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    What Remark

    :lol: :lol: you go like this if you do it too much
  2. Stephen

    I'm Chuffed

    Wow thats great Pam!!! Brilliant!! i must admit i cant do that! but now i see it can be done with a pit of push and will power!!!! i am well proud ;) ;) ;) as for the winger they dont know do they really what we go througth ;) ;) ;)
  3. Stephen

    Anyone ride a motorbike?

    ez yeah i know you can have the gear shifts on the handles etc i understand your concerns as i am left above knee and same age group etc it aint a motorbike but i got on a mountain bike for the 1st time this year and even today since my accident i had two choices for the left leg "toe clip" or nr as you said, the other way i could of gone is a lock and slip fuction on your trainer or shoe "it was like a plate gizmo on the pedal "but i went the other way as it was good for me" i am really looking forward to this summer as i have a trike for the open rd and back on the push bike for freedem experience again ;) ;) ;) i see you keep fit with your weight bench i wish i did the keep fit from the start as i have tones of weight to lose now! oh well better later then never to start anyway have you tried looking at http://www.nabd.org.uk/ as they will know virtually everything on motorbike help!!!! as they done me proud on my trike information all the best
  4. Ok i am a Dj in Drum n Bass Music i play on internet radio stations,clubs,events, i produce drum n bass music as well as house music and most dance music.......i also got my own record label.......i setted up the drum n bass record label as a none profit label ie all money which is earned goes back to the artist! as i want to show these fat cat record labels how to do it ;) ;) ;) i am in a crew of djs and mcs which is called pointblank crew.............. i would love to have my own club one day if i had the money behind me!??!?! i sell bits on e-bay which is fun i used to be a car dealer in folkestone for a few years selling imported cars with a friend,but the good old taxman stopped me making loads in year 2000 so i stopped it as we had to import cars direct to the uk and pay high tax as before we would get the jap cars to netherlands and then bring them in and get them registed in the Uk with hardly any tax :D good days them but it was only for about 2 + half years before then i used to work with jewsons timber and building merchants for 6 years ( i actually started from work experience when i was at school) i just started a get fit programme as i have got huge in size i think i am 17 stone without artificial limb "i dread to look at the scales" i got a mountain bike and used it the other day hassle free :D :D :D then the snow come thats it really!!!
  5. Stephen


    :o so sorry to hear that!!!
  6. Stephen

    any trike o holics out there?

    Cheers John! :)
  7. hiya i have not been around for a while! ive been well bizzy with djing + music making on my pc!! well if you call Drum n Bass " Music?" boom! boom! bang! bang! crash! crash! im 31 going 12 poor old Emma must be thinking i am a big kid he!he! :D :D :D well i am a big kid at heart Ok what i need to know is where to get insurance on trikes? i thought the best thing is to ask here 1st before i go and look on the net and the yellow pages ;) ;) ;) Any help would be coolo Thanks B) B) B)
  8. Stephen

    how do people beat the snow?

    Hi Ed Yeah i have heard of them c legs! with a inteligent computer gizmo! right my friend i am going to look at these posts as i would like to know more!! all the best ;) ;) ;)
  9. Stephen

    any trike o holics out there?

    cheers for that!! they was good on price!!
  10. Stephen

    how do people beat the snow?

    Hi Pam sorry ive been a bit bizzy recently no snow? its well going for it here in Kent Today! i love the snow and i dont want to stay in watching it :D i basicly took a broom with me outside and used it as support me when walking and to sweep the unwanted snow out of my way if needed! it worked quite well! a few slips but never actually went right over! my dogs loved it :) Hi Ed wow i saw your profile! yeah i have a simular issue with the person which drove into me! namly Kevin Challis in the British Army "Still to this date there has been no Apologe to me or even a card while i was in hospital! How can people be so spinless? its behoned me! anyway buddy dont let that man stop you doing your bits in life! as its too short! how long ago was the acident? it must be hard with two aka?
  11. Stephen

    any trike o holics out there?

    Hi thanks for that motormike! the NABD was well helpfull! got some quotes and some were really good!! cheers buddy!!! ;) ;) ;)
  12. Stephen

    any trike o holics out there?

    Ok i just get on that phone tomozz then! ;) ;) ;)
  13. Stephen

    Dancing Anyone??

    i like a boogie me!! its funny as i keep treading on poor poeples feet when i have a few beers i did it the other week down a club where my friend was djing! so good old Steve represnting the One Leged Massive anyway this geezer which was big! typical as well! i stand on one of the biggest geezers in the club foot he said to me do you like me? i was like????? what you keep standing on my foot :( i said i couldnt feel it he looked at me all confussed and walked off poor old man! :D mind you i am 17 stone with short hair but i do jump up and down when i dance and go for it! as i used to be like it before with two legs :D :D :D IM IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING!! ROMANCING ..................................ARGGGH FREAK OUT!!!
  14. Stephen

    Driving again

    yeah its all about the get away in the car!!! when i come out of hospital after my leg accident it was only a few days a forced myself behind a wheel of the car ( as i wanted to make sure i can still drive?" ***lucky its my left leg i know that***** it was weird at 1st but it was cool! then a few weeks later i made myself drive where my accident was (it was scary i aint going to tel porkys!) but i glad i did it thats one thing i do love is the freedom of the car and to be soon my trike mind you living up in london or a city? it aint much fun in a car as i hate djing in london as the rds are a mare there!! funny enought my dj work is mostly there :D :D :D
  15. Stephen

    Pain in Stump

    i havnt but to be honest i have pain on my end of stump every day but my mind has manged to cancel it out most of the time! must be really bad to have injections :( :( :( its defo nerves with me!! if i flick a certain part with my finger "after a few seconds i get pins and needles effect Anyway good luck and look forward to see what the results are? as maybe i should do something? but i hate pills injecttions etc etc look forward to the news
  16. Stephen

    Kinky boots...

    My husbands eyes nearly popped out of his head when they arrived and i tried em on he!he! my eyes nearly popped out as well!!! ;) ;) ;) right thats it !!! Emma get a pr of them!!! :P :P :P :P
  17. Stephen

    New amputee

    Hi Annie im 31 im a above knee amputee I lost my leg in accident nearly 3 yrs ago age 28 The reason i am saying this! I am in the same age bracket as your partner ;) Ok there will be some ups and down feelings! But to be honest this is going to happen! It meight be delayed? It meight not? but it will happen """Please brace yourself for this""" Im sorry to hear he sliped over! "Yes at this stage he well feel it" But this does get better!! If he is anything like me? As time goes on he will laugth about them things!!! You be surprized how quickly he will adapt!! You wait till next summer he be in the park doing things ;) Oh yeah very important this as well! Give him the reassurance you wont go!! And the other good thing if a may? After a while he want to show he is a man in the bedroom department!! So be warned!!! You will never have it so good ;) ;) ;) ;) Peace and love Stephen!!!
  18. Stephen

    New Addition to the Family....

    :D :D Yeah Yeah Dogs!!! My next door neighbour has the same dog called "samson" He is about the same age!! Boy that is a big rotweilers!! a mean looking boy I personly have two staffordshire bull terriers 1 is a five year old B..ch called tiger "she is the boss out of the two" and the other is a 2 year old boy called rocky They are both lovely and friendly as i teached them not to be nasty! You should be ok to do the same?!?!!! as my rocky was a bit of a nightmare when it come to food time! but i showed him i was the boss of the house!! now he is soft as you like :) Mind you they play fight all the time! which is lovely to watch! yeah back to sampson he is lovely!! but dosnt like walkies much!! and the sun!! and they do a silly tongue when they are hot!! he!he!
  19. Stephen

    Hello you biker holics

    Hello everybody! I be honest i never been in to motor bikes! However i saw a couple of people on motor trikes the other day "I thought to myself HOW COOL ARE THEY!!! ;) :lol: " So if anybody know of a good place to get them? New or Second Hand I know they have a gear change conv kit for Left AK kit For people like me :D So please help me in the right direction to get a trike Big Thanks!
  20. Stephen

    Hello you biker holics

    ps sorry about the spelling
  21. Stephen

    Hello you biker holics

    Thanks for everybodys views, thoughts, and pointers ;) Ok i am halfway there now! as i got a 2002 harley 883 sportster today so know its the covertion bit I found two in the area nr me Eurotech in Cranbrook Kent + Uralmoto in Brands hatch has anybody had any work done with them? Or any other trike builders that you know off? Which are good? Thanks and speak soon
  22. Stephen

    NHS complaints!

    I never used to say nothing for nearly two and half years! "thats to seniour staff" Then my god old mum said you have to tell them what are your problems! my other half is a Nhs nurse + to be honest if you dont complain or see a seniour member of staff? you get no where! since i opened my mouth to the higher people! things are happening now for me! big change around in the last 2 mths for me!! I be flying next year! Heard about them new legs coming? . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . Only joking!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  23. Stephen

    New Security Measures and Amputees

    Thats made me laugh reading this :D :D :D :D I havnt had a pleasure of this yet!!! god the security are going to love me then!!! As i have a last name called Ali he!he! Oy yeah dont worry! i aint into relign or extreme right wing groups! as i come from a mega mix grill family! my nan was irish cath + my grandad was pakistan muslim from my dads side and my other grandad + nan was church of england! So for me i was well put off with relign!! he!he! I believe in treat the next person as you would like to be treated! Simple!!! who ever you are!! ;) ;) ;) ;)
  24. Stephen


    Yeah sorry to hear that sue!!! its seems like you was very unlucky on that one!! Hope it works out soon with another holiday Peace + love
  25. Stephen

    Hello you biker holics

    Hi everybody! Thanks for all your replys! I think i get a trike first before i think about a motorbike as they are a bit more stable "as i a have never been on a bike before" i had a moped a few years ago which i enjoyed before my accident "plus i want something to look mean" I have found a place nr brands hatch which converts bikes to trikes thats great for me as its in kent they suggested to me as i have never been on a bike before! dont go and get a more powerful bike then 650cc actually they told me to try and get a 535cc for my first one "then they will convert it" Right i get to the point! as i am going to get a second hand 535 cc ;) I want it to look like a big harley davidson type bike :P So any bikes which are about 3 to 5 years old "which looks the bizz" Can i have some names? I have been told these are the ones to look out for YAMAHA DRAGSTAR YAMAHA VIRAGO HONDA SHADOW I like the dragstar style best at the mo! its a shame the suzuki intruder aint 535cc "because i do like that style as well" I can picture it next summer now! summer breeze and steve with his trike taking it with ease Oh yeah the other reason for the trike, i can ride it with my car licence Thats the big point i want one B) B) B) B) Ps if you dont hear a reply for a week or two? Dont worry as i be offline for a couple of weeks Thanks everybody all the best