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  1. does anybody use any which is on here? any of the the following.... Push Bikes,Folding Bikes,Electric pedal assist bikes i can use a push bike with a toe clip on my bad leg... due to my area it has hills and it limits me where to go also i run out of steam quickly so therefor i dont go on my bike much i was wondering if anybody uses a electric push bike? does it help? did you have a motor put on your push bike? or did you buy the whole bike in one? 2ndly has anybody gone and got a folding bike at all? with the intention of taking it in the car and find flat areas to ride on? do you still do it? or is it a novalty which wheres off? sorry to ask all this i am just curious................as i am at a crossroads at either getting a motor for my bike or getting a folding bike
  2. Stephen

    Able-bodied ignorance....

    i always find this funny with Kids i wear shorts and have my limb naked too KIds will just stop and look in amazement saying Mummy why has he got that and the parents just dont know what to say and say to the kid dont look its rude to staire but i rather they do look and ask questions to me so i always make a joke out of it saying to the kid i was a naughty boy and didnt listen to my mum and this what happend to me while the parents go in shock the kid is thinking i better be good from now on and me laughing to my self as i walk off naughyty Stephen he!he! i do love Kids thay are right to the point!! shame not all adults are not the same as them :)
  3. Stephen

    Stump and Socket Tip

    Hi gang i wanted to share something with you all just incase it can help anybody else in the future maybe? Right i am a big lad and recently been lucky to get a new leg this year which was comfy around the stump also at the same time changed from a suction valve socket and using bags or socks to get me into the socket, to a iceross silicone liner and pin version with a black carben fibre look kind of socket with a total knee,the turn around on my can's and not do's have increased to alot to do's right here we go when i am on the leg and doing quite alot near the top of the socket and stump where the back part of the socket is i get a lot of friction at times when walking and can lead to breakdown on stump skin which is sore and then it makes the day to day activatys a lot less due to discomfort and pain, this was annoying because my body and fitness wants to do more but i cant because of the pain and discomfort and really can spoil your day... im sure some or most can relate to this maybe? anyway i was thinking about the impact area of the stump because of the socket area in question at the moment i wear a silicone sleeve and 2 cotton liners due to my stump has shrunk because this year is the 1st i mananged in over 10 years to get to this sort of activaty which is helping my weight issues at the same time so nearly a win win for me allthough im a still big he!he!. Right anyway i found a sticky type plaster which is tuff and strong and really sticky its called duoderm extra thin and its easy to cut to size also the good thing about this is it "helps" to stop blisters and friction directly to the skin because it takes the impact also i could get this via my GP in England where i live insted of paying full price for the normal prescription price which is over half the price on the RRP for 10 which is £20+ or if you are on free prescriptions its free to try which some maybe due to there own circumstances and post codes in the UK all i do is put the duoderm on the area in question and then put my silicone liner on and then my socks and then go into the socket my normal way it is very sticky so its not that easy to unstick when in use but its still not hard to take off when you take it off at night, do have some wet wipes at hand to get ride of the sticky left over but for a sake of 2 to 3 mins each night when you use it i think its worth the extra minutes for me i use this if i know i need to go out and do stuff away from home and for me i get x2 days worth because i cut mine in half and so out of pack of 10 i get 20 in a month it works because i dont allways go out each day.... i just feel i needed to say this "Just" in case it may help someone else with simular issues i didnt want to keep this to myself even if it does not work for yo? At least its another attemped to try to combatour challanges we are faced with in our day to day lifes
  4. Stephen

    Above Knee Socket Problem

    thank you Cherlym little update its been bitter sweet year for me after my last post on this thread 1 of my dogs was ill and i had to let her go it was heartbreaking it was only a few days later however it was bitter sweet because as i said b4 i can go out with her in the park and when she was just a puppy and when i had two real legs he!he! it was just like old times, so im grateful i manged to get out with her b4 she went :) anyway reason for the update i now managed to get out to Bluewater without the scooter it was such a great feeling i had to share this info...
  5. been a good few years since i have posted actually i forgoten my password and when i asked for a reminder i relized i have moved from my old e-mail so the request was pointless anyway after a couple of hours today i recalled what it may be Moving on to topic I have had a uphill task with false legs over the years to cut a long story short for nearly 4 years now i just made do and this year "2012" i am back to the drawing board with my Limb Center the dilema i have is i keep doing what i am doing with my leg and eventually my roll of skin will break down and have loads of soars i wear my suction socket like a plug fit ie the stump is bigger then the socket "so goes in 3/4 of the way im not the smallest of guys however i am not as big as i have been in the past since accident its a catch 22 because in the last 4 years i have not had to reliy on tne limb center i have been doing the most i have since my accident ie going out and about and being happy also i got ride of my foam cover and now wear shorts on all year round "so it helps me with the stigma i used to have when people are looking thinking what is wrong with his walking pattern? So know its simply oh false leg that has been such a mental barrier lifted for me "silly i know but its true!!" back to the way ive been wearing my leg i cant walk far however im in no pain because i simply loosen when i sit down and when i drive etc it works but its wrong "i know that" hence giving the new leg a go so know i am on a new leg with the limb center 21/02/2012 i have changed my suction socket to a silicone liner with pin suction type with a total knee 2100 the major problem i have had with all legs in the past when made "right by the limb center" is my suction socket will lose suction when sitting down and always making fart sounds, so this silicone liner and pin just seems a way to go allready i have noticed if it was not for the pin i would of lost suction and come out of the socket with the same old problems, now the next major problem with all legs in the past ie when made right from the limb center is the top part of the socket and the inner side of my groin is always very soar when walking, i know my weight is an issue however this is somthing i have had even when i was smaller so after nr 10 years im thinking this is still an issue and the only time its not an issue is when i wear my leg wrong where the socket is not at the top groin area however if i keep doing it they say the roll of skin i am making is going to cause me major issues when older so i am really trying to work with the limb center with this new leg anyway today 23rd Feb 2012 i am in extreme pain with this new leg when standing up and walking because of the groin area, however when sitting down the leg is fine so at the moment i am doing a lot of sitting hence me doing this topic i wish i did the silicone liner with pin years ago because i have really noticed the benifit allready instead of the other methord which has always failed i am trying to ask advice from fellow members with the storys or tips because im tryin to make this the year to get out of old habits and get into new habits and at the same time get the leg right where i know im not going to have major issues in my older years All the best from Blast In The Past Stephen
  6. Stephen

    Above Knee Socket Problem

    been a few mths now and a few re adjustments in the process and 3 more visits to the limb center well here we go brace yourself gang a little while back i said my concerns to my leg man and did notes on problems on a day to day situ this was the 1st time i did notes and to be fair it worked out well between my leg man and me! brief breakdown he re shaped the top part of the socket in the groin area for me and instanly i could find it was more comfy in the groin area so i went away for another 2 weeks in that time i noticed i couldnt trust the knee in certain situations it would just give way on me and had a few falls 1 of which was pretty embarrising in front of people in a street leaving a house to my car, i left there thinging i dont get this knee why do you let me down = stupid knee in my mind i kept looking at it and played with it while i was at home and i clocked something which was diffrent it was not as positive in a lock postion then my other knee on the other leg so i noted this down and once again back to the limb center i went and told him and he went away come back re adjusted it for me and all i can say is this i now have a comfy leg when sitting down and standing up and even better i can move the best i have ever been able to since losing my leg over 10 years ago also in this time my stump has shrunk so the inside the socket has been lined with leather and at the moment i also where 2 cotton socks over the liner maybe this has helped the comfy side for me because it seems as time goes on its more and more comfy to wear the leg, once i get to the stage of 3 cotton socks i will have to have another socket made however i am now confident with the pro and cons with this socket he get the next 1 better, at least i know it wasnt me after all this time with the other legs with my weight being the man factor of comfort, all i can say if this gets better if i lose more weight in due course ie doing more i be running next year he!he! silly thing i even can go into the town center now instead of waiting in the car or parking right outside the shop also i can go to the park with the dogs and not looking for the 1st bench to sit down. I had a lovely day in Brighton and could walk from the car to the Brighton Wheel and get back without any pain or discomfort i usually dread going to places because i needed always to park so close to where ever i needed to go ie in "Meteres" now this is not the case ,for example if i needed to go to bluewater or lakeside i had to use a mobilty scooter however i am confindent this year i will smash this with no "mobilty scooter" im so looking forward of giving it ago anyway at some point this year maybe in the next 4 to 8 weeks so all in all the last month has been the best i have had being an amputee and hopefully i have lots of years left to come with new goals etc Regards From Stephen @ Captain KB i use a little "vaseline aloe fresh hydrating body gel" in the offending part of the stump b4 i go to bed and in the morning any marks or sores which are caused the previous day seems to be a less of a problem the next day,
  7. Stephen

    Iceross Sleeve

    i know its no help i do like the iceross sleeve i have had 1 for a few weeks now im AK with a pin system the feel to the stump for me is so much better then bare stump and suction valve system i cant see me going back to that system anytime soon thats for sure All the best from Steve
  8. Stephen


    i used to wear boxer shorts at the start of my amputee life but i have changed to slip briefs in the last 4 years in the winter or going to the limb center as well but i have got into a habit of wearing no pants and just wear 3/4 length shorts in the winter and in the summer to normal size length shorts, i love it since i took of my foam cover and just have the knee and poll all exposed anyway im sure this LANACANE will come in handy with my new leg i have because i do have some sore spots to deal with because of the socket all the best from Steve im glad i have read the topic
  9. hi i have been above knee amputee for 3 years and 3 mths and my snow walking skills are zero!! any tips how to beat it? or is a case just stay in? i tried to go out earlyer but my false leg was doing a micheal jackson crazy dance any tips?
  10. Stephen

    Left ABK riding a bike

    im quit fast ;) im ak
  11. Stephen

    Left ABK riding a bike

    im not a mad rider i just started doing it for health reasons about 12mths back i started on a electric bike first and got my fitness to a level , then a few mths back i could go to a normal mountain bike i say i go out 3 times a week now and have no problems at all good thing is that i stuck to it i got so fed up being in doors all day thinking i wish i could do this? and do that? in the end i looked at myself in the mirror thinking look at my belly and my double chin and usually i go the the fridge to get more chocolates.... i did the right move buying a electric bike........ just being out there in the real world was a big bonus!! then the rest comes and comes you manage to pedel more without the motor on full throttle i think anybody who are or in the same postion as i was who could get £300 together? then do it 100% anyway back to the topic yeah i go out 3 times a week its brilliant
  12. Stephen

    Left ABK riding a bike

    hiya i am above knee as well i find these the bees nees http://www.cyclesense.co.uk/products.php?plid=m9b19s385p2832 reason being thay are always level when you need to come of the bike or if you want to put your leg in very good for safety!!! i am a size 11 and i have been via 4 diffrent ways and these are the best so far!
  13. Stephen

    Above Knee Amputee Cyclists

    hiya i do ride a bike my self with a toe clip I basicly have a total knee and when i wear my leg i wear it a little inwards to the bike (ps i am a right above knee amp) but i do have two bikes one is electric assisted and one is a mountain style bike i use the electric more due to my health but to be honest this should change as i am getting fiter and fiter each mth
  14. Stephen

    Please Please We Need Your Vote

    Just like to say that our Mc Reborn come 2nd in the BBC 1 XTRA comp!! Big up all what Voted ;)
  15. Sorry this is not related to our Needs ;) but can you and your friends help our Ravingitch / PBC Reborn Mc At the BBC 1XTRA AWARDS AS THE BEST BREAKTHROUGH MC and vote for him http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/xb07/vote3.shtml Vote for Reborn Mc basicly he is an mc in drum and bass music and we want all the help we can hope you help us out :) Thank you
  16. Stephen


    thats just my sence of humor as well!! :D he!he! and i drive a Trike here in the Uk ;)
  17. Stephen

    Please Please We Need Your Vote

    Good enough for me. I just got my son and his friend to vote too. Let us know how it goes.... B) Thank You and i will let you know ;)
  18. Stephen

    Please Please We Need Your Vote

    thats fine ;) but if you would like to judge for yourself all audio is on our website so it makes what you said void that i am trying to cheat... as you be checking who is the best :) thats fine if you dont anyway ;) we leave it there as life is too short ;)
  19. Stephen

    uk amp get2gether

    i havnt read all of this but i would love to meet people which are in simular situations (i dont mind where it is but i thought it be nice not to be in a clinical area sort of place) because i can never seem to relax well in places like that as it can be to informal
  20. Stephen

    Please Please We Need Your Vote

    ok i start to the best of my english :) Usually when i come on here i usually do topics about whats related for me as amputees? or reply to topics which i think that suites me to reply too ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- basicly my friend is in a competition with the Uk Radio Station for Uban Music Called Drum and Bass here in the Uk and to put it short there is a voting system at the web address which i have mentioned :) so all i have said please can you vote for my friend in a competition (ok a bit about the competition basicly he is an Mc Mc is short for Microphone Controller or better way to say it as a Host while the Dj plays records at a Rave or at a Dance or Nightclub,they have Mc's to go with the Music which my friend is one ;) The bbc 1xtra have noted that he is doing very well in the Music sceen at an MC and selected him to be voted as the best (NEW COMER MC) you may or not no? I am in a crew of Djs and Mc's and Music makers which Reborn is a part off.. I am really thinking of the whole crew not just Reborn :P because if he has more Raves or Nightclubs that want him to Mc @ It helps the crew as well :D ......... so basicly i think my headline (Sorry this is not related to our Needs) has confussed a lot of people? OH I SEE THE PROBLEM NOW!!! (Sorry this is not related to MY Needs) as i say my grammer is not good and a suffer from mild Delexia.......and even if there is a problem with my text i wont see it for ages or not at all unless someone picks it up :( is that waht the problem been? or am i still missing something?
  21. Stephen

    DLA (question for Brits)

    i give up with this system! does my head in
  22. Stephen

    Please Please We Need Your Vote

    thank you :)
  23. Stephen

    Please Please We Need Your Vote

    I don't understand why then - and I am not being sarcastic. ok it is for our needs vote then :P :D not beeing sarcastic either ;)
  24. will do!! i look for the tips and tricks now