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    Amputee Glossary

    I'm 8 weeks away from my 1st anniversary as an Amputee (although only 6 away from my accident anniversary) and although I now know a lot more about prosthetics and life as an amputee, than I did last year, there are still lots of things that baffle me. So I got to thinking that it would be good to have a handy guide to amputee and prosthetic terms that newbies (and not so new) could consult when they came across all these fancy words that the prosthetists use. Words and phrases like "plantar/dorsiflexion" and "proprioception" spring to mind but there are plenty more to found on the manufacturers websites. I've got one or two braincells that still function and can hazard a guess at the meaning of some words but it'd still be handy to have a guide on this site. Anyone fancy the job of chief lexicographer?? ... Marcus?? :lol:
  2. It avoids confusion United States * London, Arkansas * London, California * London, Indiana * London, Kentucky * London, Minnesota * London, Ohio * London, Richland County, Ohio * London, Pennsylvania * London, Texas * London, West Virginia * London, Wisconsin Canada * London, Ontario Kiritimati *London, Kiribati
  3. I NEVER remember the last time I get drunk ;) Seriously though, I don't believe anyone can get drunk from wearing a prosthetic limb ... only from drinking large quantities of alcohol.
  4. This is very true I do not know who or what you are however there is an introductions section to the forum that allows you to post a little about yourself. You'll see that I along with many others have done so. In fact it is usually considered good manners to introduce ones self when addressing a group of people. But Please, don't consider this an instruction I'm just venturing my opinion...
  5. Muz

    Dolphin Receives Prosthetic Fluke

    Hey Muz. I don't see the connection here. What has a Japanese dolphin's prosthetic tail have to do with the U.S. military? That's OK Jim, I asked myself the same question ;)
  6. Muz

    Dolphin Receives Prosthetic Fluke

    Amazing ... I never realised the US military received its health service funding from Japan <_<
  7. Neither does being born with a body that's suited to wearing the latest garments ... but I don't hear any complaints about being described as a "supermodel" <_<
  8. Muz

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    Hey... if it stops lawyers from starving, who am I to complain <_<
  9. Muz

    DLA (question for Brits)

    But then you wouldn't qualify because you'd be over 65 <_<
  10. All I can say is the NHS are a damned site faster than the legal system thats dragging it's heels over my (fairly straight forward, liability admitted) claim. Once thats settled I may. if I'm lucky, be able to jump the system like the rest of you privately funded guys <_<
  11. Muz


    No... and that's your right. Taken for granted in this part of the world and paid for with the broken bodies and blood of others...
  12. Muz

    PAM Aid

    Some of you may have used this already, some not and others may be wondering what it is. The PPAM aid is a partial weight bearing device used by mobilty centres to condition the stump following a lower limb amputation. It provides a means of re-learning to walk before receiving the first prosthesis and provides a psychological boost to the patient (as I found out when I first tried it). It comes in 3 sizes (if I heard my physio correctly ), to cater for different leg lengths, and the final adjustment is made by pulling the whole thing further up the leg and securing the bottom with velcro fastening straps. Cushioning of the bottom of the stump is provided by a small inflatable bag similar to the main sleeve. To put it on the physio first puts the smaller bag on the bottom of the stump (I usually end up holding it at this point). The larger sleeve is then pulled up the stump and the outer cage is then placed over that. The whole lot is then checked to make sure it is the same length as the good leg (I apologise in advance to those of you who haven't got the other leg but am only relating this from my own experience). The sleeve is then inflated to 40mm of Mercury (approximately 53 millibars) and then it is rechecked to make sure it is still comfortable and nothing has moved. The first steps are taken between parallel bars then when the physio is happy you are then allowed to walk with crutches. At first I was followed by the physio to make sure I was ok but later allowed loose on my own. I've been told that it is not suitable for everyone as the rigid part only comes in one diameter so for those of a larger build it would be either too tight or very difficult to walk with. Anyway just in case my description is a bit wooly I've also included a photograph.
  13. Muz

    PAM Aid

    My apologies Judy. I cleared this picture out when I was getting rid of some of the less useful junk that I had plastered all over the forum . Here's another version of it for anyone interested.
  14. So... what are we all doing now? As as often been said this is a support forum, not a social club, not a marriage guidance forum and certainly not a forum for sycophancy. I may be wrong but I think that the "Thank You and Best Wishes Heather" section is for members to thank Heather for the advice and support given by her to them as amputees. If you guys get all wound up about tabloid stories then it's time to develop your attention span and buy a proper newspaper. Oh and incidentally if all the bad stories are just lies... what are the good ones? A poor journalist is a poor journalist whatever the slant of the story.
  15. Muz

    Where R All the old member's?.

    I'm afraid that may be the difference between you and I, Ian. If I make a comment like that I actually mean what I say as you may have noticed in some of my previous posts. I don't try to dress it up as a joke and I can be thoroughly nasty at times. If anyone's unsure of the context of that quote it can be seen in full along with the rest of the thread by clicking on the little purple arrow next to the quote header.
  16. Muz

    Where R All the old member's?.

    As you can see from the above quote, most of what I posted was utter drivel so I can't see how anyone has been deprived of anything meaningful. As for the second comment, well you were partially correct in that this forum was consuming too much of my time so I decided to devote my energies back to the things that are really important in my life and make way for the newcomers. I have made some good and lasting friendships here and learnt a lot from you all... mostly but not always the experience has been a positive one. I still pop in from time to time and I can still be PM'ed if anyone wishes to. Keep up the good work of supporting the newbies ...
  17. Muz

    what gets me over the bad days

    Like poking pins into wax dolls?? ;)
  18. Muz

    Armistice/Veterans Day

    Couldn't have put it better.
  19. Muz

    what gets me over the bad days

    I think they were really taken in the Fens and the hills were added later using the distort filter in Photoshop :P ;) :D
  20. Muz

    what gets me over the bad days

    I have no doubt about Mick's credentials. Only a real crazy person would claim to be ex Navy to another sailor as it's just too easy to see through ... and to check. Yes I agree that I only have your word that you and Mick have met and as a person who has been on the end of some other sad git's fantasies myself I can see that it is easy to claim to have met someone when you haven't. However in your case I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to verify the facts. It still puzzles me to this day why somebody would want to claim to have met me. It's not like I'm anybody special or famous. You just never know what weirdos are lurking nearby really. <_<
  21. Whilst this is indeed a scam you will only be charged £1.50 per minute. The scary charges are almost always an urban myth. Here's the link explaining it in more detail http://www.icstis.org.uk/pdfs_news/email.pdf :)
  22. Muz

    what gets me over the bad days

    Never a truer word said... Of course, you ACTUALLY have to have met them and not just imagined the meeting <_<
  23. Muz

    Your opinions please

    Very good. When do we get to hear the old Rastus racial stereotype jokes <_<
  24. Muz

    I met this amputee the other day

    Hmm wasn't he the man who instructed the government to take care of his mistress, following his death?
  25. A man needs a computer for work. Knowing nothing at all about computers he walks into his local electrical store and asks to buy one. The sales advisor (shop assistant for the older ones amongst us) looks aghast and takes him to one side. Sir, he says we value all of our products equally and our advisors have been trained to ignore all differences in our line of products. Every one of our products makes an equal contribution to the success of our company and we refuse to apply labels to any of them. The man is a bit confused but he remembers, from pictures he's seen that, a computer has at least one slot in it so he makes his purchase and goes back to work. Was his computer a good buy? NO ... ... but it did make fantastic toast ;)