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    Hi everyone. So pleased to be here with you all, thought I'd better introduce myself. Found this site completely by accident while getting some information for a client who has a friend who is facing surgery. I can't believe it has been here all along and I missed it. I've been an amputee since I was 5 years old following on from a birth defect. So that makes it..... ummmmm........a long time.....lol. Since finding this site I've been following links and have found some amazing things that I never knew existed. Things like Heathers cover and the flexifoot for instance. I'm a little annoyed at myself for not knowing of these things but also annoyed that my prothetist has never told me. I wear a very ordinary leg that has no shape and this new one is a little uncomfortable despite having it adjusted a few times already. I'm married and have 2 boys, youngest just turned 18, oldest will soon be 21. I'm a qualified Remedial Masseur. I am also ( and this causes me most of my grief) a pre operative ( never to be post operative) transsexual. I think that this makes me unique as I've never met anyone similar. I'm not going to go into any details about this here but if people want to ask about it they can contact me personally or just view my webiste. Catherine is my adopted name but most people call me Cat. Oh yeah........and I'm an Aussie Cheers for now and thanks for being here. Cat
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    News from Downunder

    Hi old friends It's been a while since I posted here and thought I'd just check in. Life gets busy! Ruth and I both have new jobs, a new car and a new address. We were seriously trying to make it across the pond this year for the conference, but sadly that didn't happen. Would have been lovely to catch up with old friends. Maybe we can make it to the next one. It's been a wild ride these past 3 years. Some of you know what happened with our daughter so I don't need to rehash that stuff here. We have both moved on but it's been difficult. We are both in a good place now. Our youngest has moved to Perth and recently got engaged to one of the most lovely girls I have ever met. Really looking forward to the wedding next April. Hopefully picking up a new bike this week. I am totally looking forward to getting out on the roads and cycling again. Also have an appointment on Tuesday coming with my Doc to get a new leg started. The one I have has been getting uncomfortable and I suddenly realised it's over 5 years old. Time for an update! Over at Limbs4Life Mel has been working tirelessly. We have our Aussie forum up and running which keeps me busy administering it. We also have a new forum for kids and their parents to get involved. Our kids program is now a national program and has been rolling out for the last few months. It's been a testing time for all involved and I have been in the office now and then helping with mail outs and doing whatever needed done whenever time allows. We had a our first national conference 3 years ago and I had the pleasure of hosting the great Johnny V at my house. (happy birthday Johnny by the way). Enough from me just wanted to say G'day and here I am writing a novel. I shall try to poke my head in here more often.
  3. How DARE you accuse me of being sensible!!!!!!!!!
  4. From the website Jane.......dunno if it helps Here are a few general points: ~ If you have difficulty controlling leg movements (e.g. due to Cerebral Palsy), the shinfin™ natural flexibility and flex will guide you to a more streamlined kick for freestyle, backstroke and fly. The fins are specifically designed to encourage a streamlined kick. They guide your muscles to achieve a natural rhythmic movement. Their ability to help overcome difficulties with movement control is very impressive. ~ If either or both feet are amputated, the fins will help lift your legs to a horizontal swimming position and encourage a natural, powerful, streamlined kick. ~ If you have at least 20cm (8") of leg length below the knee, they should strap around your leg without modification. ~ If the amputation is higher, you will probably need to trim the top of the fins with scissors, to reduce water drag at the leading edge. This is fairly easy and I am happy to give you guidance, or do it for you. ~ If one or both legs are amputated above the knee, then the fins can be strapped to the back or front of your thigh. If the distance around your limb where you wish to strap the fins, is greater than about 40cm (16"), then you may need longer fin straps (which we can provide on request). ~ Please do not hesitate to email me with your questions and suggestions. This helps me to learn too, and hence improve my service to other disabled swimmers.
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    I'ts Xmas morning

    Merry Xmas everyone
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    I'ts Xmas morning

    Crunchy Granola?
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    Happy Belated Birthday Cat

    Thanks Marcia
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    Happy Belated Birthday Cat

    And the birthday continues Thanks Neal
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    Happy Belated Birthday Cat

    Thanks Flip and Cheryl
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    Happy Belated Birthday Cat

    Awww thanks guys Had a lovely day thanks spent most of the time shopping then got taken out to dinner
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    new member

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    Hey - My story

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    Ice Skating

    Awesome Mary I have been skating since I was 14 and have always loved it. Best time I had was 8 years ago when we were visiting Colorado for the first time I got to skate up in the Rockies. When I was first learning I also had problems getting my feet and legs to do what I wanted and the way I learnt was kinda like skate boarding. Kept my bad leg planted on the ground and pushed off using my good leg. Once I got my balance, I lifted my bad leg and started to push off like you are supposed to. Worked really well.
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    Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    I started using my good foot on the brake not long after I first began driving. I found that I could easily swap my right foot from the accelerator to the brake but I always seemed to hit it too hard. Then not long after I read an article where a study showed that using the left foot on the brake in an auto improved reaction time in an emergency by nearly half a second. Seemed a good enough reason to me to I just kept doing it. Not once have I ever hit the brake while accelerating.
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    BKA prosthesis transition

    To be honest I have no idea but I will support anyone who wants to improve our image. Might be best to contact the people involved and find out. Will let you know if I get anything from them
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    BKA prosthesis transition

    Check this Click Here
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    Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    Have been driving an auto for 30 years with a normal set up but use both feet to drive. I use my good foot (left) on the brake
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    The Silence of the Amps

    Hope all you guys in the States are having a nice thanksgiving. Recently read an interesting book about the origins of thanksgiving and I was quite surprised at what led up to the first one. October started here and so did some heat, think it might be a long summer coming. Weather has been up and down and so have we a bit. My Dad passed away at the beginning of October and then Kylie had to have some laproscopic surgery at the end of October after much racing around to doctors, specialists, ultrasounds, etc. She is doing really well now and excited about school finishing (end of year exams this week). Am very glad October is gone and won't be coming back. This weekend we have our Aussie Hands (kids who are born with hand and arm deformities) Xmas party, followed next weekend by the Limbs4Kids Xmas party which I look forward to every year. Last week I was very surprised and chuffed to receive a lovely award for my work as a volunteer for Limbs4Life. Very humbling when I consider just how much Mel and some others do within the organization. Ruth is really busy with work as I am. Will hopefully stay "normal" now till Xmas and I can have a little break from work that I am really looking forward to.
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    Looking at amputation revision

    Hiya Aimee where in Oz are you? Might be able to find someone near you to have a chat.
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    Getting up from the floor

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    Getting up from the floor

    Drink tequila then everyone understands when you say you can't get up
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    It's me

    *waves* Was chatting to Tammie yesterday and suddenly realised how long it's been since I looked in here.
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    It's me

    Hiya Dave Gees 2 or 3 days after I come back here and my computer dies Back again now on a new laptop