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  1. mandidee

    The Long Thread

    I've been an amputee for over 25 years and I have always gotten up each morning and put fresh sock on both of my feet. In the summer I prefer to go without socks. Somtimes I experience difficulty going without simply because a rubber foot doesn't always like to slip into a cute little square toe pair of shoes....but I have found that, with determination, I can get that foot into just about anything (including the spokes on my bicycle when I was younger!) without a sock - but with is always easier!
  2. mandidee

    am i getting old?

    Here in Michigan we have an organization that is made of volunteers whom are allowed to ticket cars which are not licensed to park in a handicapped parking space. It's a great program here and seems to work pretty well. As far as parking in the spots myself.....7 times out of 10 I will get "the rude glance" from someone or a nasty comment. I am only 27 and until you see my get out of the car you wouldn't know there's anything wrong with me....and, because we tend to be a society of nosey people I am usually judged instantly. But, all with a grain of salt, right? My husband gets worked up about it at time but I try to just let it roll off my back.
  3. mandidee

    Back Pain Issues

    I am just trying to skip the middle man. If i go to my PCP she will send me to the ortho surg. Plus, I know my Ortho Surg well so he would prefer that I go straight to him. I am not so much scared of surgery as I am annoyed with it. I donot want to be out of my leg and "laid up" when my son is reaching new milestones everyday. I would be bummed to miss out on any part of his life. I am curious to know what the problem is though. Luckily I am feeling better and better all day long! :D
  4. mandidee

    Back Pain Issues

    I have an appointment with my Ortho Surg next week. But, I am not a big fan of surgeries and meds so we'll see what they have to say. I am going to start swimming a few times a week again to see if that might help....
  5. mandidee

    Back Pain Issues

    Thanks for the replies. I am very interested in leanring about constructing a hip joint. I have a very rare birthdefect and I have always been told that this would not be possible due to the lack of anything big enough to attach to. But, I am certainly going to raise the issue again. As far as the back pain goes I have alwyas dealt with back issues - but this pain that I have experienced twice now was WAY different than anything else that I have ever been through. I experienced right after having my son and then again at the beginning of this week. It is getting better now but it was almost unbearable. I have a high pain tolerance and I don't tend to let the back pain bother me, but this was soooo bad. It was in the very bottom of my back and then just below my shoulder blades. I work full time and have a 7 month old so this was a major set back....but, it is better now thank goodness!
  6. mandidee

    Back Pain Issues

    I was wondering if there is anyone else out there with curvature in their spine that may have experienced an epidural?? When I had my son in April (2006) I ended up delivering via c-section requiring an epidural block. Since this procedure I have had terrible back pain. I am an AKA with PFFD (I have no ball and socket joint to make a hip on my amputated side) so I do not exactly walk normal and that sometimes does contribute to back pain. But, it has been bad since the epidural. I have a curved spine so maybe that is some of my problem? Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this issue....Thanks!
  7. mandidee

    What you look like?

    Thanks!!! He is the highlight of my life!
  8. mandidee

    What you look like?

    This is me and my family. :D
  9. mandidee

    Listen to me.

    Hi again Marko. I have been following your posts. I felt complelled to stress to you that I think that being angry and emotions are COMPLETELY normal. I wouldn't jump into a specific diagnosis related to your anger/emotions without first accepting that with a life changing event comes emotions. I am not saying that you aren't depressed but I hope that you don't feel like there's something "wrong with you" because you feel angry. People deal with everything in their own, unique ways. I just wanted to express my opinion which is simply that what you are experiencing is normal. Let it happen....
  10. mandidee


    Chris, I am so happy to hear that all is going well! I have been thinking about you and wondering about your recovery. I wish you the best luck with getting back on your foot soon!!! :-)
  11. mandidee

    Listen to me.

    Hi Marko. I'm 27. I have read most of the replies and I have to admit that I really don't know what to say aside from hang in there. I am an AKA with PFFD. I lived my life (almost all of it) with my disability....so I cannot relate to what it is like to suddenly lose a limb. However I can relate to the anger of never knowing what it would be like to have one. I have angry days like everyone else but my anger tends to be related to why was I never allowed to experience a single day in my life with a leg? Why did I not have one day in my life when I was just a "normal" person? Just one day is all that I ask for. I don't know what it is like to get up and walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night or to jump up and run to my baby when he is crying for me. I have never known what it is like to run or to walk through a store without being the center of attention. I have always had to get up, get my leg, findf the liner, get it on, hope that it lines up, slide the leg on, click in and then go... Some say it is better to have this loss at a young age (or birth) because you never know the "other side." I suppose that psychologically that is probably true. However, we always want what we don't have...and I am just bitter about it sometimes too. I guess that what gets me through is knowing that there are always days that aren't so bad. Life stinks sometimes. Some people are born to abusive parents...some babies get cancer and die...none of it is fair. I am sorry that you have anger however I do think it is a completely normal reaction and I think it will get better and easier. I have a feeling that my response isn't what you are looking for and I am sorry for that. Just wanted to give feedback from someone in my situation. :-)
  12. mandidee

    New Game

    177.Cell phones 178.Fetal Ultrasound Machines 179.Portable blood glucose testing kits 180.TiVO
  13. mandidee

    Are there any women here that drive motorcycles

    Skully cat you are so brave! I have a 4 wheeler and have ridden since I was 5 years old, however I have never been quite brave enough to try to conquer a motorcycle. Kudos to you!
  14. mandidee

    PFFD anyone?

    I walk with a "limp" but I am quite active and able to move around ok. As I get Older :-( I do notice that I have more aches and pains though!!! But, I am fortunate to be mobile with hardly any restrictions.