying only "leg" and parts. Don't use it to stash a coat, shirt, or anything else. It is considered "medical" on any airline and there is no charge for that. I do want to mention that there is a lot of discussion on checking a bag that has "amp gear" in or just carrying it on board the plane. Lots of different stories too. I guess it depends on how trusting and lucky you are. I have traveled both ways. With my leg in a bag that was checked, and as a carry on. After not having a bag arrive at the destination when I did, I haven't checked my leg bag again. And that was in the USA. I know I wouldn't be checking it if I were going to another country. It goes with me from now on. I also have travel crutches. Those, I will put in a bag to be checked. If I loose them, they are much cheaper than my amp gear. It's a choice you have to make yourself. Please think on it everyone.
  8. Higgy

    Tumbleweed Time again?

    I'm just crazy busy at work this month...... Our office is one of them doing the Affordable Care Act applications...... Plus, remember I now work for a Center for Independent Living..... They can keep you mighty busy........ but, I love it.....
  9. Higgy

    Gel sleeve allergy?

    I kind of get the same reaction that you describe from new liners, Kate. If I get them, wash them very very well a couple of times with a little extra soap, then I'm ok. If I don't I will end up almost blistered from them each and every time. It has to do with what they have in them for moisturizing that does it. They are supposed to be aloe embedded, but I use straight aloe when I am very dry. What ever it is, if I don't follow that rule, then I will have a red rash that will itch so bad it blisters. Then, I have to use a Benadryl get to get every thing calmed down again. The gel lotion allows thing to calm down and heal without really itching much. It doesn't hurt the liner either. (Better than swallowing more pills) The Benadryl gel is over where the calamine lotions are. That and poison ivy itch relief. Hope something helps..
  10. Higgy

    What do you do....

    5less, Welcome here.. Glad to have you join us. It sounds like you are doing pretty good..In the beginning, it sounds like many of us.. We wonder what we will every resume from our lives pre amputation. Then, is post amp date and we are looking back, thinking, "I didn't really think that I'd be this far, this soon". I'm glad that your employer is very considerate of your position and is quite willing to accommodate you and other's as well. About a year ago, I went to work for a Center for Independent Living.. We help others remain independent for as long as possible. In many ways. They are as accommodating as can be.. It's great to work for someone like that.. the previous employer could of cared less. Enjoy your stay here on the forum..
  11. Higgy


    We can't force them to post if they don't want to.. We have done the e-blast, and actually, it was done recently..... I suppose Facebook is the reason that it is so slow anymore....
  12. Higgy

    Well, What Happened in 2013?

    The big difference with it being in the desert, it might be hot, but it sure won't be humid..... it's definitely a lot different... What are you having the most trouble with Ann, your socket or your foot?
  13. Higgy

    It's really quite here

    ".....or maybe it was a front for a joint MI6/CIA working group dedicated to the arrangements for the 2013 Christmas party.....or dedicated to stopping injuries caused by standing on bits of nubbly plastic and falling over... or dedicated to choosing who would be the next 007..... or maybe not......Maybe it was just an old warehouse, desperately in need of renovation, attention and activity.... someone to plaster the walls, fix the plumbing and choose a nice mellow paint colour and co-ordinating curtains. Scatter cushions and those little candles in little candle holders. Side lamps with beautiful hand=painted shades and varnished old wooden floorboards..... Or maybe it was really where the Heather Mills Forum moderators chilled out and stuck pins in effigies of all the forum people who never joined in the storytelling..... But the truth was, the townspeople had no idea what the place was and it was guarded by high walls, guard dogs. and razor wire so nobody was going to volunteer to get close enough to look. Until one day the Mayor decided to call a meeting in the town hall. (Which was made of bits of Nubbly Plastic of course)." Then one day, a little old fellow with a limp, decided to see if the huge sliding doors would open. When he pried the doors open a few inches and the sunlight poured through the crack, his eyes grew huge in wonder....
  14. Higgy

    Everyones story

    Glad you stopped back in....Those of us who have been amps a while have to remember that there are always newbies coming along.. If someone hadn't of been there for us, where would we have been? I hope to pass on what ever I can to other's as I had things passed on to me..... I hope all of the members remember that, and appreciate it as well..... It's always nice to catch up anyway!.