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    Thanks Everyone!

    Carrie, Bless your heart! Life does get difficult, doesn't it? I know that is an understatement for you. It sounds as though you are dealing as well as can be expected right now. I do hope and pray that you will be able to function better very soon. I am a LBKA since July, due to an infection in the foot and ankle bones. I, too, was relieved to have the useless and very painful limb removed, but learning to rehab and do everyday things a different way was a challenge in the beginning. It still is, at times. Just come here when you need a lift of spirit or even a shoulder to cry on. There will surely be someone who has dealt with something very similar. Please take care of yourself, LaDawn LBK July 04 Dallas

    New to this life

    Hi Fluffy, Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it. There are so many kind and knowledgeable people here to help you with any problem you may have. I lost my leg this past July due to a bone infection. I have my prothesis and am in physical therapy now. I cant help with the info on the foot because I have a "regular" foot. I hope to get the "runway" when I get my permanent foot. Take care, LaDawn lbk-July 04 Dallas

    HI I'M NEW!

    Welcome Vikki! I know you have come to the right place! I lost my left leg to a bone infection very suddenly in July of this year and I was not prepared either. However, with good support from my family and friends and this forum I have accepted and started my life again. I am working on therapy to get back up on my feet.(It has been delayed due to an ulcer that won't heal on my "good" foot) I still feel optimistic about my progress and I don't feel one bit like Pollyanna. I believe we all have one life and one life only and we have to make the very best of it. I am very thankful for all I have too, after having spent 3 weeks in a rehab hospital. I saw may things that made me realize my disability is not the worst I could have. Each person has to decide for himself what he wants his life to be and I have decided to be happy. I hope I have helped you in some way. Please post and let us know how you are doing. I know things will get better for you. Take care, LaDawn lbk-July 04 Dallas

    Happy Birthday LaDawn

    Thank you all so much! I had a wonderful day and thank you so much for your good wishes. Thanks again! LaDawn

    Hello I'm New

    Welcome Marcia! I think you will enjoy your time spent here. I am a lbka since July of this year and this forum has helped me tremendously. I have had vasculitis for 20 yrs which eventually led to an infection and amputation. I also have had problems with my "good" foot and had delays in getting up on it to do therapy. Everyone has a different problem but we can all come together to help solve them. Take care, LaDawn Dallas, TX

    Make Josh`s Day

    Hi Debbie, Thank you for the card and pictures of Josh. I will be putting them on my fridge ASAP. Josh is such a special boy and has a very special mother also. I am sending a "baseball" related pkg shortly, still collecting items. Thanks again, LaDawn Texas

    Learning to ski

    Judy, I am so happy about your exciting news. I have never skiied, but I have been on holidays with friends who skiied and it is so beautiful out there. I hope you do well and are flying down the slopes in no time. Please keep us posted. LaDawn lbk since 07-15-04 Texas

    Hello im new.

    Welcome to the forum, Aaron! Thank you so much for your service to our country. As many have said before me, ask questions if you have them. Someone here probably has experience you can learn from. Again, I'm so glad you have found us!! Take care, LaDawn lbk-07-15-04 Texas

    What do you all look like?

    Dawn, I agree with Pam your cat has beautiful eyes. Such an unusual looking breed. Very pretty. And what big ears you have my dear....the cat , I mean, not your ears. But you have beautiful eyes also. I have enjoyed seeing the pics of everyone and families. I will post one as soon as I get one taken. Sheila, I will be calling you for assistance on getting it posted, if that is ok? Just kidding....thanks for letting us tease you. I am 50 years old. Was married 20 years to my high school sweetheart before divorcing 12 years ago. Was diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago..... I am working on getting rid of about 20 lbs I put on over last 2 years of inactivity due to leg. I am 5'5". I have dk blonde hair with highlights. I love going for long walks, yoga, movies, cooking, sewing and trying to train my dog. I work for SBC Corp....it is the phone company.... svc rep...I am about to have my 25th anniversary there...plan to work at least 5 more years if my health holds. I live in the same town where I was born and raised (a suburb of Dallas) live with a 1 yr old Bichon Frise named Quincy. I know this is TMI (too much info) but I am getting punchy. I am writing this at 4:30AM my time (couldn't sleep due to phantom pain) so I am way too wordy. Anyway, thanks for listening. This is the best therapy in the world. LaDawn Dallas, Tx


    Mj, I wish a speedy recovery for ya girl! Sometimes it seems as though life keeps knocking us down doesn't it? Well, I tell MYSELF it doesn't matter, just as long as we get up one time more than we got knocked down. Take care, LaDawn lbk - 07-15-04 Dallas, Texas

    Make Josh`s Day

    Dear Debbie, Thank you for your kindness. I am looking forward to your mail. I am also mailing a package to you and Josh. I just have a few more things to collect yet. I will let you know when I am mailing the package so you can look for it. Tell Josh we are all waiting for that home run! Take care, LaDawn Dallas, Tx

    One more day to go!!!!

    Yes Sheila, I will be glad when all of the political emails come to an end also! LaDawn lbk-07-15-04 Dallas

    ive had a really bad day

    Ethan, I am so sorry to hear about your setback today. Try not to let it get you down, but we all know how frustrating it can be. Try to relax and not stress too much during your recuperation. You'll be on the mend in no time. Take care, LaDawn lbk - 07-15-04 Dallas

    How do I do this...?

    Afet, Thank you. I am not so terrified of ending up on the floor when I am alone..Well, I guess the landings are the worst part. Ha! Ha! Thanks again, LaDawn lbk-07-15-04 Texas

    New to site!

    Welcome Tami! Glad you found this site. I have been a lbk since July 15 of this year. I had an infection in my ankle (tissue and bone) and had to have the amp done on Thurs after going into hospital on Monday because of infection. As someone said earlier, you will find there are many different reasons for the amputations we have. But it is very reassurring to see that although at times you may feel very alone, just remember that we have all been where you are at one time. Just remember to get on the forum and read all you can, ask questions and before long, you will be able to support another "newbie". I know at times in these last few months this site has been one of my main "support groups" and I am so grateful to all of these very caring people. Take care, LaDawn lbk-07-15-04 Texas