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    sorry cant put any input with this question! i am with a partner 10 years this October and my amputaion was nr 4 years ago but i will read this! as in the back in my mind i do wonder if i did split? whould it be more harder? or easyer? i surpose i would say harder as you get older? just a guess
  2. Stephen

    The Things I Miss

    he he must be me then
  3. Stephen

    Anyway you can stop Google...

    the site itself has to unrigester the forum from the spider doo dar things its that easy
  4. Stephen

    The Things I Have Gained

    ok for me my new friend "belly is going to get you" more room on sofa when false limb aint on :P i am a more chilled out guy "as i aint 100 miles an hour doing things" and DLA "sorry thats just my joking self" Rocky my other dog "as i have more time on my hands now! " So i got him oh yes this one "Picking only one set of toe nails" he!he!
  5. Stephen

    The Things I Miss

    wow this is hard as its only been 4 years for me ok my walking the dog days for a few miles i was here and every where guy "everything is slower now" getting to the phone intime when it rings xxx Rated bit here xxx standing up from behind and having a good old wham bam thank you mam with emma in a private location he!he!
  6. Stephen

    Me today

    yeah its fun!! i cant get off the thing now :P thanks for the replys ;) stephens off brooooooooooooooooooooom he!he!
  7. Stephen

    Me today

    B) B) B)
  8. Stephen


    B) B)
  9. Stephen


    he he i wonder if he takes it when he goes to a house party? bring a bottle or a foot? :lol: :lol: :lol: i bet it smells a bit?
  10. Stephen

    New toy!

    looks well funky!!! remind me of the acid house music days tee shirt colours just need one of these in the middle :) he he
  11. Stephen


    :P :P :P :P I going to get my dad later to see what he does ;) ;) ;)
  12. Stephen


    he he big old hardman here did the same i jumped out of my skin and i made a scream noise my m8 is a sod he sent it to me saying look closely steve
  13. Stephen

    i'm home

    good luck on the recovery!!! ;) ;) ;)
  14. Stephen

    Uk People with Trust Funds

  15. Stephen

    New C leg

    Thanks for your replys!!! i am having a little battle with my insurance claim about the price of legs my self at the present thats why i asked! as i want to make sure i am able to get the c leg myself in the future as i have to pay for it in full "just making sure they bare that in mind before they give me a figure cheers this will help my case!!! thanks
  16. Stephen

    New C leg

    silly question here? do you Usa + Canadian aka pay for your C Legs? just a questione from little old me in little old Uk ;) ;) ;)
  17. Stephen

    If yoiu can be annyone in the whole woorld .

    ME!!!! Because in the business ;) ;) ;) lol!!!! got to believe in yourself to keep going i think!!! :D :D :D or if not i like to be my dog tiger!!! as she has a wonderful care free life B) B)
  18. Stephen

    The benefits of our disability

    every person to there own!!! the way i see it if you are able to get things to make life easyer? I bloody do it too right!!!!!!! as in my case i was an able person to do what ever i wanted!! till the dark day of some bum drunk driver! End of the day we are here once!! Enyoy life!! its too short!!! as mine was nr over a few years back!!! ;) ;) ;)
  19. Stephen

    Anyone ride a motorbike?

    we are the same!!! big up the lak gang!!!! B) B) B) mind you i aint brave enougth for a bike yet! i stick to the trike for now ;) ;) ;)
  20. Stephen

    New Topic

    My taste in music is very similar to Stephen's actually. We both love the same tunes! Also, I love 80's music...all those fast beats! By the way Stephen, I love the contrast in your taste in music!! For example: Public Enemy and the theme tune to Watership Down!! :P (which, incidentally, is sung by Simon and Garfunkel. I love that song too!) :D ;) ;) ;) coolio!!
  21. Stephen

    if you could have only ONEE wish .........

    i wish for for a care free world!! ;) ;)
  22. Stephen

    New Topic

    here is a few rap ---- run dmc public enemy 50 cent rnb ------ mary j blige destiny child house -------- stretch n vern todd terry drum n bass ------- shy fx ed solo pop and cheese britney kylie madona pet shop boys old bags music tina turner james brown blondie elvis = living in the ghetto "personal favorite tune" soul and blues 60s and 70s music tv and film music bright eyes tune in watership down film prisoner cell block h tv theme exorcist film music terminator film music eye of the tiger "rocky" oh yeah my own stuff what i make :D :D :D
  23. Stephen

    Stolen from me

    i dont think that is such a good idea about photo copys of your credit cards etc! as criminals did do a house robbery on your home? they have the numbers etc to cloan your cards esp your driving licence as well if they are half sensible sods? they just write them down again and wouldnt even take your photo copys "a team was doing it in nightclubs! not taken nothing just taken your driving licence,passport details and card details and re making them again" and you are not any the wiser to its too late :( its scary how easy it is to set up things ie new banks and documents in the next persons name :( i know its getting the headlines in the news now! so it must be common knowledge now in the scum under world.............as it was a bit more low key years ago when i knew gangs doing stuff
  24. Stephen

    Stolen from me

    to be honest they dont care if you are in a wheelchair etc most of these no back boned crooks! it used to make me mad when i had two legs esp the elderly things!!!! i remember seeing a old gentleman with sticks being robbed by some lads about my age at the time i was about 22 at the time and i aint much fan of the police to be honest! and unlucky for one of the lads i was there coming round the corner of a car park i rember getting one of the sods which did it!! and the rest is history Its a dark world out there these days!!! and it makes me sick hearing this stuff!! I was no angel im my youth and early 20s i did bits and bobs in my time!! But i never dreamed on mugging or street robberys or house or car robberys Sad thing its getting worse!! im 32 this year what the hell is this country going to be like in 20 years??? i be nr 65 about to retire in life look at the change in the last 20 years which has gone by its defo a bleak world Hope you are ok Pat?
  25. Stephen


    Hi everybody is free to do what they want! but i think you should sit on it for a while!! as its for life our needs!! and to be honest there is priceless topics here time to time!!!!! all the best in what way you go???? i aint going to get involved too much!! as i am useless in arguements on the net!!!