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Status Updates posted by Cat

  1. is tired of updating this thing

  2. Cat

    Saw you looking in my profile lol

  3. Cat

    I saw you

  4. Hey Ammmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. Cat

    Hey.....What's E.T. short for?

    Cos he has little legs

  6. Cat

    Was just thinking of you yesterday......that's scary...

  7. Cat

    Awww LUB you too

  8. Cat

    What?...nothing recent?........now there is :D

  9. Cat

    Neal is special....hhehehehe

  10. Cat

    Loving, caring, a true friend.

  11. Ahhh..my mate Johnny....always in the house!! A friend and a collegue. Has the biggest Tshirt collection in the world.

  12. Cat

    The best seat minder in the business.....happy unbirthday mate

  13. Cat

    Why am I always after Johnny???,,,,,,,Hi pretty Lady

  14. Cat

    No she isn't she's my girlfriend!!! Hi pretty lady.

  15. Cat

    Tammie is a generous loving person. The sister I wish I'd had.