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  1. Robert Gardner


    I can understand what a problem exercise for an AK can be. I am a LBK and biking presents no real tough problems. I have seen two One legged AK riders, but that takes lot of physical strength and skill. Also the one pedal has to be clip on so that you can pedal up and down. Paraplegics where I ride use racing wheel chairs and get a lot of uper body exercise. A racing wheel chair is quite expensive. I know this is not much help, but please keep trying.
  2. Robert Gardner

    Bilat BK bicycle riding

    I am a LBK that rides a bike regularly. The most secure pedals I have found for the purpose you describe are MTB (Mountain Bike) of a type we used to call bear traps because of their teeth and the resemblance to a trap. Performance bikes list one as Forte MTB Comp, and Nashbar lists one Nashbar Jaws ATB Pedal. I hope this helps and you can keep riding because I think it is the best exercice an amputee can do.
  3. Robert Gardner

    Inexplicable Rash

    I think my skin is allergic to Silicone. I have found a couple to things that can give relief to this problem by forming a barrier between the skin and the silicone. The best barrier creme I have found is the Winsor & Newton Artguard Barrier Cream. It is only found at artist supply stores or on the internet. If there are no artist supply store go to goggle.com. Artists use it on their hands to protect them from the heavy metals in some paint pigments. I am a RBKA and a thin coat of this all over my residual limb gives me all day protection. It is much more durable than other barrier creams.