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  1. ladycapulet

    Surving in Winter

    before I became an amputee, I was a parapelegic. I walked with Full length KAFO's (full leg braces) and underarm crutches. I was pretty quick during fall-spring, but in winter on the east coast I had to slow way down. I didn't use a wheel chair, or spike tips on my crutches ( may have been very helpful-but I was in school, and not allowed weapons of any kind). I walked with a swing through gate, so in the ice and snow I took baby steps. I did more of a shuffle with my feet, I fell from time to time, but it was not too bad. So I suggest Spike tip crutch bottoms-they flip up when you no longer need them, like when indoors. And take slow baby steps. Park as close as you can to any building-so you have less distance to cover. And when you go inside, make sure to wipe feet and crutches very well on carpet. Wet feet/crutches and tile floors equals a fall. I hope this helps some.
  2. ladycapulet

    to much to drink

    I know I don't message much, but good luck. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
  3. ladycapulet


    well the casting is done. The prosthetic guy is looking to have my first fitting next week, before thanksgiving. It was kinda nerve racking, but he says that things should work fine. WISH ME GOOD LUCK. I have the will power but some luck wouldn't hurt.
  4. ladycapulet

    Fashion models

    I think that if more disabled people "went out" for things like fashion modeling the world would eventually see "our" side. That we are just as beautiful as those other people. But like any movement (and that's what this would end up being) it takes people in high places taking an interest. So my best advice is start a petition or some sort of fundraising modeling show, that includes mostly disabled people, but some non's as well. with a show like that people may be able to better visualize that we are all beautiful in our own way. And then give the money to some great charity. Things like that are what gets noticed and makes changes.
  5. ladycapulet

    Slushy gurls big day .....

    I totally understand..I have had my cast made. And in like a week I should be going for my first fitting. I am way scared too. But more excited as I really really want to walk on 2 legs again. SO GOOD LUCK
  6. ladycapulet


    Well I just got my new appt. Friday at 9am is the day. The appt. slot is an 1 and 1/2 so I will let you all know how things go.
  7. ladycapulet

    What do you all look like?

    here I am..25, 110lbs and 5' tall
  8. ladycapulet


    Well I didn't get cast...had another evaluation with a different person...the one who will be doing the work. He is concerned about my scoliosis. And how it will affect me. My prosthesis will be a small back brace, sitting on my waist (on my left side I have no waist, just spinal colum in wrong place...hence the concern) and then my prosthesis will be attached to that. We are still gonna give it a go...because I could not be happy thinking I didn't at least try. Updates will be here as they happen.
  9. ladycapulet

    I am sooooo mad ....

    On the drug front. I have done many illegal drugs (eg...recreational drugs). I am not proud of this fact. But I did it. I still continue to indulge in marijuanna. In my own PERSONAL opinion I think it should be legalized. It has many medicinal factors, yet many doctors will not prescribe it because their patients can't get it filled. I do know that I am breaking the law, and wanting to be a lawyer, this has given me great pause. I have come to this conclusion though... I will continue to do it. It helps me feel more relaxed and helps me deal with my pain easier and without as many pain pills (which I believe to be more harmful on my system.) I don't do it in public, around kids, family or the like. I strictly smoke at home. If I was ever caught and sent to court for it...I would never plead not guilty or even no contest. I would admit it and tell the judge that I will "do my time" but I will continue to do it. I feel there is nothing wrong with marijuanna ALONE. I have to admit though that it is a "gate way drug" and if I had not smoked marijuanna I probably would not have tried the other drugs. I am proud to say that I found the folly in my ways and quit all the other drugs over 7 yrs ago. 7 yrs and 6 months on the 7th of this month. Even while being a marijuanna smoker...I am able to maintain an A average in College. I am able to work in a office setting and complete my tasks without error. I would not Push my marijuanna habits on anyone...and anyone who doesn't aprove should not do it, ever. But for those who do...I say, keep on keeeping on. I hope this didn't seriously offend anyone.
  10. ladycapulet


    May it be a happy day for you... even through the tears that may come...Just remember YOU ARE STILL HERE. That counts for tons and tons.
  11. ladycapulet

    Happy Birthday Janet (jdd)

    Happy belated birthday
  12. ladycapulet


    I can't say for sure you're not a sicko :o cuz I believe we are all morbid and dimented from time to time...you know those moments where you creep down the road to look at the accident.... well anyway...I am glad I had my amputation. My only regret is not doing it 5 yrs ago when the docs first wanted too. I may have just been a bka or aka instead of a hemi. But you can't change the past and things are what they are. Just live life. Whether you are a sicko or not :P The way I look at it is...there is only one way things could be any worse...I COULD BE DEAD. but since I'm not...I refuse to act like it.
  13. ladycapulet

    I am back

    I've been gone for a while too...but its ok. Welcome back.
  14. ladycapulet


    HEY ALL, Been a while since I've been on...Math is killing me. But wanted to update everyone: I get cast for my prosthesis on Wednesday at 10 am. YEAH :D I can't wait.... update you all soon.
  15. ladycapulet

    Sometimes , you just have to take a stand ...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you could do it