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  1. I am a friend of two amputees. I am not an amputee myself but I am here to listen and encourage when I can.

  2. ampfriend


    Here is the Fetterman site that Unique is speaking about. I am posting the link to the crutch TIP section. I beleive that the Tornado RT and the Performance RT would be the ones that are perfect for wet surfaces they have some new Solid body ones also for Rain..... If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can read the details.. I would think from Fetterman they are going to be Best.....hope this helps. http://www.fetterman-crutches.com/tips.html Mike
  3. ampfriend

    Seeking expereices from Any amps

    Hello Cynthia, Although I am not an amputee myself I do have a friend who is and she lives on Long Island . I have not spoken to her in a while but I will try and reach out to her. Im not sure if she has information that can be helpful to you as well. She is about the same age as yourself I beleive and is also a non-user but uses a WC instead of crutches. At the very least maybe even make a new friend. I hope it was OK to reply since I am not an amp myself. Thanks Mike
  4. So how was the weekend....... Did everyone have a good time....... Would love to get a nice report here so everyone can see how much fun it was...
  5. ampfriend

    Need Information

    Unique, I found this site. I hope that it is helpful for you. The first siteis out of Canada but I think this is what you might be looking for: http://www.eglifarm.com/index.php?cPath=29...c1f5437bc03215b Also maybe this site as well: second item down http://www.get2buynow.com/medical/handgripcrutchpads.html I know you said white but i'm not sure if they consider this to be white in color. Be Well Ampfriend