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    Took a tumble

    Sorry to hear that!! if its anythink like below? i feel for you I am in hospital this Thursday myself! after a fall My art leg never locked and i feel over and dislocated my left sholder anyway off to the hospital i went via ambulance and they put me under to put the sholder back in! Guess what happened two day later???............... my arm was in a sling! and my sholder dislocated again! off in the ambulance again! same thing again! put me under again so they can put it back in! Wosrt thing about it! is it was out about 9 hrs before the hospital put it back in "That was more pain then my amputation! and raptured hernia oh yeah another time i had a crack ribe after a fight one night outside a nightclub" So hopefully it be all smiles when i leave hospital this time round after surgery? :D Better not catch that silly MRSA bug? or whatever its called? because i got that stupid bug when i had my leg off after my accident in 2001 Anyway here is me going on!!! Hope you get over it soon!!! and keep your smiles up :) :) :) Classic Quote YOU HAVE TO BE ALIVE TO MOAN I love that line
  2. Stephen

    To the UK amputees

    Hi all!!! B) This is my first post as i have joined up today! Ok all it is, on the 28th of June 2004 around 8pm on Channel 5 in the Uk was a programme about artificial limbs! It really opened my eyes on certain new limbs. I am above knee amputee aged 31 & lost my limb 2½ years ago and to be honest i am a big boy with a large frame! The nhs has given me a leg which has been uncomfortable since I lost my limb. My main problem is i have very wide thighs, so therefore the suction sockets have been a nightmare for me, rubbing me all the time near the groin :( Ok back to this programme on channel 5. A european surgeon has a method of attaching a titanium pole to your bone in your stump and the bone grows to the pole and you have a little screw thread out of your stump! You would not need sockets at all as the pole is fixed all the time. To be honest i hate the sockets anyway. And for me its just the job as i have wide thighs! Has anybody on here have the same problems? What has been your solution? & does anybody know of this method being performed in the Uk? If anybody was watching the programme? Can you remember where this surgeon was from and what clinic it was? Love and Peace from Stephen
  3. Stephen

    Prayers Needed

    Yeah make me be the other amp doing some prays for your Chelsea. Regards Stephen
  4. Stephen

    To the UK amputees

    You aint old!!! I just looked!
  5. Stephen

    To the UK amputees

    Thats ok Brenda ;) Nice to meet you! Pam i just looked at your profile!!! We have the same Birthday!!!! 15th June is that right? Spooky!! He!He!
  6. Stephen

    To the UK amputees

    Hi Pam Im down in Folkestone Kent "Lived there for about 20years" I was a East end of London lad. Where are you from Pam? Regards Stephen
  7. Stephen

    To the UK amputees

    Yeah i only saw it by chance! idoil thumb syndrome with the Tv remote LOL! :D Thank you very much for the welcome everybody! Its nice to see friendly people in one place! Speak soon from Stephen
  8. Stephen

    To the UK amputees

    Wow :) :) :) Thanks for that!!! Thats the methord yeah!!! Thenk you so much!!