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    August, 2000
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    Car accident
  1. smrtypntss

    Where Are You From?

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted, or even visited, but I'm an RBK from Bellingham, Washington, about 25 mi. south of canada, and about 60 south of Vancouver, British columbia!! -ian
  2. smrtypntss

    Everyones story

    Hey everyone- I know i've been a member for about a week or so now, but i figure i'd g'head and tell you about myself. I'm 22, will be 23 at the end of the smmer, and I've been an amputee for 4 years now, just below the right knee. One night i was driving home from a friends house, and i was hit by another car head on, but only about the left 2 feet of my car was hit. The doctors tell me that the brake pedal of my car basically sliced right through my shin and the rest is history. More recently though, after everything has gotten back to normal, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Economics, and i plan on going to grad school one of these days soon. so there I am... Exciting huh? -ian
  3. smrtypntss

    BEE STINGS!?!?!

    Hey everyone- Kind of a quick question, but it's important! Yesterday while I was out enjoying the sun, I rolled over and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain in my stump. I rolled onto a Bee and it stung me! Now it's been irritating me for the whole day, and i can't stand it.. It makes wearing my leg very uncomfortable to the point where i just leave it at home. <-- Annoying! Does anyone have any ideas about how to make the itchiness and pain go away? Help me help me!!! :( -ian
  4. smrtypntss


    Hey gals and guy! B) Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems like i'm the only guy that shaves his stump... I'm BK and don't shave the rest of my leg on either side, but what's under the sock is always shaved, for me, it just seems to feel a lot better shaved than not. Anyway- I have one of the three bladed ones (Mach 3, as it is called here) and I love it. It keeps a smooth shave on both my face and stump, and i rarely (if ever) nick myself. As long as you use hot water and rub on the cream, you have nothing to worry about... Just take your time! take care- ian