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  1. Thanks to you all, for giving me new things to think about and ask about. I am seeing the main man on Wednesday, i let you know what he has to say. Michelle
  2. Reconstructive surgery on excess soft tissue, Has any body had reconstructive surgery on excess soft tissue on aka? If so what have been you experiences and why did you have it done and how long did it take until you got it sorted out? After about 8 or 9 sockets and different liners I’m still having problems with excess tissue. I have been constantly told for the last 2 1/2 years that it’s the excess tissue that causing the problems but they don’t seem to want to do any thing about it. I’m not a large person weighing in at 9st 5 LDs but have the typical pear shape body. The pain is unbelievable, I feel as if I am being skinned alive as the weight of the leg pulls down on the soft tissue as I walk, so the actual socket is moving up and down on the soft tissues and not remaining as a controlled muscular area. On the inside area it is like a bat wing and at the bottom of the stump I have an extra lump of fat coming out the side. Hard to explain but I hope you get the idea. Any help of experiences or ideas would be a great help. Michelle
  3. Miglet

    The Things I Miss

    Hi All, Its just the simple things that i miss the most, Pushing my grand children out in their push chairs Holding hubbies hand when out And of course the sand between the toes and the feel of the water, I have been tempted to walk in any way, but worried i might go rusty!!!!! Michelle
  4. Miglet

    Uk Limb centres

    Hi, i go to Exeter, Not a lot of luck with my leg, but i live in hope. Michelle
  5. Miglet


    Good luck Sue, i am sure that all will be fine. Michelle
  6. Miglet


    Hi Sue, I know just how you feel, i am at that stage, i feel like shouting, screaming and drumming my heels ( sorry, i mean heel) It`s all so frustrating, when all you want is a normal life.I am glad that you are feeling better., and i am hoping i will when i have seen my prosthetist on Thursday, and tell her yet again that the socket is awful, that i will feel better my self. It would be nice to dump the crutches for part of the day, not only at bed time. Chin up, i am sure that we will all have our ups and downs and will always have the surpport from this forum. Hope all is ok with the scan Best wishes Michelle
  7. Hi, Paul I am aka and i have got a Iceross® Transfemoral Seal-In™with the socket made out of a softer inner plastic and a hard outer mould, (i do not know what the technical name for it is.) with a total knee. The whole thing weights in at about 11 pounds. Having written to Exeter and told them i was not happy, somebody else now helps with making my casts, but that still is not helping, as you can tell. What to do for the best now is beyond me Anyway i now have sores from this new leg and can not wear it again for a few days. But i will keep going, and i will get there in the end. Michelle
  8. Miglet

    Flip Flops

    Muz When do you sleep? 2.09am, at that time of night, i need all the beauty sleep i can get !!!!! Michelle
  9. HI all, I think i`m going to go nuts soon!!!! All i want is a leg socket that fits, I have some soft tissue( as they call it) that causes problems, at the top of my leg. I`m not that big, maybe a typical english pear shape, but i am not over weight by any means. Why is it that nearly a year on, i am still struggling and not getting around, as i was told last week, "GIVE IT A FEW WEEKS TO SEE HOW IT GOES" Where have i heard that before?I have ask questions, they have made new sockets, on my last socket it took six remoulds and its still not right. I must say that i have got to the point of giving up and getting in to the wheel chair, But i see the success that can be achieved, and think one day soon that will be me, so thank you all for keeping me going. Michelle
  10. Miglet

    Different knee!

    Hi all Can you get the c-leg on the NHS?or do you have to go private, and if you do what is the cost? Michelle
  11. Miglet

    My first message

    welcome, I lost my leg due to cancer also, With your years of experiences i am sure that you will be able to help a lot of us newer amuptees . look forward to sharing information, with you Michelle
  12. Miglet

    Trip To Disney World

    Hi Carol I love Disney, and have been on all the rides before my AKA, i have looked on the Disney site and it tells you all you need to know,all but what the rules are about AKA going on the coasters. I just hope that when i go back again that i can still go on all the new roller coasters, i'm a real fan of the coaster and i will be gutted if i can't go on the big ones again. So any information you can find out and post back to me, that would be fantastic Have a wonderful time Michelle
  13. Miglet


    HI Pam, Happy Chistmas I am RAK and I drive an automatic,with out having any hand controls put in, it's o.k with the DVLA and have no problems. Good luck when your back on the road Michelle
  14. Miglet

    Can anyone offer advice please

    Go to your occupational therapist, at your local social services department. You do not need a doctor to do this, you can do it on your own.They will help. They will tell you what your dad needs, where to get it and help towards the cost and a lot of the time pay for it. Good luck Michelle
  15. Miglet

    Sitting down

    I am right above knee and i must be missing the point, I've been given a new suction leg, which i can take a bit of a walk in. I just need a bit more confidants.but i will get their. What i need to know is how do you sit down, when you have a lump of plastic, stuck in your back side? :o Do you get a different leg later on? If so how long does it take? I need to get back to work, but if i can not sit down what do you do? Any advice on the subject would be fantastic Best Wishes Michelle